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  1. I have my 6 month check up in 2 weeks and have been stuck at -65 pounds. That seems like a lot of weight loss to me - until I get on this Forum... then it seems my progress is much slower. I started at 299. I am 5'5" and swim 3x week now. How much have y'all lost? What do you do when you plateau? and I know I'm not over-eating! Please reply! Thanks Kitty
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    I have been able to drink most everything from Martinis to Margaritas and all the holiday specialty drinks. I am careful to "nurse" the drink along over the course of an hour or so... but I have been absolutely fine. No buzz or drunken feeling when the intake is slow. When I consumed something faster - it made me feel nauseated/hungover a little. So I just pace myself at a social event or when I pour a glass of wine. Have fun and party on!
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    I whole-heartedly agree. As long as we follow the basics of Protein first and eating slowly- popcorn or some other delicious treat wont hurt. I'm just 5 months post op and have lost 65 pounds. I find that the serving size is what I have to change so I don't end up throwing alot of food away. We saw the new James Bond Movie - Spectre at Christmas and I ate a bit of popcorn. It tasted great - but I was a little nauseated - so I did not continue:( i guess I've learned to pay more attention to my body's signals and symptoms. Happy New Year!
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    Surrounding the holiday

    Stress actually raises the Cortisol levels in you! You're Cortisol levels are probably off the chart - which is like being in a fight or flight mode all the time. So, it totally makes sense that you couldn't or didn't lose weight. No way your body is going to let go of any fat - when it's so stressed. I am sorry for all that your family has endured - tough stuff. But, I love your last paragraphs about reducing stress and learning to relax. You got this, girl! Hang in there and eat some protein before you take a bite of the mashed potatoes! Love, Beth
  5. Happy New Year everyone! I made it through the Holidays without gaining an ounce. Not one stinkin ounce. No one was more surprised than me! I am almost 5 months post-op (Roux N Y) and noticed that when I would get on the scale, especially after I indulged in Holiday-fare and sparkly drinks, I did not gain any weight. How is that even possible?!? The "FatVoice" in me said - wow - that's a freaking miracle. I dodged a bullet, lived to fight another day, beat the odds... all those things I tell myself as I am resolving to choose more wisely. Whew! Right - you've heard the inner voice I'm talkin about. But here's the thing - because I hadn't gained anything, I was pumped to make a better choice - even if it was just for the next 4 hours! I thought to myself - "get some protein in you!" For the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I have a "SkinnyVoice". It's not very loud yet - but I heard it say "You haven't blown it. You got this, Girl". Obviously (because i'm still so new to the by-pass), I made healthy choices most of the time - but as I think back on the last 6 weeks. I felt full. My worry about weighing in was that because I was full I must've gained weight. right??? I got to the point where I would weigh myself when I felt full - just to see. And, whaddaya know - BEING FULL ISN'T THE SAME AS BEING FAT! I get it now - I watched thin people when I was at parties or other social gatherings and noticed that they do not feel compelled to finish a bite. At one party, a really pretty woman ate EXACTLY 1/2 of her Peppermint Schnapps Parfait. I asked her about it and she told me that she had made up her mind BEFORE she took the first bite. Second epiphany, SKINNY PEOPLE HAVE TO WORK AT BEING SKINNY, TOO! wth?? I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she gets to see behind the black curtain! So, Water Always & Protein First - and for the Love of God - eat when you are hungry!
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    Sudden stop in weight loss

    so frustrating to stall. I checked with my nutritionist who told me it was totally normal - because our bodies are adjusting to the weight loss. A stall or plateau just means that your body is healthy and working to stay healthy. It thinks the rapid weight loss is due to illness or trauma - so it protects you until it adjusts again. The most important thing you can do is continue to drink as much Water and take in as much Protein...maybe even go back to the Liver Shrink. Keep us posted!
  7. @@babbittmom @kittybabbittI am 10 days post-op RNY and am doing really well. Its hard to tell, though, because I dont have any frame of reference except my sweet husband who did not have surgery but has managed to lose about 18 lbs since we started the Liver Shrink together. . I have seen this before. We decide to diet together and then he begins losing weight at twice or sometimes three times the rate of me! I am so glad for him - inspired and pissed at the same time. He has always had a lot of will-power and when he sets his mind to do something - rarely does he fail. Since I worry about his Blood Pressure, sleep Apnea and energy level - I am grateful that he is taking care of himself. BUT, he is doing it without the surgical intervention, continues with a drink or a cold beer in the evening and has the most scrumptious, Instagrammable!, Savory meals for dinner...While im choking down a Protein shake. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. He makes it look easy. but I know, if it was easy - everyone would be thin. In the meantime, I've become more moody, restless and in general don't feel very good. Kind of just going through the motions. I made the mistake of watching Hallmark Movies yesterday - and got teary-eyed. WTH! So - this is the week to pull it together! I like the food to look pretty and fun, so I put the shake in a wine glass, add a couple of sprinkles and a fun straw. I have found really cute 4 oz ramikins for the pudding and soft foods phase - but i just want to crunch on something salty! I dont want anything terrible for me... just some cheese-its or sea salt bagel chips. It seems like forever since I've eaten something crunchy - even the Protein Bars during the Liver Shrink were chewy. Hopefully, getting back in the swing of things and seeing results will improve my disposition. Wonder what the psyche of crunch is all about?! In the meantime, there's no turning back... guess I will go crunch on some ice:)
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    Looking for other newbie friends!

    What do you write about in your journal? why do you think it has helped?
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    Looking for other newbie friends!

    Me too! I am still trying to figure outthis whole forum thing. I've never done anything like this - but I am finding the more people I tell - the more support I get! Surgery is scheduled for August 12. Just started the liver shrink diet - shakes for Breakfast and lunch with small fruit as Snacks then lean 2-4 oz Protein and vegetable for dinner. I already have a headache - hope it goes away! How is everyone else doing!?
  10. KittyBabbitt

    Pre-Op Liquid Diet

    Hey Yall! I am starting my pre-op diet on the 30th. Any tips to stay focused during this phase? My surgeon said not to worry about weight loss during this phase - it is to shrink my liver. So as long as I (we) stick to it - our liver will shrink making access to the stomach easier for the docs. I am worried about headaches when I dont eat... hopefully, i can get through them. Any advice?