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  1. My 6 months was on November 11! I am 96 pounds down. I'm 6'2" and I started at 330. I am currently hanging out around 234-236. All my health issues resolved a month and a half after surgery. Now I'm just reaping the benefits of slow, steady weight loss. My goal weight is 210. Doctors are okay with me staying where I'm at! I dropped from a size 24 to a size 14-16 in jeans and a 3X to a medium/large in tops. I am so happy to be a happy, HEALTHY 21 year old.
  2. I had a margarita 2 days before my surgery. I'm now 6 months out and 96 pounds down. You're okay, haha.
  3. imjenn

    4 weeks postop

    I was on soft foods from 2 weeks to 6 weeks! I was fine. It just depends on your surgeons views.
  4. imjenn


    I turned 21 years old a month before my surgery. I had my surgery in May. I drink occasionally now! Even told my doctor and they're okay with it as long as I don't abuse it and become dependent on it.
  5. Long time no see bariatric brothers and sisters! Gosh it's been a wild ride these past few months! Once school started back up I was forced to give my full attention to it. I'm 6 months out (crazy)! I'm down 96 pounds! So close to the 100 pound Mark! Anyways! Left I was 330 Right I am 234. I want to lose 24 more pounds but my doctors say I can stop if I want to! My life is completely changed and I'm a healthy, HAPPY 21 year old. Hope everyone is well.
  6. It's that time again. Progress pictures. My three month surgiversary is TOMORROW!!! I can't believe how far I've come in such a short span of time. HW: 330 CW: 261 Total weight loss: 69 pounds. And of course there's PICTURES!!! I went from a size 22-24 to a size 16-18 and being able to fit into a size L-XL shirt/dress down from a size 3X. I am off all medications I'm 21 years old, happy, thankful, but most importantly HEALTHY!
  7. Holy moly.You look fantastic!!!!!
  8. Surprise!! I just read everybody's posts and have been so happy to hear the things you all have to say! I know I haven't been very active lately but I've been trying to juggle work and my summer classes and that's a struggle in itself! My 3 months will be on August 11th and I can't believe how far I've come since! I've come down from a size 22 to a size 16 in jeans and shorts:) I bought a large dress the other day that actually FIT me! I wear an XL in most t-shirts still but I am a-okay since I used to wear 3X I am hanging out around 260 which puts me at a total weight loss of 70 pounds! This is already half of my excess in just under 3 months and that makes me so happy! I have started having issues with snacking! But I'm also not too worried! I attended my sisters 6 month post-op RNY appointment with her yesterday and learned a lot of valuable stuff at it :') my sister has already had to begin maintenance since she's lost more than 70% of her excess body weight! This made me super excited for her but also made me a little relieved. I was worried I wasn't losing fast enough but after hearing about how they thought she lost too much too fast made me feel better about the progress I am making! I am so glad I have all of you in this with me :') we got this!
  9. Hi JennOf course I can tell, you look amazing. And wow girl, the wright is really coming off. Clothes sizes shrinking is the best feeling. Can you believe it's been couple months since your surgery, it sure does fly by. Wishing you continued success. ???????? Hey you! How is everything with you?!Thank you for your kind words! Time honestly is just flying by! I'm good. Thanks for asking. Some days continue to be a struggle but definitely getting easier. I'm down 41lbs from my highest weight. Clothes / scrubs big on me. I really don't want to buy any clothes just yet, so I'm putting a pin in my pants waist. Lol. No regrets here. Making it work. You're doing so great! Day by day! Holy moly! Look at that difference! I bet you're feeling great!
  10. Hi JennOf course I can tell, you look amazing. And wow girl, the wright is really coming off. Clothes sizes shrinking is the best feeling. Can you believe it's been couple months since your surgery, it sure does fly by. Wishing you continued success. ???????? Hey you! How is everything with you?!Thank you for your kind words! Time honestly is just flying by!
  11. Happy Fourth Everyone!!!!!!!!!!???? I want to know how each and everyone of you is doing! I will start! I go for my two month post-op appointment on the 6th even though my two months won't be until the 11th of July! I have gone from 330 to 274 and I couldn't be happier! I can wear a size 16-18 jeans/shorts, XL in my scrub buttons and 1x in my shirts now! I am no longer afraid to wear shorts either! I will attach a few photos for fun! Hopefully you can all tell which is before and which is after! Looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you!! ) ❤️❤️❤️
  12. I bake salmon with a Parmesan garlic crust for fish!
  13. Don't think of this as a diet! If you want a bite of cake, you take it!This awakening for me has been so helpful! I also weigh everyday! But I do not chart my weight loss in my apps until I actually lose some! do whatever works for you and keep up the great work!
  14. I am SO HAPPY you are feeling better! Now, time to get healthy on top of it!
  15. Well howdy! It has been awfully quiet! I am too just trying to get back into everything. I finally stopped viewing the diet we have to follow as a 'diet'. It's simply my life now and if I want to have campfire donuts or s'mores I'm going to! I also went drinking with my sister (who also had the bypass) on Saturday last week and it was honestly the weirdest thing to be drunk and sober three separate times in the matter of 4 hours! Also, as of yesterday, I am officially off ALL my blood pressure medicine! Also, I'm down to a size 18-20 in jeans when I started at a size 24 Life is sooooo damn good, and I have zero regrets!
  16. Welcome!!!! I am Jenn! A girl who is sometimes too busy to be on this app because of work and college! I had my surgery May 11th, the RNY. I am a month and 5 days down and I went from 330 to 285 been losing slower now, but it's still so exciting!
  17. imjenn

    Too much for me

    You're not alone. I tell my sister often as well as my parents that eating has become a chore. I don't enjoy doing it anymore, I have to force myself to do it. You're not even a month out. You're doing just fine.
  18. Mine stopped moving after I started soft foods. Which was at 2 1/2 weeks
  19. I did for around 3 weeks. It's frustrating. But be patient!
  20. You are looking amazing!!!!!! And love your giraffe tattoo, if that's what it is of course lol. Yes this first month for us all has been very eye opening. Old thinking has been trying to put thoughts in my head, but I'm fighting hard. Love and Light to all of you ❤️❤️???????????? Jaysen Yes! It is a giraffe tattoo! Haha thank you!!! I got it because I'm so dang tall! But yes it's been trying!
  21. ONE MONTH!!! Sorry about the lapse! Yesterday I surprised my sister with Ed Sheeran concert tickets so we saw him last night! Amazing live!! Things have definitely tested me this past month and I've learned so much about portions and about how hard it is to view yourself in a different way after losing weight, but seeing progress makes it oh so worth it. Today, I weighed in at 285. This is 45 pounds from my highest weight of 330. I'm unsure of what my blood pressure has been doing, but I can only hope it has been getting lower since I've dropped these 45 pounds! Here's some pictures too!!
  22. I started at 321, 3 weeks post op I weighed 290, now I'm almost a month post op and I'm stalled around 288-289. I'm obsessed with the scale too. I weigh everyday but I only record my weight on Mondays!
  23. That sounds delicious. And yes! I mix the chocolate and vanilla fair life between my meals to get both my Calcium and protein in! Where can I buy unflavored protein powder? Yayyayayayayayyyyy this is great news! So glad your stall has ceased! Mine has started to as well:) it's a fantastic feeling.
  24. Hi guys!!! I took a little break from this site to just sort of focus on my diet plan and get a head start on my homework and of course, go back to work! How is everyone?!
  25. imjenn

    From the 3s to the 2s

    My highest weight was 330. My surgery date was May 11, so I'm not quite a month post op, but I've been stalled weight loss wise for about a week and a half. I am currently 289. Every body is different! Let the surgery do its work and you keep doing your part!

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