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  1. Trying to figure out if it is some sort of allergy, or food issue, or if it is related to surgery. Had my first red area show up on one of my surgery scars (about 6 months post op now). Then over the past few days, more and more zit areas pop up around on my belly. Another on one of the scars. I shower at least once a day - twice a day if we go swimming at the pool. I can't figure out what is causing the irritation. Thought maybe mangos recently, so cut those out. If it was sugar or greasy foods, my face would break out - and i really don't eat much of either of those - especially not greasy. When the spots first show up they itch, then they go away after a few days. They do not spread - so not like poison ivy or anything. Doesn't seem like bug bites - we have no pets or fleas that we can tell. Bug bites would normally be in other areas too.
  2. JavaKnut

    Stalled and getting nervous

    I had the same stall too. Up and down 1-2 lbs, but hovering the same average for about 2 months now. Went through a bunch of stressful time with quitting one job, starting a new one, packing up and moving across state lines. The packing and moving dropped me about 6lbs over a couple weeks and stalled since. I am more active than ever now - swim every day with my kid and go on walks. I am eating about the same, still proteins first. Semi frustrated, but haven't reached a panic or concern stage yet. Just trying to figure out what I feel actually.
  3. JavaKnut

    Considering Gastric Sleeve but I have Gout

    I have not had a flare up since surgery. I felt one coming on, but I was letting myself dehydrate with trying to move houses and wasn't getting all my fluids in. I just got back on the liquids again heavy and it went away the next day. I haven't been on any meds since surgery.
  4. JavaKnut

    Pre op liquid diet

    Sorry the delay in seeing this post - been out of town. You are past your two weeks now I am guessing. For other's reference - the green meal was defined by the nutritionist - basically a protein and veggies. I did it with a salad with all good veggies, a tiny bit of oil & vinegar, and grilled chicken on it. Again, that was my week 1 of the pre-op diet. Week 2 was liquids only. Some people go on 3-4 week liver reduction diets - i only had to go on 2, and I only did liquids only for 1.
  5. JavaKnut

    November sleevers here

    Yes, mine were.
  6. JavaKnut

    Stomach pain while sleeping

    Do you use a CPAP? I had the same thing, my pressure needed to be dropped because of the weight loss. The machine was blowing me up like a balloon. I would wake up blasting gas out of both ends and some day in agonizing pain because of it. They say your numbers can drop with just losing 10lbs. I lost 45 when I discovered what was causing my problems.
  7. JavaKnut

    How youuuu poopin’?

    I use probiotics - throw them into sugar free pudding with added protein for a snack at night, and it is keeping me regular. I switch every other day to the ones with added fiber in them. I use just a single packet (kid's serving) and do just fine.
  8. JavaKnut

    Food Restrictions

    I was told 3 months initially, but then was cleared at 2 to have the pastas and rice, etc. No food restrictions. I still don't eat rice as I have heard of so many people having issue with it, and frankly, I am not a huge fan of rice anyway. It was just a vehicle to get the sauce from some other food down instead of slurping it like soup. heheheh. Carbs take up space, and I want to get my proteins in. I have been guilty of eating chips and salsa recently, but I make sure to eat proteins, then go for the chips. I try to get some whole grain chips and keep the carb/fat content down as much as I can. I can order a sandwich, but really only eat a bite or two for the mouth feel before i just pull out the innards and eat the proteins.
  9. JavaKnut

    I’m struggling pretty bad

    I was told I could ingest anything I could throw in a blender - use your imagination. There was no food that was off limits - just the consistency was key...and keeping it low carb/low sugar too. I felt like it was a huge win to go out and get soups, then bring them home and blend them in my vitamix. Flavor was great - and I could get something that was from someone else cooking. I never went so far as to blend a burger like my surgeon joked about.
  10. Both nutritionists that I have worked with have said - screw the calorie counts - focus on proteins, fats, carbs. Try to make each food fall into 2 of these 3 categories when looking at the per serving numbers: 15g of proteins or more 20g or less total carbs - 10g or less of those being added sugar 10g or less of total fat
  11. There are all kinds of sugar free non-carbonated drink options you can buy at the airport. Keep hydrated = #1 priority. For protein, power crunch bars (taste great) are great and can be tolerated very early in recovery - quest bars are nasty IMHO. I stayed away from jerky early on as it would dehydrate and can be rough if not chewed to mush. Packing premier protein in checked bags is a fantastic backup. Easily put them into the room fridge or throw them in the ice bucket to cool them down for breakfast if you need it.
  12. High protein, low fiber, low liquids, pain meds - all = constipation. Make sure to get plenty of liquids, and walk! Walk walk walk walk walk! I would stay away from meds to help you, unless your surgeon approves. Mine told me to stay away from everything but colace and milk of magnesia. Colace first try - if that doesn't work, then go with the milk. Thankfully I only had one real bad day and I won't go into the details on that.
  13. JavaKnut

    Pre op diet

    Usually caffeine related.
  14. JavaKnut

    Pre op liquid diet

    Start to wean off the coffee now! I slowed my coffee intake before I went liquid only and that helped a ton. No headaches when slowing it down like I did. I didn't find the liquids to be too bad. The shakes were good, and the snacks weren't bad. I had one week of 3 shakes/day with 2 snacks a day and a green meal. Then one week of 5 shakes a day and no snacks. Lost 20lbs in 2 weeks.
  15. JavaKnut

    One Week Post-Op - Can’t Sleep

    I had the same thing, but it was due to sleeping on back/inclined instead of level and on my side. Also, I use a CPAP and I was losing weight in my face, which was causing my mask to not fit as well. If you use a CPAP, make sure you consult with them about lowering your pressures with weight loss. My machine was pumping me full of air and causing horrendous pain that no one could figure out, until I questioned the CPAP machine instead of diet/food/exercise.
  16. JavaKnut

    New and Nervous!!!

    Oh, and the best thing I have done with this journey - keeping a log. I track my size through a free app - "Body Sizes" where I measure each week. Then the big hit is that I take a photo every week (like my profile pic) - same clothes, same background - and see the difference every week. I could see the difference just in the pre-op diet. Now when I look back, it is amazing. Even my 4 year old son when seeing my side by side photo (free "PicSplit" app) - he doesn't even recognize me from 3 months ago!! I have done some timelapse streams with my weekly photos, and that just motivates me more and more. I can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings.
  17. JavaKnut

    New and Nervous!!!

    I have been into BBQ, smoking, and cooking for many years and worried that this would impact my love of food and doing those activities. I can assure you it has not diminished my love of doing that. I just don't eat as much of it when I do cook it. You mentioned pizza, and I am a nut for pizza - including baking it in my pellet smoker that makes it come out just like it was in a wood fired italian brick oven. I am just past 3 months post op...and I have had pizza...but I do not eat a whole one by myself. I will eat a couple bites, then just eat some of the toppings. I maybe can eat a slice...but find I don't want to eat the crust and breading. It just takes up space and doesn't feel good in the gut...and that is a good thing. I still enjoy good food, just much less of it in a single sitting. I have sandwiches now, but only a few normal bites, then just eat the proteins. It is nice to have the mouth feel of crunch of bread or chips...but I don't crave eating a whole giant sub, or multiple burgers or sandwiches. The mentality around eating has completely changed...and I love it. I still consider myself a foodie at heart, but not in the "gotta eat it all" type of mentality. I had the sleeve + duodenal switch done in November last year, and I am down 75lbs. I have had to redo my wardrobe 3 times already and love every minute of it. I have been a big guy forever, and now able to buy clothes in a normal store and it is the most amazing thing ever. Giving away clothes every month or so is the best thing ever (not great on the wallet, but the money I save on food covers it).
  18. JavaKnut

    November 7th sleevers

    When are you taking your vitamins? Are you taking them with food? That can have an impact on the nausea.
  19. JavaKnut

    5 months post op need help

    Are you snacking? Grazing? Or are you still doing designated smaller meals 5-6x a day? Are you drinking when you eat? These are all factors. Healthy fats? Carbs? Eating proteins first? Need more info here to be helpful.
  20. JavaKnut

    Regretting it

    It will pass - give it time. I was frustrated that I couldn't chug a bottle of water to catch up to my hydration goals, but it just takes time to get used to taking smaller sips over time. DO NOT PUSH to get back to big chugs - you will just stretch yourself back out again, negating the surgery you just had. I cannot eat a whole sandwich (just over 3 months out), but I don't care anymore. I used to worry about that, now I love the fact that I don't eat it all. I eat a couple bites with the bread, then pick out the proteins and eat as much of it as I can. I love that I have a few chips with a sandwich now to get the crunch...but I cannot eat a whole bag with a meal. The fact that every week I take a new photo, and see my body changing - that is my motivation! Every day I find myself feeling my arms, legs, neck or some part of my body and finding I can feel bones and structure to my body that I never have felt in my life. I can see definition in my cheek bones now, shoulder blades, etc. I used to be into body building in my college years, and was at 2-5% bodyfat, but at over 300lbs. I was a hulk, and loved that look then...but it is different now. I don't want that look, because I love the fact I can go into a normal store, and buy normal size clothes...and I couldn't even dream of that 3 months ago. Well slap my ass and call me Sally - I will take that any day! I too had days of regret and thinking to myself, **** I could have eaten less and not had all this pain - yeah right. I have been kidding myself for years with that one. It just takes time, and over that time, whether you want to or not, you will be losing weight. Take weekly photos and measure yourself weekly like I do. You will be SHOCKED at the difference. It is not that noticeable trying to look day by day, but go a week or a month and you will be motivated.
  21. JavaKnut

    November sleevers here

    Quite frankly, tell your dietician to suck eggs! None of my medical care staff - surgeon, doctors, nurses, dietician, general practice - have tried to put a number on my goal. They have asked me if I have one, and I do not. My body will decide what is right, and the natural pace at which it will happen. I am not going to remain so strict to burn myself out on some unachievable diet again...that is what put me in the place to need surgery. I am still maintaining my losing streak, but I am enjoying the new tools at my disposal and learning a new life style of being thinner. I eat at my designated times during the day, drinking all my fluids, and getting all my proteins. I am also getting some carbs now as well. Sometimes I have a bit too many, and I pay for it because I cannot eat as much (bread takes up a lot of space). I have even had a few bites of dessert. I do not do snacking outside of my meal times, no sugary drinks, and pretty much no added sugar of any kind if I can help it. It is all about the balance and what is achievable with my schedule. It is working for me, and I could not be happier. I also had surgery on Nov 10 - sleeve and duodenal switch. I am down 75lbs including the 20 I lost in the 2 week liver reduction diet before surgery. For the first 2 months I was insanely strict with myself and it paid off. I am a little more relaxed now, but still losing week by week. I still weigh in daily, but I do not get scared when I go up a lb or two or stay even day by day. At the end of the week, I am losing inches and lbs.
  22. JavaKnut

    Considering Gastric Sleeve but I have Gout

    Good job - it's the #1 priority, protein next, and walking next. Do those 3 and you will be good to go before you know it! Keep it up!
  23. JavaKnut

    Considering Gastric Sleeve but I have Gout

    For that reason, I would do way more than the min water they ask for - I was told 64oz a day was all I needed. However, when I was using tracking apps, based on my weight, those said 100oz/day. I have stuck to 100+ a day as much as I can, and I know it has helped. My surgeon said he was sure it was helping me to recover as fast as I did.
  24. Wow, what a journey, and some serious struggles. Kudos to you on getting through them all and thriving!
  25. Agreed - full liquids was awesome to get normal soups and just throw them in the Vitamix to get rid of the chunks.

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