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  1. Mark in Ohio

    Acceptable Liquids

    My question is basically for those that have been through the liquid diet part of the RNY surgery. I was told that the liquid diet is basically Protein shakes. So I have picked up some Premier Protein drinks. I have both chocolate and strawberry & cream. I have to be on this 2 weeks before, and 2 weeks after my surgery. I was wondering about other liquids like V8 Splash Diet. Drinking plenty of Water has never been a real problem for me. So what would you suggest to break it up, so I am not drinking 4 shakes every day. I did buy a Ninja blender to make smoothies. I have been experimenting with that, and ESA Protein powder. Mainly Greek Yogurt based smoothies.
  2. I had my RNY on 01/09/2015. Today is my first day home.
  3. How do I delete this account?

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    2. ProjectMe


      Sorry you feel that way Mark. Learning is ultimately your responsibility. There's skills associated with forums (I.e knowing how to bump your topic up, key word searches, private msging, etc.) Your response above disappoints me. Peace & Blessings

    3. ProjectMe


      Btw, you received replies on all of your topics except the Ohio one.

    4. Packerfan61964


      Project me is right! Every one of your topics were answered....maybe not to your suiting. But this is a forum and support group. Everyone is different in our journey and all we can do is support, give praise and congrats on your posted accomplishments. There are other tools on the internet to supply you with information and your insurance company can provide you with all the pertinent information that you need. I hate to see you leave as I see you have made good progress so far and I personally enjoy seeing it. Good luck in your journey!!

  4. Mark in Ohio

    Now post op

    No where near the amount of fluids that I need yet. Today is only the first full day home. I did manage to get all my med and 4oz Premier Protein this morning.
  5. Mark in Ohio


    Where have you found to be the best source for Vitamins after bariatric surgery? Do you pay out of pocket, or does the insurance cover the cost? I have been looking around . This is what I need daily: Multi-Vitamin/Mineral with Iron 2 a day Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D 1200 mg Vitamin D-3 5000 IU Vitamin B12 1000 mcg Biotin 2000 mcg Suggestions ?
  6. Mark in Ohio

    First day of liquid diet - pre-op

    Today 12/22/2014 was the first day of my new lifestyle. I started my meal replacement protein drinks. My doctor gave me a guide line to follow for two weeks before my RNY surgery. Breakfast = one premier protein shake Snack = one premier protein shake Lunch = small side salad, NO CHEESE or CROUTONS two tablespoons light dressing Snack = one premier protein shake Dinner = Lean Cuisine type meal Snack = one premier protein shake Day 1 went great. Normally I would take 120u Lantus with breakfast and again at bedtime. Plus 40u Novolog at each meal and bed time. Needless to say the Novolog stopped in September. As of today I have taken no Lantus. My bedtime sugar reading was 107. I am so excited. I will be having my surgery on Jan. 09, 2015. Also today my wife has completed her RNY surgery. Go Barb!!! I am so proud. I am glad we are doing this together.
  7. Mark in Ohio

    First day of liquid diet - pre-op

    1/5/15 weight 455lbs
  8. Mark in Ohio


    2010 heaviest 565lbs
  9. Mark in Ohio

    Mark in Ohio

  10. Mark in Ohio

    Mark Before 1_3_15.JPG

    From the album: Mark in Ohio

    already down 45lbs. pre-op
  11. Mark in Ohio

    First day of liquid diet - pre-op

    weigh in today 458.7lbs 45 lbs. lost pre-op.
  12. Today's weigh in, Pre-Op 460.8 lbs. That makes 43 lbs lost.

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    2. 1Day1Life4Now


      Great job. You will find the more you lose pre-op, the easier it is to lose more post-op. Wishing you the best.


    3. V Alexander

      V Alexander

      great job keep up the good work

    4. Mark in Ohio

      Mark in Ohio

      Down to 458 pre op 1.2.15

  13. Mark in Ohio

    Central Ohio

    My wife had her RYN on 12/22/14, mine is 1/9/15. We are looking for other around Central Ohio. Patients of Dr Thomas Sonnanstine at Riverside Methodist. We are located in London, Ohio. Looking to find some GB vets.
  14. Mark in Ohio

    First day of liquid diet - pre-op

    Dec 27, 2014 Liquid Diet Day 5 Stats since Aug. 8, 2014 weight loss 28.6 lbs waist size down 4.5 inches neck size down 1 inch Surprising I am not feeling hungry.
  15. Mark in Ohio

    Surgery Date-January 8, 2015

    My date is January 9, 2015 Stats so far. 4.5 in loss waist 1 inch around neck 28.5 lbs.
  16. Looking at things to purchase for the liquid diet part of this journey.

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    2. PaulaleeB


      I'm with ya Mark. My journey starts in 2wks. Here we go!

    3. Gingerisgreat


      What does your surgeon allow? Mine allowed one cup of veggies a day, (non starchy veggies), and a half cup of low fat cottage cheese or one cup of yogurt. I was also allowed decaffeinated beverages such as decaf coffee and decaf tea. I found that International Delight makes a sugar free/decaf powder to add to hot water that makes a French vanilla latte and that really took hunger pangs away plus it wasn't too sweet. You get really sick of sweetness really fast on this diet because everything is fruit flavored. I preferred the broth from Mrs Grass soup when I needed something savory. During the first five days of the diet I would put my cup of veggies into my broth to make a "soup" and I would eat that when my family ate. It felt like a real meal. I lived for my cottage cheese between meals, I'm not a yogurt eater in any way so the cottage cheese was my BFF. I put salt and pepper or other spices on that to give it flavor and make it savory. Also, I used PB2, powdered peanut butter, if you have never heard of it, you can find it near the peanut butter in most stores or online. It adds a decent amount of protein to your shakes and makes them taste like peanut butter. I added it to a chocolate shake and it tasted like a liquid peanut butter cup!

    4. Mark in Ohio

      Mark in Ohio

      Right now it is 4 protein shakes. Small salad for lunch. No cheese or croutons. Then a freezer meal like Lean Cuisine for dinner.

  17. Getting back on track.

  18. Mark in Ohio

    I got a date!

    I have a surgery date of 9 January 2015. I am excited, scared, afraid. I know I want to have this surgery. I know I can do it. I will be having my surgery at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. My surgeon will be Dr. Tom Sonnanstine, I have heard nothing but good things about this doctor.
  19. Disappointed in my self.

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    2. Mark in Ohio
    3. pink dahlia

      pink dahlia

      Mark, my 3 yr Band anniversary was 2 days ago, I couldn't be happier with the success and changes ive gone through. It's not that hard. Honestly, Ive had root canal s that were more difficult. Whatever rules your Dr. is giving you , STICK WITH THEM !! As closely as you can, follow. the.rules. If you mess up, ( we ALL do), get back on track, ASAP. You got this, and we've got your back ! We WILL support you, so hang in there !

    4. ProjectMe


      Get back on the wagon Mark! You can do it! Only 1 month till your life changing tool !!!!


  20. Mark in Ohio

    Mark Crosbie

  21. Mark in Ohio

    mandys 387.JPG

    From the album: Mark Crosbie

  22. Mark in Ohio


    From the album: Mark Crosbie

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