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  1. Hello! It’s currently midnight for me, and I have a doctor’s appt at 9 am for post-op. I can’t sleep and I think I’ve developed a cold. My ears hurt when I swallow, my nose is constantly either runny or stuffed, and my throat feels practically bruised. My head is a bit warm, and I’m unsure how much I’ll actually be able to sleep tonight. I’m super tired, but my body is aching so much, it’s hard to relax. I’m unsure if I’m allowed to cancel a post-op, honestly. Do I cancel and reschedule, or wait for my next post op (scheduled in 2 weeks)? It may seem silly to ask what I’m allowed, but I really don’t want to do the wrong thing. What should I do? Help!
  2. Hi! I’m officially 2 weeks out of surgery and facing some dilemmas. This week has been a tough learning week for me. I recently learned that unless I take my daily meds with a hot beverage (I like decaf), it takes me 2 hours to take all my medicine and then recover from the nausea. With the decaf, I can finally take my medicine more quickly, but I still do have some nausea, although it’s not quite as bad with cold liquid. I’m at the point that all liquids nauseate me. I get really thirsty and just thinking about drinking water makes me want to throw up. I absolutely cannot tolerate gatorade anymore, and now just the smell is enough to make me gag. I know I need to constantly get fluids in, but the only way I can right now is sucking on ice. This was working fine yesterday, but today my entire mouth is sore. I have cuts and burns on my lips, tongue, and gums because of the constant icy friction from yesterday. I think if my nausea continues for the next couple days, I’ll tell my doctor. Right now I just need to know if anyone else has been through this, and what they did to get through this. Help a nauseous girl out please!
  3. I’m just about 2 weeks out of surgery now, and the only foods I’m allowed right now are essentially baby foods. I can have very soft scrambled eggs, refried beans, and apple sauce, but I’m craving normal foods. Big time. At the top of the list today, I’m craving a giant bowl of salad with ranch. Yesterday all I was craving was sushi. I feel like I’m going insane. I’m super happy with this gastric sleeve and have already lost 20 lbs since day of surgery, but I’m already having such a hard time not being able to eat the foods I want. Have you gone through this? How did you make this better? Please help a girl out!
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    Cravings Are Killing Me

    I had mine on the 22nd of July! I wonder why they haven’t moved you to the next step yet? My dietician said eggs right now is pretty normal at this point
  5. Hello! My gastric sleeve is tomorrow, and I’m unsure if a food I like is able to be eaten today. They said I should be on a liquid diet, but I’m wondering if yogurt/pudding counts as a liquid? I ask because after my mom’s surgery, they had her on a liquid diet and gave her jell-o. Help! I just want a yogurt!
  6. Hello, hello! This is an idea I’ve had in mind for a while and have finally decided to act on: a Vlog following everything gastric sleeve related. I’m so excited to share the entire journey I’ll be going on! It would mean so much to me if you checked out my video and shared with those who might be interested in the gastric sleeve. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5KwI1wSLEIs&feature=youtu.be Let me know what you think!
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    Pre Operation Diet Question!

    It said “bariatric liquid diet 2 days before surgery, with clear liquid the day of, stopping 2 hours before surgery”
  8. Hello, hello! Today is Saturday, only 2 days away from my surgery on Monday. I'm so excited! I have more energy than ever and I'm acting like a little kid at a carnival. Surgery seems to be the only thing I can talk about any more, and I'm beyond excited for this! I've had people asking if I'm scared, and I don't think I ever answer the way they want me to. If anyone asks me how I feel going into this, I tell them I've been dreaming of this surgery for years and am not in the least bit scared. This may be my first surgery, but that doesn't frighten me. I wanted to post on here because I wanted to share my happiness and I knew this would be a safe place to talk about this!
  9. RoseQuartz56

    Anxious for Final Weigh-in

    Update on this post: My surgery has been officially approved! I'll be having surgery on monday!!!
  10. Hello! Tomorrow (or today.. it's 12:30 am), the 18th, I will go for a final weigh-in before my surgery on the 22nd. My last visit was on the 2nd, and I was at 387. They said I would have to be 370 by next visit but I just check and I'm at 377... While I lost 10 lbs since last visit, I'm anxious that they'll say it wasn't enough. Has anyone experienced this before? I need some reassurance! I've been on liquid diet the past week just to make sure I'd be at my lowest and I'm so unbelievably frustrated I'm not at 370 yet. Help!
  11. RoseQuartz56

    Anxious for Final Weigh-in

    Ahh see but today I did a sea salt water bowel/colon cleanse and it did nothing!
  12. Hello! I was a very active user last year, but due to personal matters, I was unable to have my surgery last year and fell into a depression because of it. Thankfully, I'm back and with amazing news! My surgery is scheduled in 10 days; July 22, 2019. I can't express my joy to anyone in the way I feel it, so I knew I could turn to this forum. It's a scary excitement to have, but altogether good. I genuinely am so happy I can have my surgery soon and get my life on track. I know all bodies are summer bodies, all shapes and sizes are beautiful... but I'm 21 with diabetes and this surgery is just.. a second chance. I know how lucky I am, and I'm so happy things are finally working my way
  13. I am beyond excited! After my visit with the surgeon today, the surgery scheduler told me I could have my surgery between 1-3 months from now! I can’t even explain how happy I am! This is really happening for me, and I’m on the road to a healthy life (finally). My dietician couldn’t have been nicer, she kept assuring me my food choices lately were really smart, and was happy I was 5 lbs down (from just last week!) The only question I keep thinking of regards recovery. Now, I know recovery is a little ways in the future, but I can’t help wondering how much time I’ll have to ask off work? I work retail, so I often do heavy lifting, a lot of bending, and altogether work very fast paced. I’m not sure exactly how fast stitches heal, but I’m guessing I could harm myself if I’m not careful afterwards? Would anybody know anything regarding this? I want to give my work proper warning, and I also want to know for myself. Thank you!
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    Hello, all! I’m Alice, and I’ve just discovered this app! I’ve just begun my bariatric visits and am so excited to be on this journey. What I say next might surprise you: I’m 19 years old with a BMI of 62.5. Sometimes I can’t help but ask: how did it get this way? I’ve been overweight all my life but at this level, its hard to imagine any life at all. It’s very difficult for me to walk much, which poses an issue with the fact I work in retail. I heard about this surgery (the gastric sleeve) from a close family member, and was so excited! I understand this surgery is not meant to be a “quick fix,” but rather, allows the patient to lose with ease and get a jump start on their new life. While I’m very excited, I must admit I’m a bit nervous for this whole experience. I’m the type of person who avoids going to the doctors at all costs, and now I’ll be seeing them at minimum once a month. Any tips for a beginner?