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  1. 2 juicey4u

    Anyone with Humana?

    I was approved in 7 days...shocked me however that was 2 years ago
  2. 2 juicey4u

    Please help! I'm nervous....

    Thanks! I gotta try iy
  3. 2 juicey4u

    Sipping & summer

    I drink all the time.... 2 years out I have no problem drinking water..I get in 64 ounces sometimes more.
  4. 2 juicey4u

    Please help! I'm nervous....

    Carmel premier shake??? I drink premier but never knew about carmel!! Where can I buy violetisle
  5. NavyMom2 we have the exact same story!! LOL... I am 2 years out never got under 200 gain 30..This last month I lost 15 of the regain......I wanna lose 50 more
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    Looking oh so good!
  7. 2 juicey4u

    OK Ladies, kinda embarrasing question for you all

    My surgeon didn't have his patients shave...... I didn't shave although I keep it nice and neat
  8. 2 juicey4u

    HIV+ does anyone take Triumeq

    Anthony this is awesome!! So glad all going well for you....my only brother is also name Anthony
  9. 2 juicey4u

    Should I do the surgery??

    I wouldn't wait that is only prolonging the surgery that is surely to happen anyway. I had to be cleared by the Cardiologist before insurance would even approved the surgery..... However if you not comfortable about it you have to do what feels right for you.
  10. All I can say is It Didn't Help Me.. That gas aint no joke!
  11. 2 juicey4u

    Happy dance

  12. 2 juicey4u


    Liquids go straight through you....I can input liquid all day no problem but solid food I can only eat 4/6 ounces and I am stuffed!
  13. 2 juicey4u

    Before and now pics

    You look awesome!
  14. I didn't have that side effect but I had heard about it and was hoping I didn't encounter that.
  15. 2 juicey4u


    Shawnak911 a lot of people insurance don't cover wls...These people pay out of pocket so you figure 15-20 grand verses 5/6 grand....my sister n law paid 18,000 total. She pulled money from her 401k.
  16. 2 juicey4u

    Doc goal vs My goal

    Yes me....I don't want to be 150 my personal goal for me is actually between 180 to 200....I have 2 friends we were same size before our surgery... 1 of them 140 the other one 180 and looking at them I honestly know I wanna be 200.....
  17. I use crystal light, lemon juice and flavor packs for water.
  18. 2 juicey4u

    Any Georgia sleevers?

    I live in Savannah Georgia
  19. 2 juicey4u

    disappointed with self

    Also I been logging something I didn't do before
  20. 2 juicey4u

    disappointed with self

    I was sleeved March 9, 2015 and my story sound exactly like yours! Omg first year lost 75 then got off track and gain 30!!! Well Feb 15th I got back on the wagon..I weigh my food, exercising, making sure I get my Protein in even if I have to drink 2 protein shakes a day, forcing the water in, making better food choices....if I get a snack attack I grab a few grapes or sugar free no fat fudgescicle or popsicle..... We gotta get the mind right...I even bought a mini trampoline that I can use when I don't make it to the gym.....Also I refuse to beat myself up and waddle in self pity...I know what I need to do and if I want to achieve it I gotta fight for it....I have no time to waste on what I should have done or what I didn't do cause that useless for me now....my mind Is like Nike Just Do It!
  21. Watch your sugar, carbs, sodium, fats etc can get confusing at times...trying to manage it all while working, running a household, exercising, getting in enough protein, water and veggies......I try to go with if it's white it ain't right then I think hell cauliflower is right lol....How do some of you make sure you doing what's right?? I am 2 years out 50 from my goal due to my own fault of not following the program. However I am back on track since Feb 15 this year and down 14 pounds of the 30 I had gain....This is truly a journey.
  22. It will get better I've met others like you and all of a sudden weight began to fall off of them out of nowhere.....was weird but they kept following the program and everything fell in place. . hang tough
  23. 2 juicey4u

    Pouch diet

    Hhhmmmm never heard of pouch diet pouch test yes...imma watch for responses on this.