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  1. Hi! Has anyone been diagnosed with Patulous Eustachian Tube Dysfunction due to losing the large amount we lose after surgery? I have it and could not believe losing this weight would cause something like this! The ENT I see is terrific, but I could NOT believe he said I could gain some weight to lessen the symptoms! I'm not even at 25 BMI yet after my revision to Bypass last year! Anyone? What have you experience with this and what did you do to lessen the symptoms? Has anyone had it disappear after the weight was stabilized after a while? Thanks for answering!
  2. I looked it up in various places besides what the doc said... this is due to losing large amounts of weight.
  3. Hi Folks, Anyone know why we should not have alcohol for a year (my program's rule)? I know it's empty calories and it goes to the head really fast, but is there some other reason not to drink?
  4. Did anyone need to do 3 months of physical therapy to get their breast reduction surgery approved? I know some insurance wants it to see if PT helps the back problems. I know rashes, split skin, etc. will also get approvals. I would like to hear from only people who needed this approval done and what their experience was. Thank you.
  5. Hello Friends! I had a lap band done years ago and have a ticker here showing that and my status as lap band patient. I now have had the revision from lap band to bypass and would like to add a new ticker and change my patient status. Can anyone give me the directions on how to change all this? I can't find it anywhere and don't remember how I did it 14 years ago! If anyone from Bariatric Pal sees this, please include an instructional section to the website. Thanks!
  6. I'm now 3 months post-op. I am having the worst problems with constipation. I have an underachieve thyroid so constipation is a tendency but not like this! I take 2 spoons of fiber at breakfast, try to eat fiber at all 3 meals, take 3 stool softeners after dinner and a 1/2 dose of Miralax before bed. If I take any more laxative I get leakage and my entire intestinal track hurts. The stool softeners give me a belly ache for at least an hour after I take them too. I think I am also losing the natural urge and signals to go. I also get very uncomfortable - bloated, pressure and a funny feeling in my intestines and stomach when I haven't gone for a day. I have made an appointment with a gastroenterologist - maybe they have my answer, but I'm not very hopeful. Has anyone else these problems? Will this ever go away? Will it get better when I can introduce more starches? I don't want to take stool softeners and laxatives the rest of my life! I'm so tired of tummy and intestinal pains.. I am really sorry I had the bypass done, but needed to as my lap band was giving me too many problems... sigh.
  7. I've heard lots about sleeves and that they can give you bad heartburn. What about bypass. My surgeon says after healing there shouldn't be much problem, but I'm hearing from some people that they are still taking omeprazole years later... What about you?
  8. Hi Everyone, I know one feels nauseous and may throw up with dumping if you eat too fast, or have too much sugar. What about fatty foods? (I’m talking months post op) I think I’ve read some people get diarrhea with dumping too. Are the normal daily movements loose always or just with dumping. Sorry the topic isn’t very nice but it is important to know what to expect. Thanks
  9. Thanks for your comments. I will probably be scared to death to overeat and will undereat. LOL
  10. Hi! Going to revise band to bypass. I have always had a problem with feeling full (even before my lap and) before I eat that “mouthful too much”. I don’t want any problems throwing up after I get my bypass. I never got that runny nose or any of the other signs. How do you know you’re one bite before trouble hits?
  11. Hello, I am looking to connect with 65+ yr olds who have the bypass, both newly done and "old hands". Looking for all kinds of info before I commit to lapland to bypass conversion. Thanks!
  12. Katja

    65 yr olds with bypass

    Kojima-San, I would go with the bypass. Hardly any doc will do lap bands anymore. I am going lap band to bypass. I wanted the sleeve at first but because the lap band caused problems with my esophagus and gave me a hiatal hernia, the surgeon refused to do the sleeve. She said I would probably have GERD problems sleeved, that will be avoided with the bypass. I’m too old to keep getting major surgery. I still plan to get ride of all my hangs - tummy, arms, legs and boobs. I’ll be lucky if I can get it all done before I’m 70, remembering that every year brings slower recoveries and healing and of course higher chances of complications.
  13. Katja

    65 yr olds with bypass

    Pkump, get some Papaya enzymes. Everyone on my surgeons FB page swears by them. I won’t know until End of April after my reversion. They help produce more saliva and digestive juices. They also say get up and walk.
  14. It looks like my revision from lap band to bypass will probably be open surgery and not laparoscopic. I’ve got lots of internal adhesions that we can blame. Have you had this surgery and how was your recovery? Did you have to stay overnight in hospital? How many days? How long before you could move without pain meds? Any tips? I have been waiting years for this surgery and want to be prepared and get this journey going and reach my goals. Thanks for your help!
  15. My surgeon insists on Isolate protein. Says it’s the best. Any comments? It’s a bit harder to find but GNC has Isopure. Delicious too.
  16. Can someone help me add my revision from lapband to bypass on my bio. Also need to know how to add the additional ticker. Things have changed here a lot since 2007! I also have not found any chat rooms - did they get rid of them? Thanks for your help for this tech-challenged member.
  17. I will be revising from Lap Band to Bypass soon. I am PETRIFIED of dumping! I have partial dentures and the last thing I need is to puke them into the toilet! Also, I LOVE chocolate and ice cream and would love to eat a mouthful occasionally after maybe 6 months post-op. Also I'd like to know if you have a problem with any fried foods? The only thing I eat now that is fried is an occasional flounder filet. Please tell me at how many months post-op did you re-introduced sugar and fried and what happened. Was the reaction immediately after eating them or delayed? I'm hoping I will be able to tolerate them down the path.... I am also concerned about becoming lactose intolerant...
  18. We also have to remember one manufacturer's size 10 is not the same as another manufacturer. No matter what size I have been and probably will be is always going to be a trial.... no more mail-order and returns. I only buy in the stores where I can try on first.
  19. Katja

    65 yr olds with bypass

    Thanks for your reply. You have done wonderfully! Your advice is dead on - same as I did with my ever increasing faulty lapband. I did manage to lose over 100 lbs. though through pure grit and determination but now it MUST come out.
  20. Big Sue, Thanks for the answer. I couldn't remember what the initials stood for... I'm very well versed in this as I've dieted over 55 years. There are too many acronyms these days.
  21. Katja

    Stretched pouch

    I have my band 6 years now and have lost over 100 pounds. I am still shy about 40 to reach goal. My problem has always been that I can usually eat larger amounts of food than most say they can here on LBT. I have always thought from the beginning (right after my OP) that I have a very elastic pouch (and stomach) from all the years of overeating large amounts. Has anyone else been confirmed with this? It used to drive me crazy waiting for the band to say I'd eaten enough. Maybe I just eat too slow too. At any rate, I have to use lots of will power to lose weight. Thankfully I can maintain this weight and not gain, but I'd love to finally reach my goal or at least get another 20 off. Oh, and before anyone says workout at the gym - I am there 3 times a week doing 1.5 hours cardio and 1+ hour of machines. I am fit as a horse... just a large one! lol
  22. Katja

    Anyone Else Here In Germany?

    Yes, i'm still here until next year. I'm in the Stuttgart area. Anyone else? Kganous, if there is anything I can do to help you in your journey, let me know. I'll be glad to help!
  23. My bra band used to sit right on top of my port! My port was attached by the 2nd last rib, left side. It's next to it now thankfully.... losing the weight has shifted my abdomen a bit thankfully! You'll only suffer a few weeks more. Try taping a couple gauze pads over the incision to cushion it more for tonight.

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