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  1. I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with surges of emotions since surgery? My VSG was in late March and I feel like my emotions have been really up and down for the last 2 weeks. I have a really short temper sometimes and that's not like me at all. I spoke to my doctor here at home and she put my back on my antidepressants (I'd been off for a year). Am I alone in this phenomenon? Thanks.
  2. I'm enjoying most of the forum so far, but there are a few people who seem rude or overdramatic. Is there a way to not see their comments or posts?
  3. I used Dr Elias Ortiz through ALM. My surgery was March 27 and I doing really well! I do wish I had taken 3 weeks off because I do a pretty physically demanding job and I was EXHAUSTED when I got home. As long as you can make peace with "Mexico time" and how everything takes a little longer down there- you'll be fine! (I used to live in Hawaii and Island time is a very real thing-it's similar to that) HW 286 SW 269.8 CW 243.6 VSG 3/27 Dr. Elias Ortiz/Mexico
  4. I was sleeved on March 27. I had a hernia repair and my gallbladder out at the same time. I must have been lucky- I only had an additional 30 minutes on the table. I recovered at the same rate as my sleeve sisters.
  5. That makes sense. It makes me feel better that others are experiencing the same thing. I feel bad for my hubby!
  6. Omgosh thank you SO MUCH!! I haven't I intalled the app because I just found the forum today- but I will. Maybe the app will let me post a profile pic as well! Lol
  7. I'm having the same issue. It won't let me upload a profile pic either. Do I need to go to a laptop?

    How do you organize your vitamins?

    I've been using Vitamin patches from PatchMD because my stomach cannot handle vitamins yet. I get so nauseated. I haven't done my 3 month blood work so I can't tell you the results of them yet- but I feel pretty good so far.
  9. I kept mine a secret until I got home. I work with the public and everyone has an opinion. 🙄 Especially about going to Mexico. Now that I'm home I tell everyone lol. They see that I'm doing well- and they can't really argue with results!
  10. MHOUSE

    Any Regrets?

    I was really happy with my experience. I only told few people before I went because one of the people I did tell had me so scared after I spoke to her! She had seen some Dateline program from 15 years ago about Mexico surgeries and had to tell me about it. I knew I had done plenty of research and talked to a lot of people on Facebook who had gone and they assured me it was going to be fine! It was. Minus having to get used to the "relaxed" concept of time down there-once I accepted that, things were great! My surgery was 3/27 and now that im home and doing really well, I tell everbody! *side note- I work a physically demanding job and do wish I had taken 3 weeks off. My first week back to work was exhausting.
  11. An aisle seat would be the best. I didn't want to crawl over people to use the restroom. My other suggestion, and I'm sorry if it's TMI, but try be be near a bathroom on the plane home. I had diarrhea from the antibiotics.
  12. All the ones I found would require you to go back to Mexico for any complications. While I had a great experience in Mexico with my surgery, I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable having to go back on a plane and delay treatment to get back to Mexico. Maybe I just didn't find the right medical tourism company.