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  1. I'm looking for vitamins in pill form. What do you all take? I currently am taking Bariatric Advantage Chews for my Multi, and Calcium. but i cant barely stomach those anymore. Its easier for me to just take pills.
  2. Holls06

    Seasonale Birth Control

    SO i went to my OBGYN yesterday and wanted to get on Birth Control. I wanted something where i would have less periods and lighter flow. She suggested Seasonale. I had already done some research and this is the one i was interested in. When i got my notification from Walgreens that it was ready i was shocked to see that is was $175.00! Now it is for 91 days, but still i wasn't expecting that all. Anyone else on it and pay that much or have any idea how to get it a little cheaper??? Also, would like some feedback if you like it, or not.
  3. Holls06

    Massive gut not shrinking

    I'm struggling with the same thing. I've noticed it has gotten smaller some, and its where i carried most of my weight as well. At 57lbs down people are really starting to notice so it makes me feel good and not dwell on my pudge lol
  4. Holls06

    Ice cream or sweets

    Halo top. There are so many flavors to choose from. I tried the cookies and cream, which was good, but kinda blah. I added a little sugar free chocolate syrup and it helped.
  5. Holls06

    Onederland FINALLY! Progress Pics

    congrats! You look great! I hit "Onederland" yesterday! Feels awesome!!
  6. Holls06

    Seasonale Birth Control

    GOOD RX is a LIFESAVER!!! Got them for 75 bucks!
  7. Holls06

    Seasonale Birth Control

    NO V. We don't have any kids yet!
  8. Holls06

    So Who do You Look Like?

    I definitely can see Adele!
  9. Holls06

    3 week’s post op pics

    awesome progress!
  10. Holls06

    Stomach Making Weird Noises

    yes very normal. I'm 10 weeks post op and it still makes weird noises.
  11. Holls06

    Who else was sleeved in dec 2017

    I was sleeved 12/29/17 and down 43 lbs since surgery and 51 since pre op. I think your doing great. Everyone looses at different rates, What was your Surgery weight?
  12. First off, Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment. I can definitely relate. BUT, It felt so rewarding to try on something in my closest that was a little tight pre surgery and fit comfortably it really gave me the satisfaction that what im doing is working. Number on the scale may not have been moving as much but the inches were coming off. It was some re assurance. I say, go for it. You will be happy you did.
  13. I'm in the same boat! Scale is all over the place, I am so eager to get to ONDERLAND I should have known i would have this stall right before. Hang in there, Your doing everything you need to be doing.
  14. Holls06

    Where does everyone live? (General area)

    Go Cardinals! I'm in Southern Illinois about 1 1/2 from STL. I had my surgery in Festus MO
  15. Holls06

    Replacing Premier

    I looked on GNC's website they are about double the price
  16. Holls06

    Halo top ice cream

    I just bought some Halo top, I got cookies n cream. Haven't had a chance to try it yet.
  17. Holls06

    Vitamin Suggestions

    I have looked at those too!
  18. Holls06

    Vitamin Suggestions

    So that one vitamin has all required vitamin in one capsule?? SOLD! haha. I hate taking 5 different ones.
  19. Holls06


    Great Job! Im 9lbs away from ONEDERLAND Cant wait!
  20. First picture 10/25/17- Starting weight Second Picture 2/17/18 Surgery 12/29/17 7 weeks post op. I can definitely see and feel a difference.
  21. Holls06


    I had my surgery on 12/29 and was back at work 1/4. I have a desk job, but i also work at a daycare and went back to both the same day.
  22. Holls06

    Super Bowl food!

    2 very small squares. and i just ended up eating mostly the topping. I kept the lid on so it made the bottom a little soggy.
  23. Holls06

    Super Bowl food!

    This was my superbowl snack. Where's the crust pizza. Low carb and helps the pizza craving. It was really good.
  24. I had my VSG on 12/29/17. Surgery went really well and recovery was a breeze for me. BUT, i am feeling really frustrated with how slowly my weight is coming off. I am down 31lbs since pre op, 23lbs since surgery, and I know that is a good amount of weight lost for the first month. I have a appt on 2/13 with my surgeon and he wanted me down to 205 at this appointment. Thats 19lbs that I have to lose in 2 weeks! I thought i would already be down 10 lbs these last 2 weeks, but i had a stall on week 3/4. I'm following my diet and working out at least 2 days a week. I work 2 full time jobs basically so getting to the gym is very hard. I guess i'm just needing some advice, words of encouragement or anything to makes me stop freaking out about this goal my surgeon is wanting me at.
  25. Holls06

    Weird food tolerance changes

    Yes per my plan, no salad or raw veggies til 2-3 months post op. Im a month out so in another month i will slowly try a salad.

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