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  1. I did not find a lot on Dr. Wilhlemy on this forum, so I wanted to share my experience for anyone researching him and the hospital in Mexicali. I flew in from Canada to have a revision from LB to VSG done. I learned about Mexicali Bariatric Center by 3 coworkers that had been there to have surgery with Dr. Aceves and they spoke very highly of the hospital, the staff and had marvelous results! I must admit that I looked at a couple lower priced places but immediately knew that I wanted a certified doctor a certified hospital, a place where I knew patients were having very good long term weight loss results and my chances of a complication were low. I found all of these in Dr Wilhelmy and the magnificent team at Mexicali Bariatric Center. I also found a lot of caring people, professionalism and made friends for life! The experience started out a bit bumpy because my flight was delayed for 5 hours. I had to be in San Diego Ca before 11 am and this delay would make me miss the shuttle to Mexicali. I called Nina at the office at 5 am ( sorry about the time honey) practically in tears not sure what to do. She calmed me and assured me they would not leave me in Sd and we would make it work. She kept her word and they had a driver to pick me up and take me to Mexicali that same day. It was too late to have all my tests done that evening so I just had EKG and x rays and spoke the nutritionist and bariatric doctor, Dr. Campos. Dr. Campos did a barium swallow and checked my band. Everything looked good. Yolanda and Carla met me and helped me through this stage. I spent the night at Lucerna Hotel and thanks to the sleeping pills I had a good night sleep. Ernesto, the driver, was bright and early at the hotel to pick me up and took me to the hospital. I had blood work done that early morning and was admitted into the hospital. We waited for my test results and in the meantime I was put on the IV, I was given blood thinners and did the final paperwork. Time flew by, my tests we done, I saw all doctors that morning, internal medicine doctor, anestheologist, Dr. Wilhelmy and nurses Sergio and Esmerald. By 9am I was in surgery! My band was removed and my sleeve done that morning. Surgery took 1.5 hours and was told I had a lot of adhesions but nothing they had not seen before. Phew! The next 3 days passed so quickly. I was in the hospital for 3 days in total, I had 3 leak tests and recovered without any problems. The attentiveness of the nurses was impressive. They have a caring spirit helping patients get as comfortable as possible and always with a smile on their face. The cleaning ladies are there all day, they clean over the clean, I swear I wanted to take one of them home! I saw the doctors 2-3 times a day and was reassured daily about my recovery and my questions were answered. My husband talked beer and sports with the doctors, he is a big fan of both so needless to say he is now a big fan of MBC's doctors too. I had NEVER gotten this care anyplace else. I was not a number, I was a patient, someone they cared about and that along with their surgical experience make them an exceptional medical team. It was a very big difference from my band experience at home.
  2. My thoughts are that I hope you have a very good gyn that understands the surgery you just had done and can help you prevent any nutritional deficiencies that will impact your baby. I also hope you do not have a lot of nausea and can actually take Vitamins and eat your Protein. Good luck!
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    Abdomen pain

    You do not say which surgery you have and when you had it done. If you just had surgery I would not wait and call.
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    I had my band taken out and a sleeve done 5 weeks ago. There was a point when I thought I would not be able to have it done because of unexpected financial problems so that made me want it even more. This has made me appreciate it even more. Permanent is a good thing! You do not want to lose your sleeve do you? Turn the switch from depression to hope! Do not give in to the self pity thoughts that may be overcoming you. I happens to many of us just get rid of them fast, do not dwell in them. You know you need this tool to help you get healthier. You also know that in 2 weeks you will be eating once again and will have a tool that will help save your life!
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    Huge Tip for Post Op

    Do you take it off daily? Where did you get it? I did not get one at the time of surgery either and I may try it . I am already 5 weeks out but catch myself trying to protect my tummy.
  6. I have lost 32 lbs in 4 weeks with my sleeve! I assumed i would lose slower but am loving the rate at which I am losing. Like someone posted above I also selected a surgeon that had a good track record for doing them in one procedure and low complication rate.