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  1. I want to update my scale on my signature but I'm doing something wrong! Help! I want to post my success!!! :bored:
  2. Okay people I'm STARVING!!! I have 5 days left until I can go to the mushies but I'm going to lose it if I have another shake. Does everyone wait for 2 weeks before mushies? And what were your mushies? Thanks!
  3. Okay seriously! You have got to be my fairy godmother!!! That makes me feel so much better. I almost attacked my poor husband over chicken and broccoli last night. Wasn't pretty and neither was my mood. All I have been eating is protien shakes and that's it...I hadn't thought about the soup. Think I'd be okay with a little cream of chicken? And the enchiladas sound SO amazing!!!
  4. okay...I was banded on the 16th...everything was awesome in the hospital...went home on wednesday...and now today I feel awful! I am nauseated, weak, and just feel yucky. I'm not on pain meds...I have followed the post-op diet to a tee and yet I am misrable!!! Help!!!
  5. Thanks yall!!! I really thought oh my gosh what have I done? Maybe I should have tried something else one more time! I'm glad to hear I haven't lost it and this with time too shall pass.
  6. okay fine! you caught me...I'm being a brat...and I want something else! So I'll put on the same pants I got mad in and get happy. Still can't wait for mushies!!!
  7. You aren't being too nosey! You are so funny about that. Okay my misery is that I'm tired of the protein shakes and after I have one I either I feel like I'm going to throw up or have diarreah. I'm really hot or cold and I'm just having a hard time getting comfortable and would give anything for something besides the variety of protein shakes, jello, and sf pop cicles.
  8. I'm not having any pain. I haven't had any for about a day or so...and I'm walking once an hour for 10 minutes.
  9. My surgery date was for June 30th and now it has been moved up to the 16th. I am totally unprepared and have just started my liquid diet. ARGH!!! I literally have the weekend to get it all together and I haven't a clue of where to start so I'll be ready to go by Tuesday morning. I would love any suggestions or thoughts!:confused:
  10. Can anyone drink tea or coffee? Thanks!
  11. My surgery is scheduled on June 30th at UTSW with Dr. Rivas in Dallas. I would love to hear how everyone is doing with a month or more out!
  12. baylorjai

    Any June banders out there?

    Thanks! I appreciate that!
  13. baylorjai

    JUNE 2009 Lap Band Surgery

    I love June Journeys! My date is June 30th just in by the skin of my chinny chin chin! :laugh:
  14. baylorjai

    June Bandsters

    Hello! I'm a Juney too! My date is June 30th! Let's keep in touch!
  15. baylorjai

    June 2009 Surgery

    Oh YEAH!!! I finally run into others who are being banded in June! My surgery date is June 30th with Dr. Rivas at UTSW in Dallas. Let me know how yall are doing in the process of waiting 4 weeks or more like me. Anyone feel like they are on the "No food left behind tour?" :smile2:
  16. I have until June 30th to get ready...but I love Gingerale. Can I have gingerale after the band?
  17. Okay I have my band date and it's 3 months away...in the meantime I am in a frenzy attempting to eat everything that I won't be able to eat once I have been banded. I feel like a dying woman...last chance for souffle! It's rediculous! I want this and I know I need this especially for my health and well being. Has anyone gone through this?
  18. baylorjai

    Fairwell Tour of Bad Foods?

    Thanks for that! I'm working on my Masters in History and I thought I would take the summer off to have this done...then my surgeon was going on summer vacation at the beginning of June and that pushes me out to June 30th...trust me I would rather do this sooner than later...I'm ready to get on with the rest of my life!
  19. Oh my goodness!!! I have SO many questions now! I'm being banded June 30th. I know I have to start my diet June 11th. Please tell me all the things you are going through so I don't walk into this blindly. I have 3 months to look at all of this...and I'm trying to gradually wade into the pool. Right now one meal a day is a protein drink...by mid-April 2 protein shakes and 1 meal...and then by June I hope to be over it? Let me know if I'm totally off my rocker...otherwise I'm afraid I will continue the goodwill tour of the worst things I could possibly put in my mouth until June.
  20. baylorjai

    Okay...now what???

    Thanks everyone! All good ideas. If you think of anything else...please be sure to let me know.
  21. Okay...I finally have my date...and it's June 30th at UTSW with Dr. Rivas. I have a little more than 3 months to go until I get my dream. But I'm wondering what I need to be doing in the meantime. Any words of wisdom?:laugh:
  22. baylorjai

    Limbo with Cigna...

    My doctor's office submitted my paperwork for my 6 month observation, and all the other requirements by Cigna August 22nd...I followed up Sept. 3rd to make sure that Cigna had everything...they did. I haven't recieved a rejection letter...and it has been a month...should I call Cigna to see what's going on?
  23. baylorjai

    Limbo with Cigna...

    Thanks for that post! It's nice to know there are other people out there that are on the same path. I want to get mine done before the end of the year as well. I start Grad-school in January and I want this to be over with before I start on my next hurdle. :smile: I'll let you know what happens.
  24. baylorjai

    Worries, freak outs, and questions!

    It is a rollercoaster. But at some point and time you will decide that the need to get this taken care of is greater than the other thoughts. You have to have faith in yourself and also use the support group on here. You can do this! Yes you won't be able to have the relationship with food that you once had. I have tried over the last 6 months to not drink while I eat. It's really not that bad...if you kinda prepare yourself for it and actually try it...you'll find that the love of yourself out weighs the love of food. I'm totally in this ship with you. I have these thoughts all the time...the only thing that is my saving grace is the support on this website.
  25. baylorjai

    DFW Support Please!!!

    :w00t:Hi! I need a buddy/mentor. I have been reccommended to get lap band for about 8 months now, but was rejected on first send out by Cigna for "Improper" documentation on my 6 month doctor visits...so here we are and I just finished my 5th month and on August 22nd will have completed my 6th visit, August 25th I will go and schedule with the surgeon. I have lost about 5 lbs. in the 5 months that I have been going to see Dr. Guth at UTSW. My BMI is 37.4 and my weight is 238.5. I want to loose at least 100 lbs. I live in Lewisville and commute to Royal and 75. I am also training for a 5k...the Turkey Trot to be exact. My surgeon is Dr. Rivas at UTSW and I love their program. So I need some one to play the big brother/sister role...I feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster with this...and I would love the support.

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