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  1. Today is my 8 week mark since surgery and I have lost 32 pounds. I have 43 more to go..
  2. cari73

    8 weeks out!

    Don't get discouraged. I have weeks I will loose 1 pound or 0 and then I have weeks I will loose 5.. I know on the weeks I don't loose that inches are coming off instead of pounds. We all have plateaus but that is a good thing. I started out at 205 day of surgery 4-21-14 Today I am 168.. We can all do this together!!!!
  3. I ate the house down today.. Everything in site and out of mind I ate it.. I will be 6 week on Monday for 6 week post op.. It is also my time of the month..,has anyone else struggled w this?
  4. cari73


    Remember sometimes the scales may not move but the inches are. Make sure you are getting all your water. Drink drink drink is what my dr says.
  5. Sorry your husband is not supportive..maybe just a little jealousy that you are looking good. My husband has been very supportive since I made the decision to do this. I'm just on week 3 (tomorrow). We ate out yesterday and I ordered off kids menu and it was perfect. Didn't finish that.. I have been walking 2 miles a day hoping the inches come off a little quicker. We are all on this journey together and I wish you all the best... Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous mother's
  6. 1 week post op.. I went back to work today, I have a desk job in a dental office. Super busy after being off and getting caught up with insurance and referrals although I did great. I noticed it was hard for me to try to get in my water being busing. My co workers kept asking me what I did last week on my week off. I just feel like I don't need to share right now or ever.. This is my personal business.
  7. I am on day 5 Post Op. I'm feeling great about this surgery and so far so good.. I have not yet had to use any pain meds the whole time. I got in 45 grams if protein drinks today. I walked up and down my drive way several times. I drive into town today which is about a 30 min drive to get a pedicure. I needed that treat. I wish you all the best and love reading posts. Good Luck to all!! Cari
  8. Yes I sneezed the other day and thought I felt something pop
  9. Was sleeved today. Feeling great already home..sugar free Popsicle was great to. I have not had any pain meds. I did take a Tylenol A few mins ago as I'm getting ready for bed. The surgery was much easier than I thought
  10. I know this is gross but this is my incisions 6 days post op
  11. cari73

    Best Scar treatment?

    My surgeon have me Rx of scar treatment to use
  12. My surgeon said only decaf coffee and tea and only 16 oz per day
  13. cari73

    Day 5

    My Dr gave me a Rx of Pepcid to take twice daily for 3 months. I don't feel the burning in my chest when I take it.
  14. Is anyone having problems with blurred vision? I can see far just not up close.
  15. cari73

    Day 5

    Itmezk Try making yourself burp. When I did that I could get Water down a lot better
  16. I'm not a fan of water!!!! I have been putting crystal light pink lemonade and I find that very tasty
  17. cari73

    Blurred vision

    Ok thanks guys.. Today is day 5 post op and the blurriness is gone
  18. cari73

    wow I'm losing fast

    I'm on day 4 Post op. I feel great.. Never once took anything for pain. I'm out and about today. I feel like I could have gone back to work today Good Luck you and you will be so Happy
  19. cari73

    Todays the day! Whoop whoop!

    Good Luck. I'm day 4 post op. Feel great
  20. I'm on day 3. I cannot even drink 16 oz through out the day. I still haven't had any pain. Just a very little sore.
  21. cari73

    Day 3 post op

    I can't even get a sip of protein down without getting sick
  22. Was sleeved yesterday and was already home last night.. Slept ok. I'm a stomach sleeper so I couldn't get comfortable. Today I have had very little pain on a scale 1-10 it's a 2. I'm having a hard time getting water and protein drink in...
  23. Good Luck.. I had mine yesterday. I was up walking in an hour in recovery. I got to come home also. I haven't had to take any pain meds or felt nauseated.
  24. Was sleeved today!! Yeah!!! Already headed home. This was easier than giving birth. They almost didn't so it because my BMI was below 30.

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