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  1. I think I was 207 lbs 1 month before surgery. Check my ticker. Best thing I ever did for myself ever. Mind you, I lost way slower than most. Never lost 2 digits post surgery per month ever. Ask me if I care, though? It was easy and effortless (because the surgery was my RE-set to give up all processed carbs and anything that tastes sweet.). After a year, I added in 1/2 fruit a day. I love my diet and I still can’t believe what I weigh and what I can wear and do. Happy to answer any of your questions about starting at a lower weight.
  2. Look for inulin powder. NOT INSULIN. Inulin is the best fiber for even post surgery: it feeds the gut bugs and even just 1 tsp in your shake or water or whatever can help in the #2 dept (and you can build up to more tsps if it isn’t enough). It has a sweetish taste but doesn’t digest. The gut bugs digest it, not us. (It’s made from Jerusalem artichokes.). It’s not a laxative: it actually helps your gut bugs get your food digested.
  3. I’m thinking really hard about this, but no. Maybe because I’m older, but I was ready to use the surgery pause in eating to truly un-sweeten and un-refined carb my diet forever. I think that is the secret to long term success. I have zero desire to eat refined carbs and sweets and I don’t eat them, still, at 17 months out. I have no “worries” about parties or holidays. I think that means I won’t gain it all back! i feel very glad I chose only unsweetened protein powder in full fat milk as my protein shakes. I consumed only full fat dairy, fatty fish, meat, poultry, eggs, tofu, and veggies and seeds (allergic to nuts). Now after a year and a half, that is pretty much what I eat only. My dessert is 90% or higher dark chocolate. I will eat 1/2 or less of fruit a day now too. If I could give advice to a person starting out, it would be NOT to stick to the typical diet of sweetening everything, starting with your protein shakes, because even fake sugars or subs, still keep you addicted to sweet tastes. If you can get off our former addiction to sweet tasting or baked things, you will be free. You won’t want them! No temptations. Good luck!
  4. GotProlactinoma

    I'm so COLD!

    I am effing freezing in SoCal all the time!!! I’ve lost all my excess weight, super happy, 17 mos out, but that fat was really keeping me warm in colder weather! You will see me in ski jackets in the morning and evening. And I need a third duvet on my bed, my room is so cold. ah well, I’d rather be thin and gather blankets and sweaters...
  5. I didn’t notice it much until maybe 5 months. I had been taking all the right vitamins all along, AND I LOST WEIGHT SO SLOWLY, never two digits in a month except month 1. My diet was so healthy. But of course the shock of the surgery could be what did it, or whacked hormones or stress in the body, I don’t know. By 8 months I had lost about 75% of my hair. The difference between me (some of us) and cancer patients was that I did have enough long strands of hair to put in extensions. At first I put in 20, then added another 10 when I got used to them. My (ok not my) hair was lookin’ great! Longer than I ever had it! It went so well with my newly thinner body! I HIGHLY recommend doing extensions (with a good hairdresser) for other women in my situation. As you start to feel fantastic about your weight loss, start buying some new clothes, your hair looks horrible?? It took away my new joy at looking better. Getting the extensions changed all that. i got the extensions about a year ago. I took good care of them and got them adjusted every month. But, here is the bad news, I still need them. Hair grows at best, at fastest, only 3/4-1 inch a month. So at 17 months out from surgery, the new hair (and my hairdresser says it is all growing back) is still only maybe 3 inches long. I may need another 6 mo of extensions, so in Jan I will have to buy more, new hair extensions, as eventually this hair starts to get a bit ratty. Until the hair gets past my chin or so, I’m not going to lose the extensions. But it has been a lifesaver. And it is so worth it to be at goal weight (actually still losing a lb here and there). Keep going, guys. It’s temporary!
  6. It could well be that people have individual reasons for doing one surgery before the other. Some people might even do more than one at once. But if you start kind of small to get the process going, and if you are just newly at goal weight, what would you start with? Any suggestions, or personal experiences? Im not at goal weight but will be soon, and considering starting surgeries thst soon. My mentor who has worked with thousands of patients agrees that at my older age there is no need to wait an extra year for anything, since she sees how dedicated I am to my lifestyle, and why waste that time? But still, I might well lose more or get more muscle as I continue to get fitter. My idea is maybe the best way to start is the boob lift plus implants. I saw a friend go through it (not after WLS though) in October 2017 and by January she was fully back at normal life looking and feeling great. She was pretty much by December too but by Jan it was like surgery never happened. Also, are there some surgeries you might later decide not to even do, as you get used to your new body? Like right now, I want the boobs, the lower body / tummy tuck thing, and my thighs are still all out of proportion with fat and skin now, it is really where all my last 10-15 lbs are, and I’d also love to get rid of the arm wings. Possibly also the neck skin. Has anyone done those 4 things, and in which order did you do them? Just wondering how to plan this out. Thanks.
  7. There is a carb-sugar craving that probably comes from the bacteria in our guts. We (speaking for myself for sure, but maybe a lot of you) are not strong enough to resist that craving. That’s why I used the sleeve surgery restart of eating as my point to stop eating all processed carbs or sugars and only a bite a day of fruit, or eating any fake sugars, because the sweet tastes keep those bacteria forcing us to crave. I don’t want to gain all the weight back. I’m about 16 months out. So yeah, for me, not eating those carbs has made me not want them at all for real - not lying. If I eat something like a tortilla chip I immediately feel sick-ish. AND I LOVE THAT. I am sure I could force myself to eat cake and pasta and chips and candy again and build up a population of gut bugs who want that stuff. But why??? I’m not fat any more, omg, I like this. I want to live a long time! But with alcohol, I would like to have SOMETHING to drink on special occasions. But I can’t tolerate anything sweet at all. And I don’t want shots or really hard stuff because I am not a big drinker. So I’ve decided to try a Gibson as my first mixed drink. I want something salty not sweet. I bought all the ingredients. Maybe thanksgiving will be my first time to try alcohol. Wish me luck. (Just one drink - hoping I don’t feel yucky or sick but if I do, I guess it’s cannabis only for me now, lol.)
  8. GotProlactinoma

    Neck/facelift, Anyone?

    You look fantastic. I’d never guess your actual age! I want to follow you down this path, want all the same things done.
  9. GotProlactinoma

    The Dreaded Holidays

    This is my second holiday season since the surgery and I have no fears or worries any more about holidays. I see a lot of my fellow sleevers are indeed still feeling like the holidays are a threat to maintaining weight loss, and it makes me sad. I feel so relieved not to have any temptations. It’s not because of the surgery. That only gave me some very needed portion control. I lost all the weight I had to lose and I’m living a great life full of good healthy food and tons of exercise or running around with the kids. The secret, I have found, to no more temptation EVER, is to use the first month(s) after surgery to rid sugar and most carbs from my life. You only need protein and water at first. Nothing else. So don’t eat any sweets from day one after surgery. You will never ever get a clean slate like post surgery to get bad carbs and sugar permanently out of your diet. We were all carb addicted and we all got really fat from it. We are absolutely forced to get a restart after surgery. We HAVE to take advantage of it. i avoided all sugar, and all sweet-tasting things, after surgery. There is no reason to eat sweetened protein powder with “sweet” flavors. I drank absolutely unflavored whey powder in milk or water. It was fine,I was eating to survive, not for goodies. I added one powdered carb for the gut bugs who need to be satisfied or they will make you crave sugar. I used inulin powder but you can also use potato starch, 1 tbsp a day in your protein drink. And as I added food back in, I stuck with protein, healthy fats, and some vegetables, including starchy root veggies for the gut bugs. I never added any baked goods, breads, rices, etc. No dessert except 90% or more dark chocolate. I have some beans, some homemade “seed granola,” but nothing else. For 6 months I had no fruit, just because eating anything that tastes sweet keeps you craving it. Now I eat maybe 1/2 c fruit a day, but I don’t really want it much. Everything like baked goods or bread or dessert makes me feel sick even just in my mouth before swallowing. I don’t try it any more, haven’t attempted in many months to test it. I want to only feel good after food. My diet is settled. So I will be making a big thanksgiving for family with pies and other things I can’t eat, and I don’t care. I hope they are yummy and that people like them, but I don’t care for them myself. I honestly don’t want them in my mouth. All sweet tooth is GONE. I’m happy with 1/2 c of seed granola in full milk, or a nice piece of 92% dark chocolate. Those are my midnight snacks or goodies. I have no need of anything else. Im not usually losing weight still, but I tend to still lose about 1 lb every 2 months. I am saving up for body surgeries to help with the wrinkles and loose skin. it is a relief not to worry about holidays, and still get to make cookies and goodies with the kids. It’s my dream come true. I made it easy by just taking advantage of the diet restart after surgery to stop all sweet tasting foods. Eating protein laced with fake sugar, and fakey things like sugar free jello, will NOT help you get rid of sweet cravings. I wish my experience could maybe help someone at the beginning of this journey. Getting rid of the sweet cravings is as important as the surgery itself, for keeping off the weight, I’ve found. Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. GotProlactinoma

    Neck/facelift, Anyone?

    You look fantastic. Our weight loss is identical and our necks and undereyes are similar. But not sleeping for weeks has me a little scared! (I saw your videos). Congrats on being past all that and you do look fantastic!
  11. I don’t cheat. But I have my two beloved extras every day. My granola which I make myself with very little sugar (a splash of maple syrup before baking), and my 92% dark Madecasse chocolate. It’s not a sweet any more, just a fatty antioxidant. I allow myself some empty carbs every day, which might be whatever, I will eat a few in n out fries, or some gluten free pretzels, but I always gain ounces or a lb when I do. So I try not to. Not trying to lose any more, trying to maintain. So I just look forward to my dark choc and granola each evening. Makes me happy. I bake all the time and don’t ever eat any of it. I stopped all sweets and breads from surgery and I don’t want them any more, I just want to make them. I knew NONE was the right amount for me. I do eat a bite or two of fruit a day after protein too. I think it would be too hard if I got back to eating sugar because that craving was too powerful for me. Now I don’t crave it and I want to sTay this way. And I still am human! 😉
  12. Do you really want the truth? Yikes. It looks like sh** to me so far! I got extensions at 8 mos out because I lost about 75% of my hair. I got 30 gorgeous long blonde extensions and they look great. I’m 14 mos out now. But now at 14 mos from surgery, my baby hair (which probably started its fall at 5-6 mos after surgery) is about 2-3 inches long, and to me it is freaky. It doesn’t lie flat, it’s CURLY in some places (before it was straight), it makes it hard to make the whole head of hair including the extensions look right. my hairdresser is awesome, and she has seen people go through all kinds of hair losses including cancer, and she is always assuring me that once it gets long enough it will look good. Anyway, thanks to the good Lrd and hairdressers for EXTENSIONS! I only look horrible when they take them out to raise them once a month.
  13. GotProlactinoma

    Non Scale Victories

    Isn’t it wonderful?! I’ve had to buy underwear twice in the year since surgery, and it’s been so fun. I can finally fit in hanky Panky brand which I always wanted to! And I can buy bras in regular stores!
  14. Dumb question: are you sure you need to lose those last pounds? Dumb because I’m trying to lose 1-2 last pounds myself. But my weight loss coach (from insurance co) did tell me I didn’t need to worry about losing any more when I had 5 lbs left before my arbitrary but reasonable goal I had picked. It is taking me about 2-4 weeks to lose a pound now. I love my workouts and I’m not stepping up because I don’t have more time. I have 30-45 mins a day. And hopefully one other activity that involves moving most days. It’s all the time I have. One day I will have more, but I take care of mom and kids and I just don’t. So that means eating. I can’t goof around with having extra food. And I need to have a little less food some days. Less food than I want. Nothing else works. Sad to say. But I can have 2 eggs in butter for breakfast, a few tbsps of my homemade seed granola in milk, a protein snack mid day, and protein and veg dinner and 92% dark chocolate after, and even another bit of granola as evening snack. It’s 1200 or so cals. I would LIKE to have a few gf mini pretzels or 1/2 c of fruit, and sometimes I do, and the scale shows it. Always. It is what it is. But like you, my workouts alone are reshaping my body in inches. Still fairly steadily in the midsection too. I just think that even as my weights I lift get heavier, my scale doesn’t show lighter. Maybe I now am getting more, heavier, muscle. Maybe you too.
  15. GotProlactinoma

    It's not fun anymore

    Agree with others that you should start an activity that your workouts help with, for that inside motivation. Like hiking this fall, or (I do this one ) riding scooters with your kids, or learning to ice skate (I’m doing that one too). You have more fun and it’s easier, if you keep up your regular workouts. maybe look for ease of bending down in the kitchen, or ease of walking up hill, etc, rather than the after workout high. It’s been a year for me since I started working out, and i don’t get the high post workout either, I just feel better when I move.
  16. GotProlactinoma

    What were your starting workouts?

    I came here for ideas too, and the one I picked from another member here was Jillian Michaels’s app. It was perfect for me. So out of shape. I could do beginning everything, just short workouts, on your iPad, phone, etc. I credit Jillian with getting me enjoying working out. Never thought it was possible. I’ve gone on to kettlebells but I just love what Jillian does to get fitness fun, bit by little bit. I used her app maybe 9 months and loved the flexibility.
  17. GotProlactinoma

    Disturbing Realization

    If your deep love of food is really in the eating, think about what you really love eating. If I am honest about my deep almost unrequited love prior to surgery about food, it was sweets and carbs. Looking at baking books was like porn to me, and I wanted to bake it all and eat it all. I I baked, I just had to taste taste taste and NO AMOUNT was ever satisfying. Ever. 10 cookies might make me feel sick and I stop, but not the first nor the 10th cookie was truly ahhhhh, satisfying, had enough. When I learned that our cravings come from our gut bacteria, and certain ones want sugary foods, I knew I could do a serious reset with my diet and this with my gut population at the same time, by avoiding all sweet tastes after surgery, when I wouldn’t be eating real food for a while. I used only unsweetened, unflavored protein powder. Absolutely nothing with even a sweet taste at all. I mixed it with raw milk or full fat Greek plain yogurt. Eventually I added veggies and meats to my diet, eggs, beans. I never added in anything sweet. My nutritionist had me off fruit for 6 months. so I lost the desire to eat the sweets I used to crave. But I kept the desire to interact with them. It’s a bit weird. Bear with me. I still love to bake. My family loves to eat it. I get pleasure out of smelling what I bake. If I were to eat sweet carbs, I feel a bit ill Nd my vision gets bad and I feel really off. So I have zero desire to feel bad, so I don’t eat it. But sometimes I will sniff it and thst is heaven for me - magically without any desire to taste it. I don’t know why this has changed for me. But it is wonderful. I get pleasure from smelling foods I used to want to eat! For real. I told you it was weird. I still “love food” and getting my hands in it and making it and serving it. And smelling it. But I don’t even want to put it in my mouth. And as weird as thst is, I am very happy about it.
  18. GotProlactinoma

    Migraine headache after bariatric surgery

    I suffered from 3-4 migraine days a week on average for years, before surgery. I had suffered many migraines a month since I was about 23. I was not even fat when I stsrted having migraines. They did get worse as I got older. I ate carefully, avoiding triggers, but still got them all the time. i had the sleeve to lose weight, to get portion control which I couldn’t do. IT WAS STUNNING TO FIND OUT THAT MY MIGRAINES REDUCED DRASTICALLY. I didn’t expect that or think about it. For the first 6 months after surgery I probably had an average of 1-2 migraine days a month! (I did have 3-4 migraine days right after surgery as I always do after some dramatic body thing, surgery or illness) after the first six months, it’s been 1 or so migraine days a week average. Some weeks no migraine, then sometimes I will have a 3 day migraine. It’s NOTHING like before, though, when I was popping imitrex like candy just to live my life. i believe it isn’t the weight loss but the type and amount of food change that has done the trick. Because the cessation happened before much weight had come off. The fewer cals I ate, the less migraines. I’d love to hear if any other migraine sufferers had dramatic drops in # of migraine days post WLS like I have.
  19. GotProlactinoma

    How did you hide your hair loss

    By 8-9 mos out I got extensions. Stillhave them at 13 mo out. Love them. I probably lost 70%of my hair.
  20. GotProlactinoma

    Migraines and Treatment After the Sleeve

    I get migraines too. I was concerned because all surgeries or treatments give me migraines. And I knew I couldn’t take imitrex by mouth. So I got several imitrex stabbers (auto inject pens) for post surgery. While I was still in the hotel I know I took them 3-4 times. Worth every penny. good news: before surgery I had 3-4 migraine days a week. Average. Post surgery I’d go maybe 3 weeks with no migraine. I was incredulous. Shows you how diet related migraines are. Now even 1 year out, while I still might have a 3 day migraine, I go routinely a week or two with no migraine. That never happened to me before. I can now afford the amount of imitrex I need, and it works very well for me now thst I am not popping them like candy any more. i would say I have maybe 4 migraine days a MONTH now and not a week. Bravo, Bariatric surgery. I never had any idea this would be a side effect!!
  21. GotProlactinoma

    Calories 2+ Years Post-Op

    Do you mind sharing how you can get thst much protein (and carbs) in and keep your cals so low?? What is your secret? Thanks.
  22. GotProlactinoma

    Should I cut my hair? (Hair Loss)

    Sadly. I lost so slowly but still lost probably 75% of my hair. I never lost 2 digits lbs in one month ever. By 6 months out it was pretty obvious. By 7 months, I started going in weekly for vitamin if infusions. My hair was straggly and chemo-like. ‘SO HERE IS WHAT I DID. I GOT EXTENSIONS! I still have them one year out. My hair is long and great but it ain’t mine. Lol. Enjoying them. At this point, 13 mos out, my own hair has all grown back but is about 1-w inches long. Fluffy and yuck, but I still have the extensions and I will keep them for the next 6 months until my hair grows to a decent length.
  23. In case the snacking is carbs or sweet tasting things (even sugar free, yes), try avoiding all sweet tastes period. Cravings come from the gut bacteria. You might need 4-5 days of killing the sugar craving bacteria off, which may take willpower (I hate using willpower). But thereafter, use just starchy and non starchy root veggies as your carbs to feed the gut bugs. After you get your proteins. Snacking per se is not bad. If you feel actual hunger and it’s not an assigned meal, eat protein. It will solve the hunger feeling. Even one lone string cheese can stop actual hunger. And after each protein food, you can add a veg carb. Some sweet potato, yeah, add butter. Or a salad. Eat less of it than you ate the protein, but it will start satisfying the better species of gut bug! And you won’t crave processed carbs any more. One roasted beet with sea salt will do it for ya. Good luck. i am a year out too and almost lost 65 lbs but I am happy because that is about what I had to lose. Another trick for during the work day. Have a protein ready but try to go another 30 mins before eating it... Then maybe another 30 mins... a tiny bit of IF that can be easy to incorporate.
  24. GotProlactinoma

    In absolute shock

    I am so sorry. But glad they did the safe thing. Also rooting for you to have the actual sleeve ASAP for only the anesthesia fee as someone said above! Good luck tomorrow at the cardiologist.
  25. It feels unbelievable. I still CANNOT BELIEVE I could go into any shop in the mall and find something that fits. When I could buy at LuluLemon I think I head tears in my eyes. They only go up to a 12. I’m not crazy about shopping but I CAN buy regular clothes. The biggest thrill for me clothes wise is I AM WEARING CUT OFF JEANS and I look normal. I’m not thin, I’m normal. I can ice skate or run along the beach with my child. WHAT?? And I don’t look ridiculous. And I love just playing and running and whatever. I jump on a scooter and go ride with the kids. Unbelievable. It feels so good. I have a new relationship with food. My breakfast is always the same and always with the eggs as protein. I need it. It just IS. My food is fuel, also mid day I need that protein powder still, which I add to full fat plain Greek yogurt, maybe throw a couple berries and some flax seed in, take it in my lunch. So the first half of the work day, food is just fuel based on the protein I will need. Dinner is protein and veggies, pretty utilitarian, but I get into cooking as I always have, and it might be any kind of ethnic taste. And my dessert or late night snack is always either my homemade seed based granola with raw milk, eaten out of a tiny snack container so the amount is always the same, or my beloved 92% dark chocolate which is not candy, it’s not even as sweet as fruit. It is just a fatty, healthy, antioxidant snack. But to me it’s chocolate and yummy because I don’t eat anything sweet any more. please believe me cause it’s true: I hope every day that I will get my workout in. 4-5 days in the week, I do. I care for my mom and kids so there are times I don’t. I actually really want to do it now. I never thought this would be me. ‘So the obsession is positive, if that makes any sense. Instead of being worried or concerned or guilty about my eating or working out, it’s just part of my life now fo real. And it seems weird. I hope I can stay like this forever. It’s only the end of year one.

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