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    Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction

    Well, I had accute pancreatitis on March 14 and was hospitalised until March 27. At first they diagnosed it as being caused by medication. I had Roux-en-Y bypass August 18, 2015. No problems from that. 2 weeks later, on April 12, I ended up again in ER with intense pain and inability to eat more than 1 or 2 TB then this intense pain would start between my breasts all the way inside and radiate to my back. After doing MRI, MRCP to check pancreas and liver, it was discovered that I had Sphincter of ODDI dysfunction. It is EXTREMELY rare, is NOT caused by gallbladder removal or bypass surgery, it is just bad luck. Because of the bypass and the fact that they could not cut the sphincter using the usual gastroscopy way, I ended up with major surgery, cut from breasts to belly button, 4hrs general anesthesia and a total of 6 weeks in hospital, they had to tube feed me for 2 weeks before the surgery because by then, I was seriously malnourished. Painkillers DO NOT CAUSE Sphincter of Oddi, the pain comes when eating the smallest amount of food or even drinking, the sphincter backs up the juice in the pancreas, the bile in the liver, the ducts become grossly enlarged and all of it is fairly easy to diagnose through MRI, MRCP. It is not a continuous pain it is like I said eating. If your pain in continuous, it is something else. You need a specialist in biliary surgery and a renowned gastroenterologist working together to make this diagnostic. Good luck. I am slowly recovering, 15lbs below my goal weight and trying to get back healthy right now.
  2. I had my by-pass on August 18, 2015. Everything went great, no problems whatsoever. Lost 53 lbs, what I had to lose, went off most meds, feeling great and walking up to 2hrs a day in the hills. Then, bam, ended up in the hospital for 13 days, 5 of which in ICU, diagnosed with Pancreatitis, I do not want to scare anyone. But, I would like to know if ANYONE here has heard of that being caused by the Roux-en-Y. They could not do all the tests on me because of the by-pass. I will be seeing my surgeon in May. Maybe someone in the medical field on here, can tell me if they have heard of this. I am home now, still in pain, recovering slowly. Never thought I would say this but I lost another 12 lbs in 13 days and am quite skinny and grey. Thank you anyone out there...
  3. Happy Happy, walked 2 hrs today, up and down hill and all over the village!

  4. Madeleine Renee

    What Are Your Best WLS Tools?

    I am at the 5.5 months mark. My best tool is my FitBit, I go walking everyday. I live in the country, up and down hills. I try to go downhill skiing when I can. But I found that keeping track of how many miles I walk everyday is very motivating. I am a few lbs from my goal and my dr said I was perfect. Lots of new clothes help !!1
  5. Madeleine Renee

    Do You Eat Breakfast? What Do You Have?

    I have eaten Breakfast all my life. Now, I am retired. When I get up, I have 2 cups of coffee, then either some cottage cheese with 1 multi grain toast or 1 scrambled egg and 1 multigrain toast or English muffin (whole wheat) I put some Triple fruit jam on it, 5g of carbs per tb Good!
  6. Madeleine Renee

    Hi all! Newly bypassed here... struggling with protein

    You can get Premier Protein at costco. chocolate is the best. They often have a sale on them. I buy a few cases at the time and everytime I drive somewhere for a few hours, I take my little insulated bag and put a shake in it and a Protein Bar, as well as a Vitamin Water to keep hydrated.
  7. Consider therapy. You can go on your own to start so it helps you to cope with her behaviour and then maybe get her to go with you. Whatever the result, get help for yourself to help you see clearly and maybe to make a decision. Good luck.
  8. 3 months post op and I just cut my hair last week. I had lots of blond streaks put in and got a pixie cut. My hair was shoulder length. I love it and going from a size 18-20 down to 10-12, my face lost its roundness, my eyeglasses looked huge so, I changed that too. New look for a new me! Everyone loves it.
  9. Madeleine Renee

    What to do with old clothes?

    I put everything in huge bags and take it to my local church. Lots of women will have nice clothes soon. I don't want to keep it, it will never fit again.
  10. You have to be careful with Lean Cuisine and other prepared food. The sodium content is extremely high and it is not healthy. Eating it once a week is fine, but no more. Peanut Butter on soda crackers, grape/crackers/cheese for lunch greek yogurt definitely, get the low carb one. small amount of Dreamfield Pasta with tomato sauce or alfredo sauce, add some cheese to it small beef patty with frozen veggies cooked in the microwave (surely you can cook a hamburger patty) any meat with vegetables is perfect. Good luck. How about consulting a nutritionist, they have tons of ideas and could help you. But try to stay away from frozen prepared food other than vegetables. It is full of sodium and additives.
  11. Hi I have had a sleep number bed for 15 years. Still absolutely love it like day 1. Yes, you can crank it up to very stiff bed, you won't sink in it. Impossible! Get one with the pillow top and dual control of course. You will pay a fair amount of money but over the years, it is well worth it. Good luck.
  12. I had my bipass on August 18 at the age of 63. I lost 37 lbs so far and am doing great. Using 1/3 of insulin, 1/2 of high blood pressure meds and 1/2 cholesterol I try to walk a few miles everyday. I look younger and feel fantastic. I wanted this as soon as I found out if could help my diabetes. You are young, good luck! I had my bipass on August 18 at the age of 63. I lost 37 lbs so far and am doing great. Using 1/3 of insulin, 1/2 of high blood pressure meds and 1/2 cholesterol I try to walk a few miles everyday. I look younger and feel fantastic. I wanted this as soon as I found out if could help my diabetes. You are young, good luck!
  13. Madeleine Renee

    How Have Your Tastes Changed Since Surgery?

    I have a hard time with plain water, does not sit right in my stomach. So I take Vitamin Water, Crystal Light. I also have developed a distaste for eggs, used to eat them every morning, now I can barely eat 1 a week. Strange....
  14. Madeleine Renee


    I used two eggs every morning. Could not wait after my bipass until I would be allowed to eat eggs... Well, they just about make me throw up. The smell, the texture, not good. Once in a while I scramble 1, bit of cheese on it. Its ok but, I don't look forward to it anymore, I miss my eggs...
  15. Madeleine Renee

    First Restaurant Dinner Out?

    First time at about 5 weeks, I had chili, no problem, then at 7 weeks I had half a delicious crab cake! I had a mexican taco with chicken, no problem. I also had this week, at 9 weeks a chicken wrap snack at McDonald. Its good when you are stuck away from home and need something to eat.
  16. I have lost 37 lbs....I stalled for 2 weeks, was getting upset about it and this morning, 4 lbs down!

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    2. ProudGrammy


      yeah!!!good news - keep up the good work - try not to get discouraged - stupid stalls happen sob sob

    3. RILEYSMOM22


      I stall for about 4 days at a time, then drop 2 or 3 lbs, sometimes more. It is somewhat related to fluid retention for me. When I am stalling, I notice my hands and ankles are a bit puffy. Then I release the water and the scale drops.

    4. Madeleine Renee

      Madeleine Renee

      Thank you, I do feel awesome. 1/3 of my insulin, 1/2 high blood pressure, lots more energy and feel so much better. A bit hard at the beginning but, I wanted it so much it helped.

  17. Oh John that is FANTASTIC ! I have been diabetic for 25 yrs, 75 lbs overweight and on an insulin pump with a total of approx 75 u a day. Glucose readings were not good and A1C over 10. I had my bypass on August 18, I am now taking slow release insulin, Lantus 34 units every mornings and walking 1 hr a day. I have lost 33 lbs and my sugar is fantastic. About 90 fasting in the morning or lower. Also taking half my high blood pressure and cholesterol meds.... Isn't this surgery fantastic???
  18. Madeleine Renee

    Help please! Losing control

    You have already lost so much, you know how to do it. I think that the idea of a therapist is good. Someone to talk to and get ideas to help you control your urges. I am 2 months out, stalled right now.... Its difficult, I sneak a cookie here and there, a bite of this and that.... You can do this, you already showed to yourself you can! Reset your mind , get someone to talk to and it should help you greatly.
  19. Madeleine Renee

    victoza v. trulicity

    animallover1247 you absolutely need to tell your endocrinologist that you are having WLS your need for insulin and diabetes medication will change greatly because of the surgery and also with the weight loss. That is absolutely not something you should hide from your doctors! My endo helped me get the surgery! Now, she is monitoring all my meds. I am at 1/3 the amount of insulin I used to have to take and 2 months out. Lost 33 lbs. Get everybody on board.
  20. Madeleine Renee

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    Today I went shopping the Factory Outlets in St-Augustine, FL Bought a few clothes, size L , M and a size S pair of pants at IZOD Can't remember when I could fit in this and only lost 33 lbs so far , 2 months out..... Yaba da ba doooooo!
  21. Madeleine Renee

    Settle stomach without soda?

    A spoonful of Pepto Bismol or Maalox should do it.
  22. 14 days is a bit early to give up. I have been a diabetic for 18 years and I was on an insulin pump, taking approx. 75 units of insulin a day. I am now 2 months post-gastric bipass and now taking 32 u of Lantus in the morning. I try to walk a minimum of 1 hr a day and I have lost 32 lbs. It is not a miracle surgery but you can be certain that if you start exercising a bit, losing weight, you will not need that large of an amount. Good luck.
  23. Madeleine Renee

    Does anyone do protein bars?

    Why can't you have a Protein shake? Premier makes great shakes, low carbs, 30g of protein, best on the market. I occasionally do Quest Protein Bar. I find that a whole one is too much so, I break it in two and have it for a snack. Good luck.
  24. Madeleine Renee

    Surgery on the 12th didn't turn out too well

    Good luck, the sleeve will help you lose the weight and could resolve your liver issue. Hope it happens soon for you.
  25. Madeleine Renee

    What u use to make scrambled eggs

    If you could use a small teflon coated pan, its the best. Just put the egg in it, continually swish it around, takes a couple of minutes. If you like it creamy, cook on low. No Water, no milk, nothing else.

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