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  1. My stats from my appt yesterday. Never thought I'd say it but I feel like I'm getting too small :/
  2. kraney

    18 months post op

    Thank you Actually it's been a long time since I've been on this app. I have since started to work out for bodybuilding shows. I've increased my weight to 125 and put on some nice muscle now. My body fat % ranges between 16-18% during the off season and for the show I'll be down to 8-10%. Amazing how life has changed.
  3. Today I found out that I have a marginal ulcer. Had an egd done after having awful pains last night. Treating it with carafate and nexium for 40 days. Then reevaluate with another egd. Anyone have any experience with these?? I am literally 4 days away from my one year anniversary.
  4. kraney

    18 months post op

    My starting weight was actually 229. I actually was feeling better about myself and weighed about 15lbs more when I was working out. I've promised myself that I'm going to start back at the gym within this week. Hopefully I will gain my weight back.
  5. kraney

    18 months post op

    Thanks. I am happy with the progress I've made. I do feel though now I am on the other end of being judged. Not for being too big now, but people judge me now for being so small. Weird I never thought I'd feel like I was too small but even the nutritionist I saw was looking at my arms telling me I was just skin and bones.
  6. kraney

    Big Head

    I see myself that way in pictures now. I feel like my head isn't proportionate to my body anymore. Not sure how long it will take for that feeling to go away.
  7. I do the same thing!! I've gone from a super tight size 18 to a size 0! Every time I go to put them on I think there is no way that is going to fit, but then they do!
  8. Today marks my one year surgerversary!! So happy! Starting weight 229, current weight 120! Loving every minute of this and my new life!!
  9. Yay!!!! One year today!!! Starting weight....229, current weight...120!! Loving life!!
  10. Thanks Dlcoggin! I'm glad to finally know what's going on at least. Hopefully the meds will take care of everything. I'll have another egd in 30 days and go from there
  11. Yes I have been getting nauseous every time I eat. it was going so well up to now. I am mainly going to focus on getting in protein drinks as they are the only thing that seems not to bother me. Best of luck to you hope we get over this fast!!
  12. My surgeon only had me taking nexium for the first three months or so. :/ Back on it now for what it's worth.
  13. So I guess all is not well. Got extremely sick last night with lots of pain below rib cage. Went in for an egd today and the verdict is a marginal ulcer. Going to treat for 30 days then follow up with another egd.
  14. One year follow up today! Only shortfall is Calcium. Otherwise great stuff!
  15. Was giving away some clothes last night and tried on a pair of my old jeans that used to be tight. I fit in one of the legs now. 11 months out.
  16. Was giving away some clothes last night and tried on a pair of my old jeans that used to be tight. I fit in one of the legs now. 11 months out.
  17. Went to my support group last night and when we were talking about clothing the girl next to me told me that I definitely need an extra small size in clothes!!
  18. kraney

    In the hospital again!

    Glad you are gone. Sorry to hear you have pneumonia. Hope you start feeling better.
  19. kraney

    Post op soups and protein

    Try premier protein which is premade and can be found at SAMs club and Costco. Even my friends who hate protein shakes like it. Love the chocolate flavor...tastes just like chocolate milk. You can also warm it up and then it tastes like hot cocoa!
  20. You look great! Congratulations on your amazing loss!
  21. You look great! Congratulations on your amazing loss!
  22. I must say that I am almost a year out and had my first drinks about 3 weeks ago. Never has alcohol hot me so hard. I've never been a big drinker. Maybe a beer once every 6 months. Well needless to say I went out with some friends after a funeral and after my third beer I don't remember much. I thought ok if I do it again I'll be able to just drink a couple...but again I drank more than I knew and as well blacked out. I've learned that if I am going to go out which will be fairly rare I need to make sure I have a friend with me to make sure I stop or ask the bartender to cut me off. This was never a problem for me before but after much stress lately I found it relaxing. Bad habit I need to break.
  23. kraney

    Post op soups and protein

    My favorite Protein drink for almost a year straight now has been premiere protein in chocolate flavor that can be found at SAMs club and costco. Tastes just like chocolate milk. Also great to warm it up and it tastes like hot cocoa! I also made any Soups I could in the beginning with milk to add additional protein. I also added unflavored protein into anything I could.