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  1. HW - 407 (possibly as high as 412) SW - 392 CW - 291 TPL -116. TPG - 111 I hit a stall in June but he scale is starting to move again.
  2. I love Dr. Schurict!! He was my surgeon and he is and has been so awesome thought the whole process. I had my surgery in Dec 2013 at Penn. He is very supportive and I highly recommend him.
  3. L-in-NJ

    Excited to Beat PCOS

    I too suffered from PCOS pre-surgery (surgery Dec 2013). I would go sometimes years without a period if I didn't take medication and when I finally would have one it would last at least 2 months. My cycle finally started coming regularly in April of this year and I can now set my clock by it. It comes every 4 weeks as it's supposed to and last about 3-5 days. I too wish I would have done this much sooner. Best of luck to you.
  4. L-in-NJ

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Today's NSV- Just got on a ride a six flags with my son!! I haven't been able to do that in years!!
  5. L-in-NJ

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Today's NSV- Just got on a ride a six flags with my son!! I haven't been able to do that in years!!
  6. L-in-NJ

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Today's NSV- Just got on a ride a six flags with my son!! I haven't been able to do that in years!!
  7. As everyone has already said she has some serous issues and it's better that you find out now then look to her for support after your surgery and she abandons you. You don't need that kind of person in your life. Her exit from your like will leave an opening for just the right person to come along and be a true friend. Good luck to you.
  8. HW - 407 SW - 392 CW - 297 Total 110 pounds lost. I haven't been below 300 lbs in about 15 or more years!!
  9. HW - 407 SW - 392 CW - 303 Total 104 pounds lost
  10. I was sleeved 12/4/2013. I started my process at 407. Surgery weight was 392. I'm now down to 307. Still a ways to go but you can see progress.
  11. L-in-NJ

    eating at work.

    I worked overnights and used to use Wawa all the time. The have the most variety. You should try to pack your meals in advance and avoid eating out all together but that doesn't happen always. Trust I know lol. Worst case go with Wawa in a bind.
  12. HW - 407 SW - 392 CW - 322 Sleeved 12/4 total 85 lost
  13. GNC Lean Shakes are Lactose free. They taste pretty good. They're not too thick or they don't taste chalky.
  14. L-in-NJ

    H Pylori

    I tested positive also. When I went back for my 2 week check up my surgeon started me on antibiotics. I was fine. It didn't hinder my weight loss at all.
  15. Finally checking back in. It's been a while. HW - 407 SW - 392 Dec 4 CW - 332 Total loss 75lbs.
  16. L-in-NJ

    4 months 90 pounds!

    You look great!! Way to go!!
  17. L-in-NJ

    Any Jersey Sleevers?

    I'm also in Delran. I had surgery in December. Best of luck to you. I
  18. HW - 407 SW - 392 12/4/13 CW - 345
  19. L-in-NJ

    Any Jersey Sleevers?

    Hello fellow Jersey Sleevers. I'm from Middlesex County but now live in Burlington County. I was sleeved in December in Philly.
  20. L-in-NJ


    Were you prescribed any type of meds for heartburn or acid? Acid can feel like hunger. When I don't take the Prevacid I was prescribed I feel like I'm hungry when I know I'm not. As soon as I take it I'm fine. Best of luck to you and hope you're feeling better soon.
  21. L-in-NJ


    Did your surgeon mean you can have anything that naturally fits thru a straw or to make it fit thru a straw? Your stomach is still healing. I was on liquids for 2 weeks after surgery. Every surgeon has their own protocols but your stomach is still not ready to digest the same way as before surgery. Potatoes might be a little too heavy for you right now. You should call you surgeon if your stomach doesn't go down within the next day.
  22. L-in-NJ

    My 600 Pound Life

    I downloaded it for Firefox. It works great. Thanks !!
  23. It hasn't made me think about a career change but it had made me want to go after my photography more aggressively. Being heavy prevented me from getting shots that I needed to maybe get low or even try from other angles. I am still only 6 weeks out from surgery but I'm making plans for shoots for the spring and summer that I wouldn't have thought about previously.
  24. Finally checking back in again. I had a stall then was trying not to obsess about the scale so here's the update: HW - 407 SW - 392 CW - 359 Total 48 lbs
  25. L-in-NJ

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Why do you feel you are required to tell him? You don't really owe him an explanation about it especially if he has ridiculed you about your weight.