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  1. Not having had a revision from VSG to MGB, I’m honestly not sure if there’s any lack of acid. I know when they make the pouch, they don’t remove the remaining stomach, so that you still get the acids needed for the food. It just gets to the food further down the way, therefore making the malabsorption. I would say that keeping an eye on your vitamins and nutritional supplements. 😃
  2. Actually, it is not a sleeve. The acids do not meet the food until after the food has made it some way down the small intestine, just like the RNY. The pouch is very similar to the pouch that is with the RNY. Both pouches will only allow 2 to 4 oz of food or liquid at a time, right after surgery. It is the same malabsorption as with the RNY. The MGB is considered to be less chance of complications, less than the RNY. Weight loss is better than with a sleeve and comparable to the RNY. An experienced surgeon can do the MGB in a way that eliminates the chance for bike reflux. MGB takes care of acid reflux like the RNY. Some bariatric surgeons suggest that the MGB is better than the RNY in pretty much every way. So people choose MGB over RNY because it is just as effective and safer. People choose MGB over sleeve because of the malabsorption and because it can get rid of acid reflux issues. I answered the question of malabsorption and the need for vitamins in my first post. As far as weight loss, it is comparable to the RNY. Both the MGB and the RNY cause more weight loss than the sleeve.
  3. Hi Mikeyy, The MGB and the RNY are different in that the MGB only has one joining, or anastomosis, not two joinings (anastomoses) as with the RNY. Because both are bypassing feet of the small intestine, they are both malabsorption surgeries. And the malabsorption is the same for both. Here is a demonstration of the MGB: Here is a demonstration of the RNY: Hope this helps!
  4. GBLady41

    Bowels after surgery

    I don’t either but it happens.
  5. GBLady41

    Bowels after surgery

    That’s not true for everyone. I didn’t have diarrhea during my liquid diet.
  6. Hi hk1100, I had MGB survey outside the US on 12/12/16. Bile Reflux - in my research before surgery, I found that most MGB patients do not suffer with bile reflux. Surgeons who are really experienced with MGB can make sure their patients don’t experience bile reflux. Foul-smelling stool - all bariatric surgeries cause both foul-smelling stools and gas. For some people, taking probiotics can help with that. But it is a trade off for being healthier. Malnutrition - most MGB patients don’t suffer from malnutrition as long as they follow their surgeon’s post-op instructions. Other than vitamin patches, I’m not doing anything extra other than making sure I get my protein and fluids. I would recommend MGB surgery to anyone looking into having weight loss surgery.
  7. That really wasn’t science. That was a statement. So you really didn’t say anything. I don’t need to do any homework. I have lived exercising and weight training for longer than you’ve been out of high school. I have worked with personal trainers on and off for years. And... most importantly, I have experienced it for myself. I physically saw a reduction of my loose skin after I started working out and as I continued to work out, still losing weight, but not increasing in loose skin as I would have had I not been exercising. That’s my science. My life. Say what you want, but nothing beats real life experiences. So...unless you’re going to call me a liar, respect that I know what happened to my body, and I have seen countless posts from people like me who have experienced the exact same results. I’ve been here for a while, way before I had surgery in 2016.
  8. Sorry. That’s not science. Show me the science please. I’ll wait...
  9. GBLady41

    I’ve regained ALL the weight back 😢♀️

    Man...that’s just dumb. Are you a child?
  10. GBLady41

    Cannot stick to pre op diet

    Any good surgeon will abort a surgery if the liver has not shrunk enough. The surgeon won’t put his patients’ life in danger.
  11. Well you may notice that this thread is over 4 years old. I might look for another more recent thread before making your decision to go with this doctor.
  12. GBLady41

    Cannot stick to pre op diet

    You are not alone...but you CAN DO IT! Remind yourself that if your liver is too big your surgeon won’t do the surgery. It’s that important. Why go through all this to end up not getting the surgery? YOU CAN DO THIS!!
  13. GBLady41

    Supplement patches

    Yes. I have been using patches since I got home after the surgery. I have had blood work and it has come back completely normal. Please don’t believe articles that state that vitamins don’t absorb through the skin. They are saying that because they are being paid by one or more vitamin companies and don’t want you to buy the patches. I am almost 11 months out.
  14. GBLady41

    Final pant/dress size?

    I’m 5’7” and my heaviest weight was 298 and I wore size 22ish. I had mini gastric bypass on 12/12/16. I am now 138 and wear size 4-6. I figured I would be able to wear a size 6 or 7 but a size 4? I can wear my daughter’s clothes!!!
  15. GBLady41


    Eating a lot of carbs will definitely not help you lose weight. I agree that using a food tracking app will help you to see what you are eating and make the necessary changes to start weight loss. I also agree that you need to see your nutritionist and come up with a plan to correct your eating habits for long term weight loss.
  16. Actually, the only dangerous person I see on here is you. Go to who you want to. But there is more than enough proof that this doctor does not care about his patients. Just because you are one of the very few who are ok is not proof that he is a good doctor.
  17. GBLady41

    Is Global Warning A Hoax!

    Excuse me....have you heard of Hurricane Irma?!? And now we’re on Hurricane Nate. It’s only been a little over a month. What were you saying about the intensity and frequency of hurricanes again? Do you watch the news? Or are you living in a fantasy world, where we can use and abuse this planet without consequences? It’s called climate change. Please, please do some research so you are no longer ignorant of the actual facts. Thanks
  18. I was given Toradol (Ketorolac) IV and tablet prescription after I was discharged. Worked great!
  19. GBLady41

    Team MX

    You may want to join BariatricPal MX Weight Loss Surgery Group on Facebook. I believe you will run into DS patients there and you can get all of your information there.
  20. Maybe replace one of your protein shakes with animal protein. I like the three small meals of 4 oz each. I would maybe try adding at least one snack that has a good amount of protein, like Mini Babybel Light, which has 6 grams of protein, and Frigo CheeseHeads Light String Cheese, which has 7 grams of protein. I would also try to get in more fluids and more protein, because the more active you get the more fluids and protein you need. Muscles require two things: fluids and protein. It's not about calories. It's about fuel for your body. Your body needs more than 80 oz of fluids in order to not feel like it's in starvation mode. The same thing about protein. Your body needs more than 90 grams of protein, especially with how active you are. I would try upping both your fluids and protein for a couple of weeks, not changing anything else, and see if that starts your weight loss again.
  21. GBLady41

    Day two after my MGB

    I think that it should work itself out as long as you are taking your vitamins. You are still in the beginning of healing. It will take a little time to get back to 'normal'.
  22. Again, this is different for everyone. I have been weight training for at least 4 months and I can tell you that my flabby skin has gone down quite a bit. It really does depend on your DNA, your BMI, starting weight, etc. I also moisturizer my skin a few times a day to give me more elasticity. Everything helps. And weight training certainly doesn't hurt. Well...not much anyway. [emoji2][emoji854]
  23. GBLady41

    Cut Calories and Excercise and no weight loss

    As far as the veggie pasta, there is nothing wrong with that. I think some people read your original post as you were eating regular pasta. So, if you want to add that back into your diet, you can. Veggies are good. I also have PCOS and I am no longer taking Metformin. I stopped after I had surgery, and my first blood tests came back normal (my PCOS tests and my Bariatric tests). Because I do have PCOS, I keep my carbs at or below 35 grams a day. I work out 5 days a week, with two of those days being weight training. I also use the elliptical 5 days a week and the recumbent bike 3 days a week. I drink a drinkable yogurt every morning for breakfast (eggs are too heavy for me and the yogurt gives me more protein). I also drink one shake for dinner every day (it works for my lifestyle, so that when I'm out and can't cook something, I still get my protein). I drink at least 150 oz of fluids a day, including 12 servings of water. I get in at least 100 oz of protein a day. My nutritionist told me that when you start exercising more, you need two things: fluids and protein. And....I can only get in about 800 calories, and I'm over 8 months out. I have never stalled once. My point is...everyone is different. You have to find what works for you. One thing I have learned is...it's not about the number of calories. It's about the amount of fuel you are putting in your body. But don't think you have to do what other people do. It's about your life and you lifestyle. So if protein shakes help you in your lifestyle, then do that. Find what works for you and go for it. Don't try to force yourself to eat more calories thinking it will definitely help you. I tried that and it didn't go well. As far as personal trainers and nutritionists, unless they have actually dealt with bariatric patients, they are going to give you the same advice they would give anyone else, and we are not anyone else. Keep discovering. You can do it!!
  24. You do not need an adapter. You may want to bring a power strip for your electronics. They do come in handy.
  25. GBLady41

    Go Light Bariatrics

    I'm glad my doctor did not suggest that. If someone is already having issues with their gallbladder, he will remove it. But if not, he won't. And I'm over 8 months out, and have had no problems with my gallbladder. Why go through extra pain when there's nothing wrong?