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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. larissanicole

    Halloween Challenge!

    Boo. 173.2.
  2. larissanicole

    Halloween Challenge!

    Today's weight 176.6. Thanks!
  3. larissanicole

    Halloween Challenge!

    I'm in. cw 178. gw 166.
  4. larissanicole

    Post-op periods

    I've always had what I consider pretty bad cramps, but since surgery it's been so much worse. I find that therma care patches take the edge off so I don't have to call in sick to work.
  5. larissanicole

    How long did your hair fall out?

    I was also told the anesthesia caused it. I was also was told the 'stress of surgery'.
  6. larissanicole

    Is VSG for me?

    My husband was sleeved in November at 500 lbs. He has lost 120 so far. Our surgeon originally said there was a possibility of doing bypass in the future. We figured we will cross that bridge if and when it needs to be. So far so good though. Even 3 months out he's losing 5-6 lbs a week.
  7. larissanicole

    Gastric Sleeve and PCOS

    Cara24 I haven't taken biotin. When it started and I realized how much was coming out I went and got it cut short. It definitely makes my hair seem fuller. I'm just waiting it out and hoping it stops soon!
  8. larissanicole

    Gastric Sleeve and PCOS

    Sorry. I reread my response and I wasn't clear. I have hair everywhere from my PCOS -- lip, chin, sideburns -- everywhere. I have not had any slow down or decrease in any of that yet. I'm a little over 3 months post surgery. The only hair decrease that has started is the infamous head hair loss. Started exactly 3 months out.
  9. larissanicole

    Gastric Sleeve and PCOS

    I was sleeved in October and have PCOS. I have not noticed any decrease in the hair....but have started losing head hair like crazy! I keep checking, but no decrease.
  10. larissanicole

    Monthly visitor during surgery

    I had my period during surgery. Not only did they let me leave my tampon in, my doctor let me leave on my underware. Changing tampons after was a little uncomfortable, but not enough to ever even consider asking for help! Good luck!
  11. larissanicole

    Newbie looking for Oct sleevers!

    Mines next week, 10/8. Can't believe it's so soon! When is yours? Who are you using?
  12. larissanicole

    Newbie looking for Oct sleevers!

    I'm in buffalo too, using those same shakes. The chocolate mousse is sooooo much better than the vanilla! I've tried putting vanilla pudding in the vanilla, and that wasn't any better. I'll have to try using chocolate with the vanilla, awesome tip!
  13. larissanicole

    Sept 29th Surgery in Buffalo NY

    I start mine on Sunday. I bought vanilla, chocolate and unflavored. Have you been using milk to mix or water? I feel like eating 1/2 cup of veg would make the whole not eating thing worse! You're in the home stretch, you can do it! Have you weighed yourself yet? I'm sooooo curious as to how much I'll lose doing the pre op.