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  1. mrslb5

    First long trip

    Enjoy your trip and PS I'll take the popcorn Chicago Mix please!!
  2. mrslb5

    Weight loss timeline

    Surgery date 02/10/14 Highest 323 Current 183
  3. mrslb5

    Old Clothes

    Let them go!!! I had over 20 bags I let them go never looked back now I enjoy shopping for new things that fit!!! After dropping over 120 I don't ever want those cloths back again!
  4. Just a little taste of the pass 2 years!!! There's still work to do for me!!
  5. 186 still going in the right direction
  6. I had a three day diet before hand
  7. I want in!! Starting 190 Goal 183
  8. mrslb5

    Day 5 of the Experiment

    Sounds interesting I curious hear about the end result, I'm still 20lbs away from goal so I've really been trying to jump start the weight loss again!
  9. Starting weight 301 Current 186 Goal 159 Weight training is amazing the first picture 195 the last three all between 185 & 183 still working to get to goal 20 more to go!
  10. mrslb5

    Labor Day Challenge!

    184 sorry I'm late
  11. mrslb5

    Labor Day Challenge!

    Starting 185 Goal 177
  12. Feeling awesome hope that this helps motivate someone that's just starting! 120 down 30 pounds to goal!
  13. Thanks everyone hard work does pay off!! Starting weight 301 current weight 184 goal 159! Sleeved on 2-10-2015 I started walking at 3 months post op first 3 miles a day 5 days a week then I increased to 5 miles 7 days a week. I started weight training in November and I do that 3 times a week for one hour. Hope I answered everyone's questions ☺️????
  14. mrslb5

    Is it CHEATING or is it a CHOICE?

    @@LipstickLady I love your post you are so right I really thing it's not cheating it's what you decided to do everything we do in life is about choices and then dealing with the aftermath whatever that may be!
  15. mrslb5


    I got rid of everything as of last weekend I'm 14 months post op and I had more things in my closet that I couldn't fit than what I was able to wear. I had sizes from 22 down to 10's so as of now I only have things in my closet that I can actually fit.
  16. mrslb5

    New "addiction"?

    I love to work out so I'm always buying new shoes and cute work out cloths.
  17. mrslb5

    Easter's Challenge

    184, I have got to figure out how to get out of the 180's so I can meet my goal weight of 159
  18. mrslb5

    Easter's Challenge

    184 today no change!
  19. Although it doesn't seem like much you won't be able to eat much more than that, enjoy the early days!
  20. mrslb5

    Easter's Challenge

    184 this week!
  21. mrslb5

    Coke / Pepsi

    none for me! and it's been over a year don't miss it or need it
  22. mrslb5

    Easter's Challenge

    Sorry forgot to post yesterday 185

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