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    Full Profile_2.jpg

    You look simply AmaZing!
  2. tiangcoj

    5 Short months

    Bravo to YOU!!! Congrats!!!
  3. tiangcoj

    March 2014 Fitness Challenge

    My goal this Month of March is to collectively get on the elliptical for 24 hours for the entire month of March! I know I can do it. I'm 23 days post op and have already started yesterday on the first of the month. Got one hour in YAY!!!
  4. tiangcoj

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    Hi! Had my surgery 2/7 and I can attest to the fact that that was the HARDEST thing I've ever done. But for sure the best thing. Getting the food down and stay down was my challenge and I've beat it. I'm eating 3 oz a day, getting my my protein and fluid. It WORKS! I've lost 23 lbs and still counting! I'm cheering us all on!!! We can do this!!!!
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    PreOp Summer 2013

    goe*urself!!!! *blushing here*
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    Lipotropic injections

    Ahhhhh... Thank you Shelly!
  7. tiangcoj

    Lipotropic injections

    What are lipotropic injections for?
  8. I am 14 days post-op and like a toddler I have graduated from liquids to purees and now to soft diet. Still supplementing with the Protein whey protein isolates when my brand new spankin’ pouch doesn’t tolerate food. Just chatted up with @belladonna723 how we can normally only consume 30 grams of protein per sitting. I am drinking Isopure Whey Protein Isolate - Low Carb - Dutch chocolate (only one scoop because two scoops has 50 grams). I mix it with Farmland’s Skim Plus Milk. Bought this based on the raving reviews of taste and quality powder. So I went to Vitamin Shoppe, my gosh it’s expensive, to find alternative protein supplements to add to my day PRN, as needed. Boy did I buy some gross stuff. Good thing I got my money back. I want to know - What are YOU drinking? Is it good? Expensive and do you use milk or Water to mix?
  9. tiangcoj

    The Start of my Journey

  10. Oh wow! I didn’t know that acid caused the hunger pains. I will NEVER, EVER miss that pill again. I never had to take the Prilosec in the past but now as I understand it pertinent to take to help with the recovery of our brand new spankin’ pouch. How do you feel?
  11. Where do you get jay’s? That genius how you add the cocoa powder - any brand in particular? I’m thinking I can pull this off with some stevia.
  12. Where do you get - Beverly International UMP Cookies and Cream - And is it indulgent because of the price tag? It sounds yummy!
  13. tiangcoj

    $600 Bariatric Program Fee

    Dr. Keith Kim in Kissimmee had a 600 dollar fee for the same services you initially posted. I am submitting a breakdown ledger to my insurance of the fee and my payments. I had them split in two visits totally $600. I have Cigna International and I've heard they reimburse. Good luck with your procedure!!
  14. The Isopure Ready to Drink is HORRID That’s what I spit and then threw up all over my kitchen floor. UGH!!! I want to try Unjury and I want to shop around of the best price though. I have used Dutch Chocolate in the Isopure and it is yummy but getting old - REAL quick! I love Kale!!!! My favorite beverage in the blender that involved kale was before the surgery..... I would juice 6 oz of fresh apples --- toss in blender, fresh cut pineapples (they were frozen), Kale and Spinach.... Whole Foods here calls it Green Dream and it is Dreammmmyyyy
  15. How is casein protein different and why is it the exception?
  16. That’s AWESOME that your husband is taking the plunge! Best luck to him and prayers for you both tonight
  17. That sounds real economical and I love that there is NO SUGAR and so LOW CARBS. I’m slaying my diet with the milk situation and just tonight picked up some Almond Milk. Wish me luck! I’ll have to try Pure Protein shake next!
  18. tiangcoj

    New pic

    I keep going back to this pic. You truly are an inspiration. ((((applause))))
  19. Yay! Thanks for that. I have been googling it since this evening and I love me some peanut butter! That with chocolate and vanilla shakes sounds so good! Yummy
  20. Do you mean the store brand protein shakes? Wow. Didn't realize they had that. How's the taste Lost33?
  21. Starting a notepad to jot don't all these links and ideas. Thanks again Bufflehead!
  22. Thanks for the web address. I'll be checking out!!
  23. And BTW you look PHE-NO-ME-NAL!!!