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  1. I am in Phoenix (Surprise actually), AZ. I am having a lot of trouble with my band. I have had a port replacement and two unfills for extended periods of time. I am now having problems again. The latest news (today) was that after reviewing last week's Upper GI results, my Dr. wants to do an EGD. I asked the nurse why we were doing it and she said, "The UGI report showed that your stomach has possibly herniated through the band." I had no idea what that meant, so I asked, "Does that mean that the band slipped?" and she kinda said "yeah" under her breath. I've heard that many people after having a band slip don't try another band but that the next step is to have a sleeve or bypass. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this and/or has any information on this. This lapbandtalk.com forum has gotten so huge, I don't even know where to find things anymore, that's why I came to this forum. Please help. I'm really nervous and scared. I don't want to lose my band!!!
  2. AZnikki

    Question on Slipped Band

    Hi there...I was reading this thread and I saw your post and thought I'd contact you. I have had an almost similar situation. The Reflux was getting worse regardless of anything I took and I had EXTREME pain in my chest like behind my sternum that sent me to the ER 3 times. Of course, I never have any luck at the ER when it comes to LapBand issues, so they kept treating it like it were something else...can't remember all the details. I finally went in to see my lap band doctor. He took action immediately. He unfilled me--well, took 2 cc's from the 4 that were in there. I immediately felt relief. I finally got an upper GI done and they just got the results. They called today. now they are doing an EGD (while I am under). I asked the nurse, "Does this mean that my band has slipped? and she said, "The report shows that the stomach may have herniated through the band." I'm not sure what that means. So, I repeated, "Does that mean my band slipped?" and she said, "Yeah." Anyway, I still don't really understand and I don't know what I should be anticipating as the "next step." What did they do for your slipped band??? Any info that can be provided would be so greatly appreciated!!!
  3. WOW! That IS a far way to go for your surgery. Consider this also--how long after your surgery would you be returning? The reason I ask is that I tend to have more restriction if I go up north into the mountains...I'm wondering if you'd be in total pain being in the altitude?!? (assuming that you are flying)--Also, I've heard that it's difficult to get someone to do postop if they didn't do the surgery. But who knows...you might fnd someone. I'd make SURE they will guarantee that they will treat you BEFORE you go ahead with it. Also, consider the pre-op stuff too...it might be hard to coordinate all of that with a doctor that far away...I'm not sure how far into this process you are, but it's somewhat time consuming for the pre-op stuff (it was for me anyway). Anyway, good luck to you.
  4. AZnikki


    WOW! I WISH I could eat garlic knots and not feel terrible! LOL...I do know what you mean though about the "sludge"! A friend of mine on here suggested to me to drink a cup of hot water with lemon before eating and that breaks the "sludge" up. I seem to have a problem if I drink anything too soon after eating. Even just a little bit of a drink and I have to get it all up. Sometimes I even drink purposely so that I can get it all up if I've got food stuck. :0(
  5. I've looked back about 10 pages on the threads and didn't see anything like this...but I was just wondering...has anyone noticed specific situations or times when you feel more restriction? For example, obviously, I think most people feel more restriction in the morning. I actually can't usually eat lunch at my scheduled lunch time, but sometimes about an hour later or so, I'm fine. I usually can't eat a whole lot until dinner time...which is the WORST time to have a big meal...obviously!!!I also have felt more restriction when I went into higher altitude. I asked my doctor if the altitude was the reason I couldn't eat anything for three days and he said it was VERY possible. I also notice that I seem to have more restriction if I am congested or allergies are acting up. Are there any other situations that YOU've noticed when you feel MORE restriction that at other times?
  6. Although fills seem like a simple process when I go in, I imagine that there's a reason not just ANYONE can do them. I'm thinking that there have been MANY good reasons posted on here as to why we should NOT be doing our own fills...infection, insurance, leaks, etc. I'm thinking that if something is wrong, my doctor stands a better chance to realize it than I do. I mean, for example, my surgeon (I've since had to change doctors) noticed that I had a leak in my port because he could withdraw as much as he had put in...I don't think I could've known that...they are trained professionals and there's a reason they don't "allow" us to do them. We are dealing with sensitive equipment here folks...not to mention the only bodies we have (like 'em or not)!
  7. AZnikki

    Sore Calves....anyone else?

    I had the same problem about 3 days after surgery. In fact, I was supposed to go back to work that day, but I was concerned that it might be a blood clot. I went to the hospital and it wasn't. They said though that a lot of time because of the swelling and gas and stuff that their can be pain in the extremeties first and especially to the lower extremeties...if you are still having pain, get it checked out just to be sure there are no blood clots...but you gotta go with your instinct!
  8. AZnikki

    Hungry/not hungry depends on the day

    WOW...such similar stories! I too have had exactly what you've been referring to. I have had strep throat for a week and all the congestion is starting to losen up--I wonder if that's what's making me feel so tight. I have hardly been able to eat the last few days. HOWEVER, I was ALSO up in higher altitude for the last two days...I wonder if THAT has any effect on all of this too? I know I feel restriction more so on some days than on others--and I also usually feel more in the mornings--but lately, it's been ALL day--my last fill was Labor Day weekend when I had a port revision and he put 6 ccs in my 10cc band...usually by now I would feel very little restriction at all...but...it looks like I may be losing a few pounds too :0)
  9. This is so funny! I get nasal drip...if food gets stuck, my nose starts to run and then I KNOW I'm going to throw up! In fact, as soon as I throw up, it goes away. I just thought it was my crazy body!
  10. AZnikki

    back pain day 3

    Man....I'm so sorry you're hurting...I remember the pain all too well! I found relief from things like hot tea also. The shower and heating pad and of course WALKING was VERY helpful. My neighbors must have thought I was crazy cuz it was so hot when I had mine that I could only walk for a few minutes so I'd just walk to the corner and back a few times then go back out soon after! As for the M.O.M....yeah...full dose is rough! I regretted taking it as soon as I did, and at that I HAD taken half! Best advice on that--read on here first! I think sometimes we have better advice or suggestions than our doctors...we're the ones experiencing it and learning from doing! Good luck to you! Hang in there...it gets better every day! :lovechoc:
  11. Has anyone had to get a port revision through Tricare? If so, please contact me. I'm having some trouble with approval and I've got a leak in my port!:biggrin:
  12. Thanks so much for the advice/information/support...so guess what all?!?! I got it approved...here's what happened: The first CPT code that they used got denied--it was 43886 (revise gastric port, open)...then, I called Tricare and asked about a bunch of CPT codes that I found on google and one of them was on their list of approvals...they said it has to be proved medically necessary and have prior approval...but...today, I got the approval!!! I'm not sure what it means yet, but the CPT code that I suggested to the dr's office was 43771 (lap,revise adjust gastric band)--the lap indicates laproscopic. So, anyway the reason I don't know what it means is because one of them says approved and then another one with the same CPT code says approved with modification...I'm not sure if that is because my doctor will be doing it outpatient or what?!? Regardless, I will be calling surgeon tomorrow and will hopefully have surgery on Friday!!! Woo HOO!!!! For those of you trying to get approval through Tricare (maybe even other insurances) TRY THIS WAY...the CPT codes are universal--it's just up to each insurance company as to what/how they cover it. Anyway--I'll post again once I talk to the doctor tomorrow!
  13. AZnikki

    Need advice please....

    Hey there...I was not already approved for the bypass, but I did go through the procedure for getting approved for the lapband with Tricare and it was fairly painless. I can't imagine that it would be that big of a deal. Did you ask your surgeon about it? Tricare has been SO easy to deal with (on my end anyway) on getting it all done. My approval took place right after Tricare started covering the bands! Good luck to ya!
  14. I was banded on March 20. I had no problems at ALL with my first fill which was a month after surgery...he "supposedly" at put in 5 ccs in a 10cc band...no problems at all! Then, when I went back for my second fill, he but in one cc. However, I was sliming before I got in my car in the parking lot. Then, went back to him (an hour later) and he took out 2 ccs and put one back in--this brought me back to 5--what I was supposedly at prior to this day. Then, I got home and 2 hours later started sliming...did that every 15-30 minutes for 24 hours. I could not even suck on an ice cube or Popsicle. I went back in and he took me down to like 2-2.5 ccs. I ate like a pig for 2 weeks. Finally, today, he put in another 2ccs--so I'm like at 4 now. I am STARVING!!!! I am trying to stick to liquids, but my stomach won't quit growling...I am just so hungry! It's not headhunger! It's truly that I'm HUNGRY! I finally had to try some sugarfree pudding...I'm having to take it REALLY slow...I've been working on a little cup for like 2 hours and I'm only about 10 bites into it, but still HUNGRY and tummy is still growling! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!! I am totally frustrated! Just had to vent!!!!:thumbs_up:
  15. Terri--thanks for the great idea! That makes sense to me...I'll certainly try it! See...it's times like these that I realize how much value there is in this forum! Thanks again!:thumbup:
  16. These were posted on a thread the other day and I figured it was the best way to explain it. "Sliming is when you eat something, maybe too fast or not chewed well enough and it sort of gets stuck. You have discomfort and pressure in your pouch area and you might cough or hiccup producing a thick, sputum. This is sliming. Sometimes it's a large amount of slime, too. It's quite strange." "Sliming happens when you get something "stuck". As a natural defense, your body goes into overdrive producing large amounts of saliva (to help wash the obstruction down)." http://www.lapbandtalk.com/f178/slimming-67451/ Hope it helps :thumbup:
  17. WOW...thank you all so much...I know...protein, protein, protein and patience, patience, patience. I'm tryin! I'm doing a little better today...still feel a lot of restriction, but not as uncomfortable as before.
  18. AZnikki

    Just banded, May 20th

    I was on liquid vicodin and it was FABULOUS...but...I have heard of a lot of people who are also allergic to vicodin and there are alternatives that work just as well! I slept on a recliner for a week or so because it really helped to sort of "push me up and out" if that makes sense. It REALLY was nice! Also, once I started sleeping in the bed (acutally--on second thought I think I did this while in the recliner too) I put a pillow under my belly so it didn't stretch the surgery areas. I STILL have a hard time getting all the liquids in because it's just TOO much to do in a day! I had vicodin for surgery pain...but as for gas pains...others suggested GasX strips, but for me none of that seemed to work very well. I just did a heating pad, walking and hot tea....it didn't last but about 2 days, but they can be painful!
  19. AZnikki

    Just banded, May 20th

    I'm feeling great now. Yes, eating normal foods, but not really losing right now. I had my first fill on 4/16, but don't feel much restriction on a regular basis. I'll be getting a second fill on June 10. Yes, you will continue to feel better on a daily basis (I did anyway!) I had to do 1 week liquid diet before surgery and honestly, that's where I lost the majority of my weight!
  20. AZnikki

    Chest Tightness??

    I can ALMOST guarantee you are having GAS PAINS! Check the forum for threads on gas pains...but it sounds EXACTLY like what I felt! The best relief I found was walking and a heating pad. Oh, and hot tea was nice too...check out postings though, cuz I swear, it's what it sounds like!
  21. AZnikki

    Activity restriction after fill?

    I had my first fill on April 16 and I had wasn't even the least bit uncomfortable. I didn't have any restriction put on me about working out. I did have liquid diet for a day, then mushies for a day, but nothing on activity. Good luck on the fill!
  22. AZnikki

    Just banded, May 20th

    WOW...okay, here are some coincidences....My name is Nikki too and I had my lapband on MARCH 20 and I'm 34 and I had a c-section!!! Kinda freaky, huh? LOL...wow...I'm sorry you're still sore, I really didn't have much pain at all. I had mine done on a Thursday and was back at work on Tuesday with very little pain killers. Are you walking? That helped me a lot! Have you had gas pains? We need to figure out more of our similarities...this is just crazy! :0)
  23. I was banded on 3/20 and I had my first fill on 4/16--he put in 5 cc's!!! YES!!!! ITS G-R-R-R-R E-A-T!!!!
  24. Hey there...welcome to banded life! I'm 4.5 weeks post op--I'm eating some fairly normal stuff--you just have to be really careful...i ate too fast today and wasn't chewing well (just completely forgot about the band--i was talking and visiting and all) and man--did it hurt!!! Anyway-thought I was going to throw it all up!!! I caught it quickly and just had to sit there a bit and then I was fine. Just take it easy--you don't want to go crazy--what would be the point of all of this then? Also, I know you have to be careful about the band slipping and stretching. There are some REALLY great threads on here....I didn't have time to search for them...but I think one of them was like "what's everyone eating" or something like that...and everyone kind of posted at what stages they were eating things...that was pretty helpful. Good luck to ya...BE CAREFUL and yes, CHEW AND SLOW DOWN and SMALL BITES!!!!
  25. AZnikki

    hi i'm new

    My best advice would be not to overdo it--emotionally or physically...I'm about 4.5 weeks post op and it can take its toll on you--and that's with a very supportive family--it's very much a mindset--gain control over the food--i had to do a lot of self-talk...when I was just 2 days post op we had a HUGE family gathering that was a cook out and there was sooo much food there...I just fed my face with all the right things every hour or so--yogurt, sugar free jello, s.f. popsicles, broth, s.f. pudding, etc...I treated myself and bragged about all the goodies...trying to convince myself that i was not "missing out"...i made it through...it's all very temporary...now, just 4 weeks later, and only a week after my first fill, it doesn't even bother me...i can find things to eat and blend in with the rest of them. Just try not to take it personally--it's not a conspiracy--at least not that I know of--I'm sure they aren't out to get you--they just don't know any better--can you talk to them??? This website is the BEST place for support...latch on!!! I've made the BEST friends on here...I have found some that I call on the phone often when I need to talk...it's very helpful...hang in there...it WILL get better!!! PM me if you need to talk!

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