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  1. Hello everyone I Was sleeved. Dec 3,15 and my weight the day of surgery was 260. Today I weighed in at 232 so that's 28 pounds lost... I feel like the weight is coming off slow???? but I haven't been sticking to the protein shakes... Do you think that's why... Please share your progress here ...
  2. I was sleeved 12/3 and just trying to get my protein and water down is a challenge.. When should I start with the calcium citrate?
  3. Please share what your favorite healthy meals
  4. . What kind of wine are drinking? I think I need a glass ????
  5. So what is everyone eating now days ????
  6. Thanks... I'm hard on myself
  7. Joymarie333

    Before and After Pics

    . What is your starting weight... What are you doing to lose the weight so fast
  8. I have a slight fever my body is really weak... I haven't been getting enough fluids ... Do you think I'm dehydrated
  9. I purchased multivitamin from the advantage bariatric website and after chewing one I feel so sick to my stomach I start to gag I hate taking these vitamins so in the past couple of days I haven't taken any I also have the calcium citrate chocolate chewables and I just hate taking those as well and I just haven't been taking my vitamins how long until I can just take regular pills instead of doing chewables. Somebody please help
  10. . Dec 3 and I have a appointment Saturday so I will talk to my doctor ???? . Thank you I will look into this ????
  11. Joymarie333

    What are you guys eating?

    I was sleeved 12/3/15 and I have tried tuna and crackers... Baked chicken and mashed sweet potatoes, cottage cheese and string cheese... I can't get much in... Most importantly try to get your protein shakes in Also boiled and scrambled eggs
  12. Joymarie333

    New sleevers how are you doing

    Are you eating soils foods yet? Solids
  13. Joymarie333

    New sleevers how are you doing

    . Good luck ????????
  14. I had my surgery 12/3 and nobody was there with me... I was sleep most of the time... Make sure you have a ride from the hospital
  15. My belly button looks really ugly now???? if so, did your belly button get heal back to normal
  16. Joymarie333

    New sleevers how are you doing

    So would it be ok to eat apple sauce or chicken soup blended purified?
  17. If I take gas x chewable help
  18. Hello everyone my surgery is tomorrow and I'm so nerves... I'm just scared of the pain I don't want to be in to much pain. My doctor prescribed acetaminophen-codeine 120-12 mg/5 for pain. Did anyone have this medication and does it help
  19. Joymarie333

    Surgery tomorrow 12/3

    . Thank you so much... I feel so much better now... This message made my day... ????
  20. Thank you all for your support. ???? I'm feeling much better now
  21. Joymarie333

    Unsuccesful surgery ?!?

    We will be successful my day is Dec 1st also???? I didn't come this far to go back to eating nasty ass fast food.. So stay strong and don't worry