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    2/9 Surgery Date Team

    Hello everyone! Just checking in. I haven't been able to work out for at least 2 months because I had foot surgery and I'm really struggling with my Fluid and Protein. And I hate the constipation. But I'm taking it day by day! I've lost 129 lbs so far with another 26 to go but I feel so much better. I'm down from a 24 jeans to a 10/12! And this week, my family took Christmas card pics for the first time ever! Praise God for this new life. Hope you're all doing great. Check in! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  2. JennsJourney

    2/9 Surgery Date Team

    I'm sooo close to Onederland! And I can't remember a time in my life when I've been under 200 lbs. I'm at 112 lbs lost but it's coming off slow. I'm also still losing hair which is concerning. How are you guys doing??? Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  3. JennsJourney

    2/9 Surgery Date Team

    My NSV is that I just got back from a cruise and I was really worried about eating. I was mindful but indulged some too. And the results were...I LOST A LB!!!! YAY! I'm now down 107 lbs and in a size 14! What??? I never thought I would get there. And my other NSV was that I actually like our photos from our cruise. I have never bought one before but this one I really liked. And btw, my husband is down 90 lbs too by just following my post-op diet. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU ALL!
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    From the album: Before and After shots

  5. JennsJourney

    Before and After shots

  6. JennsJourney

    Help, please!

    I have the same issue but it has gotten better. My doctor told me to up my Protein to 100 grams a day and I seriously thought he had lost his mind but he was RIGHT! Now, when I fall below 100 (like around 80) my hair starts to fall out again. So, I would suggest getting to a 100 grams and see if that helps.
  7. JennsJourney

    2/9 Surgery Date Team

    @@Positive44, well I'm sure I have done what all of you have done...I think I just had a lot more weight to lose! I have uped my Protein to 90-100 a day and keep my carbs under 40 and try to keep my calories around 1000. I also work out 3x a week. But I still have 55 lbs to go and man is it coming off slower now! lol But you are the one that inspires me! I hope I can get to your size one of these days. @@TxJP and thanks for your sweet encouragement! I had actually hit a stalls for a couple of weeks until my doctor told me I had to increase my protein and then bam, it started coming off again! So, it might work for you too.
  8. JennsJourney

    2/9 Surgery Date Team

    So I had to share with others who understand! Today marks 100 lbs lost!!! I still have 55 lbs to go but I'm on my way! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  9. JennsJourney

    Social media piks

    I thought long and hard before sharing on social media but I felt like it might help others who might be on their own weight loss journey. I made my announcement about 2 weeks after surgery. (I waited until after surgery because I didn't want those comments that might discourage me.) I have only posted about 4 or 5 progress photos (and I'm 5 1/2 months post-op) but what I have posted more are my NSVs (non-scale victories). And I can't tell you how many people have messaged me and talked to me in person and said how much it has encouraged them to watch my journey. I had no idea how sharing this part of my life would impact others but it definitely has! I think it is a very personal decision whether to share such a personal journey but for me, it has been a blessing. And I have received such sweet compliments and encouragement on those days when I get frustrated. Hope that helps!
  10. JennsJourney

    First NSV

    NSVs are my FAVORITE! I have shared them on my Facebook page and I can't tell you how many people have said it was refreshing to hear another plus size person talk about our struggles and victories! It is great to get support from them and inspire them to keep going as well. Here is my top 10 list! 1. I can cross my legs! 2. I have extra room in an airplane seat belt. 3. I'm down 4 pants sizes. 4. I can now shop in non-plus size stores. 5. I can sit cross-legged on the floor. 6. I can survive a Zumba class without dying! lol 7. I'm off all my blood pressure meds! 8. My wedding rings fit once again. 9. My husband has joined me in eating healthy and has lost over 60 lbs! 10. I can comfortably sit in a restaurant booth and don't have to worry about fitting in certain chairs. I can't wait to hear about yours when you get there!
  11. JennsJourney

    2/9 Surgery Date Team

    Thank so much! I can't wait to try your coffee concoction! Sounds yummy. Thanks for the advice and encouragement.
  12. JennsJourney

    2/9 Surgery Date Team

    I do have a few more questions for you all. You are such a wealth of information and Im so grateful for this thread! 1. My doctor wanted me to up my Protein to 90 grams. Is that where you all are? I can't seem to get that much unless I supplement with a Protein Drink. I can tolerate the Premier ones but don't really like them. Any other suggestions for protein? 2. I hit a stall for the past 2 weeks then a few days ago, I dropped 2 lbs. My doctor said it is normal to stall around month 5. Anyone else experience this? With this new pace, I'm only losing about 1 lb a week and at that rate, it will take me forever to get off the remaining 60 lbs! 3. Anyone else's hair falling out?!!? I think this has been the most traumatic part of my recovery. I have thin hair to begin with so seeing all this hair fall out is nerve wracking! I'm on hair/nail Vitamins and using a hair loss shampoo and my doctor suggested uping my protein which I have started doing as well...but it still keeps falling out. Any suggestions would be so welcome! 4. Finally, how are you all doing??? I'm new to the group so I would love to hear how your journey has gone. Victories and struggles. Thanks so much for being such a great support!
  13. JennsJourney

    2/9 Surgery Date Team

    @It's Time, thanks so much for the shout out. The 93 lbs was total, so I lost 15 before surgery 78 since. And I wore that shirt to Disney World and my husband's said, "My favorite princess is my wife." He was super excited about our matching shirts (said with dripping sarcasm)! lol And you asked about an app...I use My Fitness Pal and link it to my Fitbit. It has been so great! It helps me track my Protein, Water and carb intake. I can also input my own recipes into it as well. Hope that helps! @@Lauriessp, I'm going to try your Vitamin recommendation because my hair is falling out in clumps! I hope it works as well for me as it did you. Thanks for the tip! @@Positive44, thanks for the welcome! I'm doing great and feeling better than I have in years. My only issues is that I am still dealing with some heartburn, my hair is falling out like crazy and I have hit a stall in the last two weeks. I'm hoping all of these are just temporary! How about you?
  14. JennsJourney

    2/9 Surgery Date Team

    Hello everyone! Wished I had found you all earlier. I was sleeved on 2/9 as well. I've lost 93 lbs so far and down from a size 24 to 16. My biggest issues right now are getting in all my Protein and my hair falling out. Looking forward to getting to know you all!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  15. JennsJourney

    "This was the best thing I ever did"

    Im so glad I had surgery! I was terrified too but it gave me my life back. I'm 5 months out and down 93 lbs! I was a size 24 at my highest and today bought a regular size 16. I still have another 60 lbs to go but I'm ❤️ing life!!! You won't regret it. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  16. I went to my 5 month appointment today and was down 92 lbs! I'm super excited about my progress but still have a long way to go. I told my doctor that I have been feeling tired and sluggish. I have been getting in the 60 grams of Protein that was recommended but I have been doing Zumba class 3 x a week. And I'm only getting in about 800 calories a day. Most everything I put in my mouth has protein, then some veggies and very occasionally carbs. So, my doctor said that because I was working out that I needed about 90 grams of protein....WHAT THE HECK! I can hardly get in my 60 grams! I do drink Premier Protein shakes sometimes but I honestly hate the protein taste of almost all shakes. I have no idea how to get in all this protein! Any ideas would be great. Thanks so much.
  17. I normally eat an egg and sausage scramble in the morning, then left overs like grilled chicken and a few veggies for lunch and then a lean meat with veggies for dinner. I snack on cheese or beef Jerky or Protein crunch bars if I need a snack. So, I try to only eat protein packed stuff. I was getting in 90 grams of protein pretty easily each day at 5 months. What protein are you are you eating? If you want to keep and gain any muscles mass you need more protein or your body is just going to break down the protein you have, which is your muscles. 60 grams of protein is the bare minimum to live, and that is okay if you are slug, but not if you are active. And I don't want to feel sluggish...I want to have energy. Just not sure how to get it all in.
  18. JennsJourney

    IMG 5332

    From the album: Before and After shots

  19. @@Kindle, you mentioned Syntrax nectar protein powders. I have never heard of this but generally ALL Protein powders make me sick. I just can't take the thick and chemically taste. Do you happen to know if Syntrax sells these powders individually? That way I can try it before I invest a lot of money?
  20. So, I'm almost 5 months post-op and down 92 lbs. Generally my caloric intake is around 800 calories. For about a month now my weight loss has slowed down quite a bit...around 2 lbs a week. I know that slow down is normal so I wasn't concerned. But what I have noticed is that when I get closer to 1000 calories a day, I see the scale move! That seems odd to me that if I get more calories, I can lose weight, but that has been happening for at least 3 weeks now. Now, I still make sure I get Protein first, then veggies and very little carbs. However, when I do splurge a little, the weight comes off faster! Anyone else experience this crazy phenomenon? And I did start doing Zumba classes about 3-4 times a week around the same time, so maybe that has some correlation to the amount of calories I need. (And I do realize that I can't use this as an excuse to eat poorly or go crazy on high caloric food...I just was a little surprised.)
  21. LOL...you should patent your terminology! Love it!
  22. I am having the hanging skin on my abdomen removed. Everything "relocated" that's underneath it now and anchored--belly button included. (just like Cher' ) I'm having my thighs lifted and my "lady bits" reshaped. (don't know what "shape" they're in now because I haven't really seen them in years! ). LOL...thanks for sharing! I am almost positive that I will at least need to get my arms done but my tummy and thighs may be a necessity too.
  23. Just embrace it! You are doing great and if that was your NUT recommendation, then at least try it. Just be mindful and never go overboard.
  24. @@Valentina, I had been wondering if I may need to get skin surgery. May I ask what you plan to get done?
  25. My hair loss didn't start till month 3.5 and now I'm almost 5 months and still losing some hair. But they say that is normal until about month 6. I had very little pain. I was able to get in and out of bed right after surgery. However, I was EXTREMELY nauseous for about 1.5 weeks. My plan was to go back to work after a week off but I was too nauseous for that. I did a few half days the 2nd week but didn't really feel like myself until week 3. However, healing and recovery time is so individualized. Some people go back to work after a few days and others can't move or walk for a couple of weeks. So, it really depends.

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