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  1. It is normal, I felt the same. Mine came off slowly but surely and now over 2 years out i wouldn't have it any other way. I am still losing which I do not want to but I plan to start weight training to build muscle. You will be alright, keep doing what you are supposed to and be patient. It is coming off.
  2. I didnt tell anyone but my significant other and 2 close friends who already the surgery. It is none of their business. I was not working at the time so I didnt have to explain there. I have shared with my overweight friends and they are happy for me. Now people just congratulate me on the weight loss, some I tell some I dont and those I do think its wonderful and just ask questions. At the end of the day you choose who you tell and you choose to either receive or recyle their response
  3. living55

    Air travel post-op?

    See what your surgeon says, I wouldnt do it because its too taxing on the body and you've already put it through a trauma. On top of that, if something happens to you, you are across the country from your doctor who knows you and your history. Last but not least, being away from home will tempt you to eat/drink things that will harm you. A month in I was still on liquid. Best of luck to you.
  4. I used to get mild hurt burn but after surgery when i was back to eating normally about 6 months in its been bad. I have been on 3 different types of meds. The one now works great, but i had to get an edoscopy because it was so bad I throw up a little blood turned out I had esophagitis. It has been horrible. Not eating after 7 helped but because cause I eat so little i would be hungry at 9 and give in to later pay for it. Yes its bad, but I would not go back. Its controlled now so Im happy.
  5. living55

    No support system

    When I had my surgery I only told my significant other and 2 close friends (who had the surgery), why? Because this was a very personal decision and I needed to get a grasp of it on my own. I did not feel the need to explain my decision or to hear others opinions when their opinion and $2 can get me a cup of coffee. I joined this site and it helped me speak more freely about it. I am almost 2 years out and about 6 months in I told my family and a year in I was more open about it. Now I speak freely but its a work in progress. Others tell right away, and that's ok, again its a personal decision but the support you should really need is from your family and groups like this who know what its like. Everyone else can go fly kites, because everyone will have their own opinions, insecurities and they will push them on you. Push that aside and push through. I do not know your medical condition but let me tell you it will improve, your life will improve and at the end if you follow the Doctors orders you will be amazed at the life change. Then people will be eager to know what you did and how. Until then, focus on you. Love and prayers your way, you will be just fine.
  6. living55

    To tell or not to tell

    You MUST tell her so they can tailor your workout specifically for you. If you do not you are doing yourself an extreme disservice and could possibly harm yourself.
  7. living55

    No support from boyfriend

    It happened to me and I didn't go through it the first time I tried which was like 8 years ago. Then two years ago i said eff him and did it anyway. He was not supportive and did not take me to the surgery. He came to see me at the hospital and became supportive afterwards. I have been accused of changing, thinking I'm brand new etc. I realized it was his insecurities, not mine. He too likes heavier women but if he loves ME he needs to deal with it. He has, but it spikes every now and then ... the resentment of the weight loss but I do not care, figure it out buttercup! At the end of the day I will be alright.
  8. I agree with Babbs, I know at almost 5 months I has lost 45 lbs (I checked my tracker on here) so around 3 months I would guess around 30-35 as well. A lot of factors to consider, also I became severely anemic so I do not really exercise (which I want to change) so it was slow and steady for me and looking back, It worked just fine for me. I am extremely happy. Best of luck to you, you will be fantastic just be prepared for the bumps but the reward is worth it and changing your eating lifestyle is also worth it.
  9. Hello my fellow 2014 Sleevers, how are you at our almost 2 year anniversary? As for me its been a slow and steady pace, with my severe anemia its been hard to exercise so I just modified my lifestyle and eating habits and now I'm 9 lbs away from my goal. I weigh less than I did in 6th grade and loving it. Not having to worry about clothing is such a great feeling, not having to be out of breath, of fitting in a seat. It is amazing. To fly on an airplane and have slack on the seat belt ... the little things we take for granted is just a blessing. I am completely satisfied with my decision and my progress, down fall was the anemia but God willing that will slowly but surely improve as well. Looking forward to readying about everyone else's progress, =)
  10. living55

    Nov 2014 Sleever Updates =)

    Thank you, I am on iron, biweekly procrit and B12 shots =( I am praying it gets better soon bc i hate feeling tired all the time.
  11. I cannot believe I am 9 lbs away from my goal weight. Unreal.

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      That is so wonderful! Congratulations!

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      Thank you @LipstickLady @OxRoo @Fredbear @melvin5ft2 I am very excited and still in disbelief. It feels amazing.

    4. living55
  12. I'm a saggy mess, my thighs look like wrinkled elephant trunks. I am almost at my goal weight and its bad BUT, I rather be in this skin than the skin almost 100 lbs ago. I have a IDGAF attitude throw on my swimsuit and live my life. I do need surgery but i don't care enough at this point for that trauma. I'm happy to not have the weight of a 15 year old kid strapped to my back. I am smaller now that I was in 6th grade and I look FABULOUS in clothes, will I be modeling for Victoria Secret? Na, but its okay. =)
  13. living55

    Advice Needed Please

    I personally think if surgery can be avoided, avoid it. You have done amazingly well on your own. I would continue to try and do that. I can live with my decision because I lost weight on my own once and due to a personal tragedy and a trauma I gained it all back plus more. After that nothing was working. I found as I got older it was harder. Even though I do not regret my decision, the joy of eating goes out the window. Basically you eat to survive, which is alright but sometimes I wish I could have more that 4 bites. It is something to think about, also this surgery made me severely anemic and it made existing conditions a little worse. I just have to deal with it. Best of luck with whatever you decide. At the end of the day, only you have to deal with you. God bless.
  14. Love Love Love this post. I wish I felt like you 16 days in but all in all I regret nothing. Keep that sense of humor because the best is yet to come. =)
  15. So its been a year and a half since my VSG and I am down 88 pounds. I will not compare myself to others but I know I have not reached my goal weight because I do not exercise. I was anemic before and developed severe anemia close to needing a transfusion after. It takes all I have make it to work. I am on Iron, epogen and just exhausted. My skin is horrible, I look like I am melting when just in underclothes. I say jabba the hut syndrome. I am actually afraid to consider skin removal surgery because I feel like its vanity and I am risking my life. I have other medical issue so I am a surgery vet and feel like I have been blessed thus far, why push it just to wear a tank top and shorts. I know I would lose another 10+ lbs with skin removal. I would like to know what others experience has been post op, any advice and thoughts on how to increase energy, how to get some of my hair back (already on biotin) and skin surgery. I am extremely happy with my decision and If I never wear a tank top or a tankini I can live with it. I just want to continue better quality of life and increasing my energy is on the top of my list. Thanks in advance.
  16. I got into a size 8 and I dont even know what to do with myself. NEVER in my life, not even at 10 years old. OMG

    1. KristenLe


      Congrats!!! I can't imagine the joy!!!

  17. living55

    Damn protein!

    I personally couldnt do the shakes. I did them in the beginning but they made me nauseus. Substituted it with Protein bars and did much better. I didn't find ANY shake that was tolerable after a couple of tries. Hardest thing ever.
  18. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well and feeling regretful. It isn't normal although feeling crappy for most is. I pray your physician finds the cause so you can be well on your way to recovery. At the end it will be worth it, I promise.
  19. Thanks, they are low and I'm getting B12 Shots, pray my energy comes back soon.
  20. Bueller ..... Bueller ..... Bueller ....
  21. Because I am so far out I stopped tracking but you gave me some sound information. I will make an appointment with my NUT and run this down with them. I really need to make changes and stop thinking I can do this on my own. To be honest I have been concentrating on my other health issues and not focusing on this. Thanks again. Congratulations on your weight loss. What does your post-op food plan look like? I think your goal of increasing your energy requires examining where you stand with your Water, nutrition, Vitamins, exercise, and sleep, and making adjustments. Have you talked to your NUT lately? What does he or she recommend? Are you: following your program? Tracking your food? Getting at least 64 oz of Fluid a day? Reaching your Protein target every day? (What is your protein target?) Avoiding starches, added sugars (especially high fructose corn syrup), and fried foods? Taking your vitamins and supplements as directed? Getting enough restful sleep? Exercising regularly? Getting enough nutrition (especially protein and water) is critical for your hair, skin, nails, muscles, etc.
  22. Thanks for the response. It isn't distorted, it is really what my thighs and arms look like. My doctor has already suggested the tummy tuck but I haven't shown him my thighs or arms yet. I am just concerned about extra surgery since I know my skin will not bounce back and to change it, that is my option. In clothes I look great so as I mentioned I could live with it, but I really do want some energy. Thanks again
  23. One Year Anniversay, God is Good.

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      Yes, he is! We are blessed!

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      Congrats!!! How did you do? Ill be a year on the 19th!

  24. Is there a reason why I cannot view all the comments on my last Status update? :(

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