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  1. GBLady41

    "Head Hunger"

    Actually, you seem to be frustrated, offended and angry for the same reasons you're accusing me of. Interesting... By the way, most of you are not talking about scientific or proven statements. You're talking about your experiences.
  2. GBLady41

    "Head Hunger"

    It's about the type of calories. Not all calories have the same energy or benefit our bodies the same way. That's what I meant by that, which is pretty self-explanatory. Chips don't give the same amount of energy as protein does. And depending on the protein, you can intake less calories eating protein than you would eating chips. More energy. Less calories.
  3. GBLady41

    How is MGB different to RNY help

    Not having had a revision from VSG to MGB, I’m honestly not sure if there’s any lack of acid. I know when they make the pouch, they don’t remove the remaining stomach, so that you still get the acids needed for the food. It just gets to the food further down the way, therefore making the malabsorption. I would say that keeping an eye on your vitamins and nutritional supplements. 😃
  4. Hi hk1100, I had MGB survey outside the US on 12/12/16. Bile Reflux - in my research before surgery, I found that most MGB patients do not suffer with bile reflux. Surgeons who are really experienced with MGB can make sure their patients don’t experience bile reflux. Foul-smelling stool - all bariatric surgeries cause both foul-smelling stools and gas. For some people, taking probiotics can help with that. But it is a trade off for being healthier. Malnutrition - most MGB patients don’t suffer from malnutrition as long as they follow their surgeon’s post-op instructions. Other than vitamin patches, I’m not doing anything extra other than making sure I get my protein and fluids. I would recommend MGB surgery to anyone looking into having weight loss surgery.
  5. That really wasn’t science. That was a statement. So you really didn’t say anything. I don’t need to do any homework. I have lived exercising and weight training for longer than you’ve been out of high school. I have worked with personal trainers on and off for years. And... most importantly, I have experienced it for myself. I physically saw a reduction of my loose skin after I started working out and as I continued to work out, still losing weight, but not increasing in loose skin as I would have had I not been exercising. That’s my science. My life. Say what you want, but nothing beats real life experiences. So...unless you’re going to call me a liar, respect that I know what happened to my body, and I have seen countless posts from people like me who have experienced the exact same results. I’ve been here for a while, way before I had surgery in 2016.
  6. GBLady41

    Supplement patches

    Yes. I have been using patches since I got home after the surgery. I have had blood work and it has come back completely normal. Please don’t believe articles that state that vitamins don’t absorb through the skin. They are saying that because they are being paid by one or more vitamin companies and don’t want you to buy the patches. I am almost 11 months out.
  7. GBLady41

    Final pant/dress size?

    I’m 5’7” and my heaviest weight was 298 and I wore size 22ish. I had mini gastric bypass on 12/12/16. I am now 138 and wear size 4-6. I figured I would be able to wear a size 6 or 7 but a size 4? I can wear my daughter’s clothes!!!
  8. GBLady41

    Cut Calories and Excercise and no weight loss

    As far as the veggie pasta, there is nothing wrong with that. I think some people read your original post as you were eating regular pasta. So, if you want to add that back into your diet, you can. Veggies are good. I also have PCOS and I am no longer taking Metformin. I stopped after I had surgery, and my first blood tests came back normal (my PCOS tests and my Bariatric tests). Because I do have PCOS, I keep my carbs at or below 35 grams a day. I work out 5 days a week, with two of those days being weight training. I also use the elliptical 5 days a week and the recumbent bike 3 days a week. I drink a drinkable yogurt every morning for breakfast (eggs are too heavy for me and the yogurt gives me more protein). I also drink one shake for dinner every day (it works for my lifestyle, so that when I'm out and can't cook something, I still get my protein). I drink at least 150 oz of fluids a day, including 12 servings of water. I get in at least 100 oz of protein a day. My nutritionist told me that when you start exercising more, you need two things: fluids and protein. And....I can only get in about 800 calories, and I'm over 8 months out. I have never stalled once. My point is...everyone is different. You have to find what works for you. One thing I have learned is...it's not about the number of calories. It's about the amount of fuel you are putting in your body. But don't think you have to do what other people do. It's about your life and you lifestyle. So if protein shakes help you in your lifestyle, then do that. Find what works for you and go for it. Don't try to force yourself to eat more calories thinking it will definitely help you. I tried that and it didn't go well. As far as personal trainers and nutritionists, unless they have actually dealt with bariatric patients, they are going to give you the same advice they would give anyone else, and we are not anyone else. Keep discovering. You can do it!!
  9. Sounds a little rehearsed to me. Not to mention the fact that you didn't even spell the surgeon's name right. Surely if he was your surgeon, the least research you would have done is to learn the correct spelling of his name. Seems like the fake testimonial is coming from you. We really need to do research, and not listen to people who can't even spell 'their' surgeon's name.
  10. GBLady41

    Preop weight loss

    I had to lose 5% of my heaviest weight, which was 298 lbs. So I had to lose basically 14 lbs in six months. It took me all six months to lose that 14 lbs, due to having PCOS. I couldn't exercise so it was all diet. It was the toughest six months of my life. But it also helped me to learn how to persevere and get it done. That experience has helped me with my eating lifestyle now.
  11. GBLady41

    Friends not so friendly?

    My reply... "Thanks girl!" [emoji16]
  12. GBLady41

    Protein bars

    I don't eat protein bars. Too many carbs and too much sugar.
  13. GBLady41

    How do you know?

    Everyone is different. After my surgery, when I was told to get acquainted with my full feeling, I just ate (or drank) very slowly, giving the liquid time to hit my stomach. After a few small spoonfuls, I felt it. It felt like my pouch was expanded to capacity, and one of my nostrils, usually my right, would start to run. And I would stop. It's still that way now, except my right nostril doesn't usually run.
  14. GBLady41

    opinions on fruit?

    I don't eat fruit. Too many carbs for me, especially in weight loss mode. It was allowed in my post op diet, but I decided I didn't want to introduce fruit in my life. I have had a strawberry. It went down fine. I may introduce fruit later on in my maintenance phase to up my carbs.
  15. I made my decision based on how easy it was to chat with and speak to someone and get answers to my questions. Knowing that I could and still can Skype my surgeon with any questions definitely helped me to make my decision. Knowing that there is a certified NUT who I can email with any questions and who is very knowledgeable and gives sound advice also helped. And I can email my surgeon any time with any questions and he will answer me in less than 24 hours. Knowing that my surgery was going to be at a full service hospital and not a clinic, so that if anything did happen, I would be taken care of. Knowing that my price included my companion, which was my daughter, and that they have valets that will take care of me and her helped. Knowing that during the two days I spent in the hotel after I was discharged, a doctor would come and check up on me, making sure I was progressing correctly helped. For those reasons, I chose to have surgery with Dr. Illan, working with BariatricPal TeamMX. Best decision I have made. I received better care there than any hospital in the US. The doctors, nurses, and staff were very attentive. And the valets took great care of my daughter. I had no need to worry. It felt like I was on vacation. We wanted for nothing.
  16. I tried Phentermine before I had surgery. The results didn't last and caused some heart issues. I wouldn't suggest you try Phentermine.
  17. I would talk to your surgeon about this. It sounds like it could be a stricture or ulcer, like James Marusek mentioned.
  18. I'm not sure where you had your surgery, but I had my surgery at Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, and that hospital is a full service hospital. It has everything hospitals in the US have. So please be careful about just assuming all hospitals in Mexico don't have up to date equipment, or assume that every hospital in the US has up to date equipment, because neither assumption is correct.
  19. So that means yes there was a death. It's unbelievable that people would spend soooooo much time ignoring the question by attacking someone else. It's really time to grow up. You still haven't proven that what BariatricPal claims is not true. So....to me, you're avoiding the question because there was a death. End of story.
  20. My nutritionist said that when you start upping your activity, you need to up your fluids and watch your carb intake. So 64oz may not be enough. I had mini gastric bypass on 12/12/16, and almost 4 months later I am down almost 60 lbs. My surgery weight was 247 lbs and I now weigh 192.6 lbs. I also have PCOS, and besides my excess hair still being a problem and a few hot flashes, I have much more energy and can do so much more (no more fits of fatigue). I also decided to not continue taking the metformin my endocrinologist had me on, because I wanted to really give my body a chance to recover from the surgery, and so far my test results have been perfectly normal. I'm not sure at this point if I will start taking metformin again. I have learned that anytime I bump up my activity, I lose less weight until I also up my fluid intake. Now I'm aiming for 126 oz of fluids. I am currently taking in 118 oz, and up until this week, I was losing at least 3 lbs a week. Try to take in more fluids and watch your carb intake and see if that helps.
  21. I had surgery with Dr. Illan in December of 2016. Before surgery I only told my mom and daughter and a few friends because I didn't want to deal with any drama. After my surgery, I have been more open about it. If someone notices my weight loss and asks me what I'm doing, I will tell them that I had wls, and answer any questions they may have. I feel like if I can educate one person and perhaps change their perception of wls, it can help more people. But I agree with pantala that if you suspect negative reactions from family and others, you probably are right.
  22. GBLady41

    Side Effects and Complications

    He will take into account your questionnaire and your questions and concerns and let you know which surgery he thinks will be best for you. The thought of rerouting the intestines can be scary but I never think about it. I don't feel any different, except I can feel my pouch when I'm bloated or full. Not knowing your medical history, I would suggest asking him about the mini gastric bypass, and weigh your options. Please let me know if you have any other questions ok?
  23. GBLady41

    Eat popcorns or not after gastric bypass surgery

    I said goodbye to food that has no nutritional value. If it doesn't have protein, or has too many carbs, or is just an empty food, I'm not eating it. Learning to only fill my body with healthy food is part of my lifestyle change. I certainly don't believe in anything in moderation. That's not a healthy lifestyle. So, yes that means that I'm not eating a Twix ever again. For what? Everyone is different. But I didn't fight for over two years to get this surgery to turn around and go right back to the foods and habits that got me to being overweight in the first place. When I want something sweet I will get something or make something with substitutions. There are sooooo many recipes out there now that can both provide the sweet and healthy. I'm in this for the long haul. We don't need to eat in moderation. We need to eat healthy. But that's just me.
  24. GBLady41

    Can a Smoothie Count as a Liquid

    I was told by my NUT that if the 1st or 2nd ingredient is water, then it is a liquid. And I was told by her that protein shakes count as both liquid and meal. So I count them as such. I am over three months out.

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