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  1. I had the surgery a few years ago, with several complications. I finally have resolved the problems, by being unfilled for a number of months so my gastritis could heal and I would stop regurgitating everything I ate. I was really miserable, and couldn't believe I spent 2 years vomiting at least 2x a day! The relief of not vomiting soon subsided, when I realized I gained about 40 points in these last few months. I went in for my first fill this week- with trepidation. I honestly wasn't sure if I was filled, if I would be able to do it. My eating has been "normal" meaning I can eat a whole plate at a restaurant or eat 3-4 regular meals a day. My doctor gave me Phentermine so that I can re-adjust. I had a lot of problems with "working around the band" even when I was filled. I was holding steady, but not losing when it was tight. Has anyone else done the Rx along with the band? My doctor said they do it all the time. I honestly didn't even know people were given pills anymore! I was pretty shocked. Needless to say, this is honestly the first time I have been filled since maybe my first two fills when I was actually able to stick to liquids for all three days. Before I would feel so hungry and end up eating soft foods (often bad ones like mashed potatoes) in order to feel satisfied. I'm excited that tomorrow I can start solid foods again, and see how my band feels and my appetite is. Any tips or suggestions? So far I feel really good, have good energy (but no insomnia) and have had almost NO desire to eat. I even made Halloween cupcakes and didn't even sample the frosting, and stayed away from all the chocolate at work this week. Oh, and sadly, the ticker at the bottom is SO off! I only wish I was still 193! I weighed in at 243 at the doctor's office this week- so I have gained back almost all my weight.
  2. littlefroggy

    Reactions To Whey And Soy Protien

    Try hemp protein shakes. I had problems with soy and whey as well. Hemp was weird tasting but I got used to it. I also got an egg white protein. Weird tasting and very frothy, but it worked well. Hopefully you don't have too much longer before you get to soft foods.
  3. I had my band done over two years ago and have lost 60 pounds. I have almost no Fluid in the band, as I kept having to get it removed as I gag constantly. I still regurgitate a lot, if I am not SUPER careful about how I chew. I must liquify the food, which I suppose I am should do as I chew anyway, but don't always. I also had a lot of complications and had to have all the fluid removed when I was at the peak of my weight loss. Even after it was filled again, loss was slow and I was sick a lot. I am unfortunately at a point where I will force myself to regurgitate because I am so uncomfortable. I don't want to do it, but I am so constantly sick from eating I haven't much choice. I am super sensitive to texture and dryness in food too, can't eat lettuce, most meat, and so forth. In order to eat a lot of things I have to coat it in mayo (mustard and ketchup give me heart burn) or ranch. I have been eating all the wrong foods (chocolate, chips, ice cream bars, etc.) because I know with those foods, I won't gag and puke. Anyway, I have gained weight (I weigh 215 pounds) and am thinking of going back to a nearly liquid diet to let my band rest, shrink my pouch (I am sure it stretched) and begin anew. I am going to do liquids all day and eat a meal at night. It worked yesterday and I wasn't hungry. Has anyone else done this?
  4. littlefroggy

    Going back to liquids to fix issues/lose weight?

    I have to pay $300 now when I got to the doctor for a fill, as I am well past my free period. I am really avoiding it if possible. I feel like they messed up originally with a fill, which is why I had so many problems to begin with. That was about 6 months in and I was losing a lot and doing great, and I have hardly lost any weight since that time. I went back and they filled me up just .25 at a time for a year, and all I ever did was regurgitate and gain. The problem had occurred when the fill nurse thought she filled me, but ended up taking the Fluid out, then not hitting the port. I was completely unfilled, and then when I got filled again, I started getting sick all the time. I am glad to report that after 5 days of doing liquids for most of the day (Snacks here and there, but all low cal) I am down 6 lbs!!! I have been eating a shake for Breakfast, a small snack, a shake for lunch, and a small dinner... cheese, Jello, and other small snacks if needed. I am loading up on Special K Protein Water, and a 25 g protein water I got from my Dr. My pouch has SHRUNK. Today we went out to lunch and I could only eat a half a slider, which is small to begin with. I am not able to eat nearly as much as I could before!!!
  5. I am making this poll, because it's something I struggle with. Let me know how many calories you eat, and it may guide me! I have heard of people stating they eat anywhere from 600-1500 calories and lost weight, so I am thinking of doing 1200... what about you?
  6. littlefroggy

    SOOOO Disgusting!

    Read at your own risk!!! More than a year after surgery and life is pretty good... I have had my band slightly unfilled, because I was "puking" so much. Now it only happens a couple times a week. Well, last night was one of those times and I happened to be in the CAR! I had eaten some crackers in haste before leaving work and obviously they didn't sit well with me. In the car, I had an empty diet coke can (yes, I drink diet coke and my Dr. said it's fine for me since it doesn't make me sick.) Since I had no where to "slime" up what was making me sick, I got sick into the empty can. Well, this morning in my sleepy, non-caffeinated haze, I was driving to work. I opened another can of diet coke (my morning drink of choice) and then a moment later, grabbed the WRONG can and took a sip!!! OMG! I still feel the grossness on my lips. I did not swallow and it didn't actually enter my mouth, but OMG it was the most disgusting thing I could imagine doing! Some of the side effects of the band are really intolerable... this is one of them! :tongue2:
  7. I didn't date much before the surgery, but after the surgery and about a 50 lbs loss, I was ready to date! I told some of the people I dated on the first date that I had the surgery- especially if they were overweight themselves. But then, I met an amazing woman and we started to date seriously. I told her I had surgery, as she could see my scars but I never told her the details. I don't know why... it was definitely something I wanted her to know but we were dating for several months by that point and I hadn't been able to tell her the details. Finally, she went to visit family out of state and a cousin had just had gastric bypass. When she came back she asked me if that is what I had. I explained to her the difference and she was really supportive. However, I think it would have been much better for me to tell her early on.
  8. Well, now more than a year after surgery I have completely stopped counting calories at all. I am still losing about a pound a week and eat what I want. It seems to be okay, but quite slow. I am now finally below the 200 mark and in a size 14!
  9. Only .15 cc last time. I have decent restriction and am losing a pound a week. However, I was really upset about something last night and went home and ate potstickers and chicken teriyaki (no rice). I also drank 2 sodas. This was terrible, because usually I do the liquids for about 24 hours after my fill and then soft foods. I'm hoping I didn't do much damage!!! It was such a tiny fill though, I'm thinking there wasn't much "trauma" to my stomach. Let's hope not!
  10. littlefroggy

    I was filled just a tiny bit

    Well I have never had a problem with soda... I just know I shouldn't drink it. It doesn't cause pain and my Dr. said that if I can drink it, it just means I need more restriction. I drink regularly, not even slowly. I feel like my band barely works... however, I will say, I am finally losing a pound a week, so I'm not going to worry about it!
  11. littlefroggy

    Little known facts about you??

    1. Were You Named After Anyone? Nope 2. When was the Last time You Cried? Last Thursday 3. Do You like Your Handwriting? Yes, I have "teacher" handwriting 4. What Is Your Favorite Lunch meat? chicken 5. Do You have Kids? No 6.If You were Another Person, Would You be Friends with You? Yes, because I'm awesome! 7. Do you use Sarcasm a lot? Not really 8. Do You still have Your Tonsils? Yes 9. Would You Bungee Jump? Don't know! 10. What is Your Favorite Cereal? Puffins 11. Do You untie Your Shoes when You take them off? I don't have many shoes with laces, except my running shoes. I don't think I unlace them... 12. Do You think You are Strong? I do think so! 13. What is Your Favorite Ice Cream? Blood orange sorbet 14. What is the First thing You notice about People? their clothing (so bad!) 15, Red or Pink? Red 16. What is The least thing You like about Yourself? My belly 17. Who do You Miss the Most? My sister 18. What Color Pants and Shoes are Wearing now? Navy blue PJ bottoms, no shoes 19. What was the Last thing You Ate? spinach leaves dipped in hummus 20, What are You listening to now? Loveline w/ Dr. Drew 21 If You were a Crayon what Color would You be? lime green 22. Favorite Smells? fresh cut grass, my SO's cologne (Dakkar) 23. Favorite Sports to Watch? Hockey 24. Hair Color? Brown 25. Do You Wear Contacts? No, glasses 26. Favorite Food? Phad See Ew or Phad Kee Mao 27. Scary Movies, or Happy Endings? SCARY!! 28. Last Movie You saw? The Proposal 29, Color Shirt/Blouse You are Wearing? white tank top 30. Summer or Winter? Summer 31. Favorite Dessert? Sorbet 32, Favorite Place ever Traveled? Israel 33, Where would You like to Travel Next? Thailand 34. What Book are Reading now? Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 35, Where were You Born? Washington state 36. Big Band or Rap? rap 37. Interesting Fact about Me? 3 of my teeth never came in, one was left alone but two are "fakies" 38. What did You Watch on Televison Last Night? I didn't watch TV 39. Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles 40. Do You have a Special Talent? I can touch my tongue to my nose.
  12. littlefroggy

    The dating game with the band

    Before the band I tried dating some but was so unhappy with myself, it was hard to even get out there. I found myself disappointed a lot! In January, after getting to my halfway mark, exercising daily, and feeling really good about myself, I got into the dating game. I definitely was looking for something long term, but didn't know if I was quite in the place for that yet, so I was interested in just dating people (maybe getting some action :wink:) and seeing what would happen. I put up a couple of online ads and answered a lot of ads. I ended up going on about 11 first dates in less than 3 weeks! It was my dating spree! My 12th date... I almost cancelled after so many lousy first dates, but the 12th date was the one! That date lasted about 10 hours! We have been together 5 months now and everything is going really well... what is remarkable to me is that I am still fat! I just had this thought before that I would have to be skinny before I fell in love... or before someone fell in love with me. But I am not, and in fact, had some major issues with the band in February and have lost NOT A SINGLE POUND since then!! I am working on the issues (just refilled again yesterday) and my GF is so supportive. The dating game works, but dang, it was rough at first... but totally has paid off!!! I have never had such a wonderful relationship! By our 3rd date, which was the 3rd day I knew her, I knew she was the "one". :sneaky:
  13. Well, update: there is no progress. Since February I have been within a couple of pounds of 200 more or less. It is very frustrating. There was a complication with a fill at that point in time, and since then, I often don't feel like I have the band at all (except when I PB.) I have been in once a month or more since February and they refilled me from where I was down to 4 cc, and now supposedly I am back up to 7 (my signature is wrong.) This has taken several months, but even with my going in, every time they check, I have fewer CC's than they thought, however, no one says it's a leak. They attribute it to air bubbles or liquid in the tube or something. I have been going in regularly but have given up lately and just joined weight watchers. I will admit, I eat too much, not good foods and even my exercise has dropped. I guess I feel very defeated. Last time I was in they said to schedule an appointment for 3 weeks, and I didn't. They wanted to check on this fill and see if it was working. Once again, it seems to not be working. Anyway, any helpful advice will be great. My doctor says to just eat small meals as if I were restricted but I have a hard time doing it. On ww, I definitely notice that I am actually not that hungry, but when food it in front of me (like chocolate at a meeting) I have a hard time not taking it. However, despite the banding not working right now, I am very happily dating someone (which never would have happened pre-band), I am about to finish a doozy of a school year, and the weather is nice. So all in the world is not bad.
  14. littlefroggy

    Melting body and getting naked

    You may be surprised... my new SO LOVES my body... and I still have a long way to go! I am starting to love it myself. It can happen. :biggrin:
  15. littlefroggy

    What do you all do?

    I teach first grade at a private elementary school. I love the school. Before this year I always taught 4th grade, and next year am REALLY hoping to go back to 4th. I think the stress of first grade has made it difficult to lose weight.... bah.
  16. littlefroggy

    Singles: What size for dating?

    I think by the time I hit 18 I was ready to date. Unfortunately, I am still a 16/18. Fortunately, I am madly in love... Now if only the weight would come off!!
  17. littlefroggy

    Better Sex!!??

    I have to say I am not sure if it's my sexual prime (age 31) or the band, but I am definitely having the best sex of my life. I only get it a couple times a week, but honestly I could have sex a couple times a DAY!!!
  18. I have weighed 200 lbs for almost 3 months!!!! I had a problem w/ the band and was unfilled awhile ago. I can basically eat anything now, and large quantities. I know that's bad, but there should be SOME change in my weight. I guess I should be proud that I haven't gained more. I had like 1 week at 195, then the band problem happened and I gained 5 lbs that week! Since then- no change at all. I swim 3x a week and run 3x a week. This is really starting to annoy me. I am not perfect with my eating, but I don't eat like I used to pre-band. I am resentful, because I feel like I have to "diet" to see a change. I don't want to "diet." I want this tool to help me more than it is. I have another fill on the 30th and I am going to BEG for it to be even tighter. I don't know if I added it to my signature, but I am probably at about 7.2 I think. So, so annoying. Right before the problem, I was consistently losing 2-3 lbs a week. Once I had this problem, now even at a similar restriction, I feel like it's nothing (but I get stuck once in awhile... so I know the band is there, it's just not often) AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Very annoyed!!!!
  19. littlefroggy

    What kind of plateau is this??????

    To the person who asked, we never really figured out the problem!! She unfilled me completely to see how much was in, and to make sure there was no leak. But then the same amount (or more) did not go back in. I walked in at 7.75 and left with almost no restriction. I went back in ASAP and they checked and I was filled to around 5!! I was worried about a leak, but they said that it would be completely empty if there was a leak. So then, I went in a little while later, and they filled me a bit more. Again, I should have been at 6, but was only at like 5.5. So every time I get a fill, a little doesn't get in. They thought it may have been air bubbles??? Anyway, slowly, I am getting tighter, but the problem is that when I was at 5, I was relishing being able to eat again!! When I was at 5 before it was one of my first fills and I was scared to eat anything. Now I am like, wow, bread, cheese, cake, all goes down fine- enjoy! But I have to stop that!!!
  20. I went in for a fill 2 days ago. She unfilled me to check and see how much I had in me and to check for leaks and things. Then she added only a little more because I already had really good restriction. (I had lost 20 lbs since my last fill.) Now I have NO restriction... none. zip. zero. zilch. I called the office and she was like, you need to come in ASAP. So I will go in again next week. Hopefully I won't gain any weight this week. However, not having first bite syndrome has been nice! Anyone know what could have happened? I'm thinking the saline just didn't get into my port?
  21. littlefroggy


    I have been avoiding dating for awhile... especially since my weight climbed up quite high. The last time I was seeing someone was a year ago and that lasted like, a week! I think I am going to be ready to date again soon. I am feeling so much better about myself. Has anyone else gone through this? I know there are lots of women out there... but I am also older now (31) and it seems like the bars are full of 21-24 year olds. What should I do? Where should I go? I live in a big urban area with a big gay/lesbian community and have lots of LGBT friends... however, almost all are coupled up. Thanks!
  22. littlefroggy

    Dizziness.... TMI???

    I had another fill on Thursday and did liquids all day Thursday and most of Friday. Friday night I had a a half an avocado and broth based Soup with noodles (soft food) but I also had 2 glasses of wine (BAD I KNOW!!!) In the middle of sex I got super dizzy and had to stop. I couldn't really sit up properly or stand. My partner got me some Water, and then I had 2 crackers. I thought it was just the alcohol and lack of nutrients. I woke up this morning still dizzy, with a sort of vertigo. I had a Protein drink and a bowl of hearty soup for Breakfast and still feel off. I am okay sitting or standing still but when I move I just feel weird. Any ideas why? I have "eaten" now so it shouldn't be my blood sugar or anything... I had my BP checked on Thursday and it was fine. Please help!!
  23. littlefroggy

    Dating and the band

    I did a lot of dating when I lost about 70 lbs too... and then I met someone amazing! It's very exciting. I'm also glad to have met her NOW as I am not at goal yet and I know she likes me this way. Which means, if I am not "perfect" she will still like me no matter what. But anyway, as for eating out, I usually get Soup and salad. It's a sort of lady-like dinner As for the scars, they don't both her. I told her I had "stomach surgery" surgery in our first week or so of dating, but it doesn't seem she really gets it. It has not come up again and I need to really explain it to her. I am not sure she connected the fact that I have lost weight (which I mention often as she sees old pics of me, or I throw away clothes and I am always working out, etc.) But she also doesn't ask a lot of questions unless I bring them up. So be sure to tell the person you start to date about the surgery and explain it so they know why you eat so little. Of course, not until it feels right.
  24. I was told to wait 2 days and stay on liquids for 2 days. Unfortunately I had used all my Protein drinks up, and got done at the doctor fairly late last night (6 pm) and couldn't spend the time crossing town and fighting traffic to get to the Vitamin Shoppe. So I went ALL DAY with only a bottle of propel and some chicken broth... I finally got to the Vitamin Shoppe, got my drinks and headed home. Well, don't you know, I stopped at Taco Bell and got some Beans. I ate about half the container, which is about 80 calories. Nothing hurts and I feel fine but I hate that I am always trying to take short cuts! Has anyone's doctor given the direction that they can eat after a fill, even mushie foods? I am hoping I didn't damage anything!!!!!