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  1. waterwoman

    Proper weighing of Halo Top?

    Remember, 16 oz for a pint is for liquids, not solids.
  2. I am 5 1/2 years out from RNY. Had consistent sore throat pain in spite of being on Omeprazole. Dr explained that I had small hiatal hernia which allowed stomach acid to seep into esophagus. Last endoscopy must have pushed stomach Bach down below diaphragm because pain substantially reduced. Best of luck to you.
  3. waterwoman

    Outshine Popsicles

    Another sweet option is frozen grapes.
  4. waterwoman

    This surgery is bullshit...

    Achieving any goal takes discipline and desire. What do you really, really want? What are you willing to do to get it? These are tough questions in any area of life, including health. As we examine ourselves carefully we may see areas where we excel and where we need to make changes. Wishing you wisdom and courage as you discover who you want to be.
  5. waterwoman


    For those who don’t eat breakfast, are you morning exercisers? Any issues working out on empty stomach?
  6. waterwoman


    I used food for comfort and to alleviate boredom. It was a sea change to think of it as fuel and nutrition. Five years out and it’s still day by day, but absolutely doable.
  7. Could I add, there is nothing wrong with having bariatric surgery for cosmetic reasons. Most of us have multiple reasons for doing the surgery because we are complex creatures.
  8. waterwoman

    Collagen supplements

    Just curious about collagen supplements. What are they for?
  9. waterwoman

    What do non-cooks eat in the 4th month?

    I’m 5 years out and don’t cook. I found I could eat almost anything in smaller portions. I have the sliders at Arbys when I’m out and about. I also do Asian food. I never eat sweets anymore because I still dump, thank goodness.
  10. waterwoman

    Do you see your surgeon annually?

    Seeing my surgeon every year has been critical to my health. She was the one to realize that somehow calcium supplements had dropped off my radar. My primary scheduled a bone scan and, sure enough, I had developed osteoporosis. My primary would have prescribed Fosomax, but my surgeon said that would be too hard on my stomach and I now do an annual infusion. Latest bone scan showed I am no longer osteoporotic! btw - I'm currently 69. Had surgery at 64.
  11. waterwoman

    I hate that I had this surgery

    If you have starvation ketosis, have you tried eating carbohydrates?
  12. My most painful breakup was with vanilla ice cream. Before surgery it was my favorite food. Five years later I still dump on it and it has lost its appeal, like a former lover who I found out was a person of no substance.
  13. waterwoman

    Vitamin schedule question

    I do 1 set of vitamins with breakfast and another with dinner. Chews at lunch, mid afternoon and bedtime. Surgery 5 years ago and blood work always good.
  14. waterwoman

    Anyone with a traveling job?

    I often ask for just a plate of vegetables.
  15. I see Dr Michelle May at Mindful Eating also supplies links to counselors who specialize in eating disorders. https://amihungry.com/learn-to-eat-mindfully
  16. waterwoman

    Alittle Confused

    Maybe the first question to ask is “why am I so angry?” You admit to being overweight. Another way to think of it is that you are being offered a tool to help with this significant health issue. Now is the time to take the helping hand and reach for something better. Wishing you great success and all good things.
  17. waterwoman

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    Reduce your intake a little. You may be eating enough calories to sustain current weight.
  18. I don’t think being in same state affects most insurance.
  19. waterwoman

    Looking for Surgery People 60 and UP

    Be willing to heal a little more slowly and give yourself whatever you need to be successful.
  20. waterwoman

    Looking for Surgery People 60 and UP

    Hi, I am 69 and just celebrated my 5 year surgiversary for RNY. I can’t encourage you enough. It has been the best thing I have ever done for my health and well-being. I look a decade younger than my peers because I am at a healthy weight. The weight loss resolved almost all my health issues (still take Synthroid as that is genetic condition). This site was extremely important in helping me to stay on track. Best of everything to you.
  21. I’m 5 years out and I still dump and am glad that I do. Dumping is a sign that I made a bad choice. I used to eat ice cream by the gallons. Now I can have a taste, but not too much. Because of dumping I have my sugar addiction under control. I wish we all dumped as it is such an advantage in maintenance.
  22. waterwoman

    Regret and protein issues

    Remember being a teenager when feelings were on a roller coaster? It’s a little like that and most important to remind ourselves that “this too shall pass.” I’m 6 years out. I had early complications. In and out of hospital multiple times. Would do it all again in a heartbeat for the years of good health and freedom from fat and shame. Hang in there! It’s worth it.
  23. waterwoman


    Dtrain84, you look great! I did the same. Retired for a while and then returned part time. Best gig ever. Best of luck to you!
  24. waterwoman


    For me, calcium was an important supplement. Stopped by mistake around 3rd surgiversary. Surgeon caught that fact on annual check in. Bone scan found I then had osteoporosis. Per surgeon, I can’t take Fosamax because it’s too hard on stomach so my primary ordered an infusion. I restored calcium supplement. 2 year later another scan shows improved bone density. No longer osteoperotic!! Always take responsibility for your own health.

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