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  1. jennyinky

    The big day

    Best of luck!
  2. jennyinky

    Labor day Challenge

    249 today
  3. jennyinky

    Labor day Challenge

    My weight on 6-14 was 263. Sorry I forgot to post.
  4. K - this is such an odd thing for me. I'm 5 weeks post op and today was busy at work and simply forgot to eat. I realized when I was about to eat dinner. I did drink my protein shake an my chicken unjury and am now having my last protein drink. I just thought I would share because I have never forgotten to eat in my life.
  5. jennyinky

    I forgot to eat today

    I guess since I had been drinking my protein and water throughout the day I didn't feel light- headed or anything. I had lunch in the fridge there (chicken salad) just totally forgot to eat it. I wasn't happy about forgetting as I know I need more calories but it felt so weird to know that I had actually forgotten about food. I guess it is fairly common though.
  6. I agree - the Lean Body is pretty good. I can't drink premier but I can pure protein vanilla. The chocolate sometimes gives me digestive challenges. This week our meijer has pure protein products buy 2 get 1 free.
  7. jennyinky

    Swimming post-op

    Mine said when the incisions are healed completely. Took about 4 weeks for the port one to be completely healed.
  8. jennyinky

    Labor day Challenge

    263 today.
  9. jennyinky

    One month out

    Today is my one month surgiversity. It has been great and lost 20 lbs pre-op and 22 post. My clothes are getting loose and I'm feeling energetic, walking most days and starting to lift light weights for upper body. . I haven't had any complications as of yet and am happy that I made this choice. Having this board to read was one encouraging piece or my pre- and post- op this far. Thanks all!
  10. Hi Jade, Good luck with your decision. My surgeons office requires a great deal of education. They go through each WLS option in great detail, including complication rates and "life after." They ask you to think about which surgery you are interested in and then individually discuss with surgeon. In my experience, the surgeon answered my remaining questions and asked me which surgery I wanted. I told him the sleeve and he said he thought that would be a good option for me. My point is that you have consultation with your surgeon before having to decide for sure. Good luck with your decision.
  11. jennyinky

    Needing lots of support

    So many of us have been where you were. Some of us were strong like you and able to separate ourselves from the relationship while others took longer and had to overcome the challenges of feeling like our weight somehow made our significant other misbehave. I think it's important to know that your weight didn't make your fiancé sext other girls. He did that all by himself. You are a strong young woman making a choice for yourself - to become a healthy strong young woman. I applaud you and wish you the best. There are good guys out there and when it's time, you will find the one for you. . Congrats on your birthday and gift to yourself!
  12. I know you said you aren't comfortable talking to your surgeon - what about your pcp or gyno? From what my doc said in education sessions, getting pregnant this soon after surgery could be very dangerous. I know you must be really scared, and I wish you the best!!!
  13. jennyinky


    My doctor does drains with everyone, but all doctors do not.
  14. jennyinky

    June 2014 Sleevers Check In!

    The first 20 was before surgery on the pre-op. So 17 since. Still, I'm happy!
  15. I'm 5'11 too and I believe a 12 is perfect for my frame.
  16. jennyinky

    Labor day Challenge

    I wanna do it! First time here, too. Surgery date 6/10/14 Current weight - 270 Labor Day goal - 240
  17. jennyinky

    June 2014 Sleevers Check In!

    SW/HW 307 Surgery 287 CW 270 I had a 2 week stall but the scale finally moved this morning! Yeah - 37 lbs down! 3 1/2 weeks from surgery - my energy level is fantastic. I'm getting my Water and Protein and feeling great. In fact, I went zip lining and white water rafting last weekend with my kids. This is why I had surgery. Great job to everyone out there working hard to get past the tough spots.
  18. I'm 2 weeks post op and averaging 400-500 calories per day. I know that is low but I have some serious restriction and am full so fast. Today I had about 1/8 of a hamburger patty for lunch and one slice of lunch meat for dinner, for example. I am on full Proteins stage - no veggies, fruit or carbs. I get all of my Protein and Water in. Usually I have unjury chicken Soup or the hot chocolate in the morning. I have a shake or 2 of the concentrates during the morning before lunch and another shake or beef soup in the evening. I am not a huge shake fan so I tend to use the Soups and concentrates more. How in the world am I supposed to get more calories?
  19. Thanks all - I feel great physically and now more calm about this as well.
  20. jennyinky

    Help question

    Tomorrow is a new day, so hang in there. I haven't experience dumping since surgery but I had terrible bouts prior and thought it was irritable bowel. Eventually I figured out mine is caused by too much lactose. I have almost blacked out with these same sort of experiences before. Terrible cramps. Explosive diarrhea. Sweats. Ice cream products - especially Dairy Queen are the absolute worst! Lessons learned the hard way are sometimes the best lessons. Try finding a grocery store and picking up a couple of pre-mixed protein shakes - you can easily find ice to pour them over so they are cold.
  21. jennyinky

    What did you tell your children?

    I told mine what was happening. They are 9, 10, 13 and 16. My sister had the same surgery about 1.5 years ago so they have watched her through it and been a big help to her, actually. When my sister had surgery, she was very upfront with them and my youngest kids had asked so many questions they knew exactly what the surgery was, what kind of staples, why so much Protein, etc. they had even watched videos of the surgery well before I decided to have it. When I told them, they all said "but you're not big enough." I was 307 at my first appt. I had recently taken them camping and then had some back problems and explained to them that I didn't want to continue to have those problems. They understood. I asked them not to discuss with their friends. Of course they are a bit older. I haven't kept my surgery secret though, so that makes a difference.
  22. jennyinky

    The best beginning!

    Congrats an happy healing.
  23. jennyinky

    Swollen Belly

    I was just looking this up as well! I'm 2 weeks post op and have little swelling and a general bruised belly feeling. I went back to work yesterday so I think the increased activity makes me notice the bruised feeling more. Otherwise doing well. Some sites at to call your doctor if you have swelling and others say some swelling is normal. Good luck.

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