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  1. Princess Peaches

    Can't swallow my saliva

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I really wanted to avoid having any fill taken out. I have heard so many stories that once you do that you are back to square one and usually gain weight before getting back on track. The reason I've had 8 fills is because my doctor has been so cautious and I felt sure 0.2ml/cc couldn't have affected me that much as the day before had been fine. My gut feeling was that some food was stuck and that's why I couldn't swallow liquid or saliva as it was just layering on the top. No matter how many times I tried to sick it up I was only bringing up Fluid. In the end I took a few large gulps of Water and then brought it up along with the bit that was stuck. It is tighter but definitely manageable and I am personally pleased I managed to sort it out as I dread the thought of the rocky road of having to have fill taken out. Thanks again though for all your messages.
  2. Princess Peaches

    Can't swallow my saliva

    I've just had my 8th fill and now up to 6.9 ml/cc. Everything seemed fine first couple of days. Tonight though I've eaten some meat that wasn't the best quality and it got stuck. So I went to the bathroom about 5 times to try and bring it up. I thought I had got it all but I now can't drink water without having to sick up. I'm now scared to go to sleep because I can't even seem to keep down my saliva. Something must still be stuck but I can't seem to dislodge it, any ideas of what to do?
  3. Princess Peaches

    Emotional Eaters

    I'm 7 weeks post band. My appetite is reduced and I get some restriction but not a lot. For me the restriction is more important. I'm fine at controlling my portions when I'm at home but I eat out a lot mainly for work and that's when I find it difficult. I could easily eat a 3 course meal without any problem. My consultant is reluctant to tighten my band much more than it is. I've had 3 fills and am now at 5mls. He thinks it's good that I can eat out without difficulty but I fell I need that restriction so I feel there is a safety net and a reminder to stop eating! I weighed myself this morning and I had gained a pound, so as an emotional eater that sent me downward into negative thinking, followed by anxiety and naturally chaotic eating. This again is why I need the restriction. I almost need that form of a slap around the face if you know what I mean. I'd really like to hear thoughts from any other emotional eaters with a band and how they are coping with their journey.
  4. Princess Peaches

    Post op Anxiety

    I am nearly 6 weeks post band op and I have had 3 fills so far. I am now up to 5 mls. Whilst I know it takes time to reach the sweet spot, so far each time I have had a fill I have hardly noticed any difference. I then start to feel anxious that this might never work for me which leads to negative thinking and then over eating. I then feel terrible that I am making things worse, I hate feeling like this. Did anyone else go through this turmoil at the beginning?
  5. Princess Peaches

    Post op Anxiety

    That's great that it is finally working for you but why did you wait 3 months for the third fill, was this your choice or the doctors advice?
  6. Princess Peaches

    Average Fill

    Hi Everyone. I'm 5 weeks post band and just had my 3rd fill so I am now up to 5mls. Does anyone know what the average sweet spot is? I know it varies for everyone but I'd quite like to know what the average total fill is for most banders. Thank you
  7. That's an amazing achievement. I just wanted to congratulate you and say what an inspiration you are, you must be over the moon x
  8. So I had my second fill this Monday. I was surprised and a little disappointed that my surgeon only added 0.5 which takes me up to 4.5. He thinks I'm nearly there, but my gut is telling me I'm not nearly there. It's true I feel less anxious and so my chaotic eating has stopped. It's true there are certain foods that now get stuck, such as bread, rice and Pasta and to be honest I'm not bothered about avoiding those from my diet. It's true I'm eating a bit less than I used to. But I still get moments of hunger, usually around 6pm when I get home from work. I then snack on 3 or 4 Snacks (albeit healthy ones) which is really annoying because I then don't eat all of my dinner. It's good in the sense that at least I am eating less, but I'm eating less at the wrong times and ruining my evening meal. Has anyone else experienced this? It would be great to know how to deal with the 6 oclock craving?
  9. Hi All I was banded 5 weeks ago and have had one fill so far with little impact to my appetite. As I understand the band is just a tool and I have to work with it so I was wondering what is the most effective diet to follow and whether there are any diet regimes I should definitely stay clear of? I was thinking of doing Weight Watchers? Thank you x
  10. Princess Peaches

    Which diet should I follow?

    Thank you so much for your wise words, I have found this really helpful and will certainly check out the links
  11. Princess Peaches

    Dietician App

    I'm 5 weeks in and just had my second band fill, so feeling very optimistic today. I know I've asked lots of questions since I joined but just wanted to give a couple of things back. First is that my surgeon Shaw Somers is brilliant; kind, understanding & super knowledgeable. So anyone unsure of which surgeon to choose, I highly recommend him. Because I have previously had a biliary bypass I couldn't have a gastric bypass and my lap band op took two hours and two surgeons. So I also met Ahmed Ahmed who was also very good, supportive and engaging. The second thing I wanted to say is that I have subscribed to an app called Oviva which my dietician uses, so all I have to do is photograph my meals and post them to through the app at each meal so she can help support me better. Hope this. I get be helpful to some people.
  12. Princess Peaches

    Which diet should I follow?

    I've just been told to eat 50% protein, 35% veg and 15% starch. I've been told desserts are ok to eat as long as they are solid but I'm likely to be too full to eat them. I really want to get the best results from this and want to get it right early on. The problem is at the moment if I did something like weight watchers I could easily eat more than the points allowed as I'm not yet feeling the benefits. Without the band restriction it's hard to follow the dieticians guidelines anyway.
  13. I'd like to know why eating Protein is so important. I went out for dinner last night and ordered a steak for the first time since I was banded 5 weeks ago. I was nervous as I know many people cannot tolerate steak. I was lucky, it was absolutely fine for me probably because I have only had one fill. The thing is I haven't noticed any difference to my appetite until I had this steak and I felt full up very quickly. Am I right in guessing that's why protein is so important?
  14. Princess Peaches

    Why is weight loss with a lap band so slow?

    Thank you that is so helpful. It is very difficult when you are walking into the unknown without knowing what your expectations should be, but that has helped a lot, thank you
  15. Hi Everyone. I am a newbie, 5 weeks post op. So far I have only had one fill with very little impact so far. My surgeon and dietician have both told me that when it does start working, not to expect more than 1-2 lb weight loss a week. Whilst like a lot of people I'm sure, I want it to happen quicker than that, I also know that slow is the healthiest way to lose, but I still can't get my head round why it is so slow. After all the portion size and quantity we are able to eat reduces dramatically and I'm told I will feel full much quicker. So if I was on any non surgical diet that had this effect surely we would expect to lose more than 1-2 lbs a week. Anyone know the answer to this? Thank you for reading x
  16. Princess Peaches

    Why is weight loss with a lap band so slow?

    Ok I understand that. Do you follow one of the popular diet method as well say like Weight watchers or are just careful with what you eat?
  17. Princess Peaches

    How much fill

    Hi Everyone. I am a newbie who has only had one fill, 4 mls in total. I am still hungry. In fact all I want to do is eat, but I think that's anxiety driven by the fear of not knowing if its going to work for me. So I believe the sooner it starts working the quicker I will stop obsessing. Does anyone know the average amount of fill I need to stop feeling hungry? I'm going again on Monday. Thanks x
  18. Princess Peaches

    Still hungry ????

    I have had one fill which has made no difference. In fact, I swear I'm eating more, but I think that's because I'm feeling anxious about whether it will work for me. The more anxious I feel the more I eat which is not ideal. I'm convinced though once I know it's working I will calm down and hopefully get on with my life without obsessing. My second fill is on Monday. My surgeon thinks it might take 3 fills before there is a real impact. Fingers cross it will come sooner!

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