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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Lesmarie

    Chicago Doctor Recommendations?

    I went to University of Chicago and they were fabulous!! All of the Drs are great. I had Dr Praschand.
  2. Lesmarie

    Any Chicago sleevers

    Ok i will do that. Thanks!
  3. Lesmarie

    Any Chicago sleevers

    I made it! Surg was Friday and i came home Sunday. I was nauseous from anesthesia but otherwise very little pain. I am only able to get in a few sips and a few bites of food. Hoping i dont get dehydrated but happy its over.
  4. Lesmarie

    Any Chicago sleevers

    I did another thyroid test and labs were normal... SURGERY FRIDAY!!!????????????????????????????
  5. Lesmarie

    Any Chicago sleevers

  6. Lesmarie

    Any Chicago sleevers

    I know!!!! Very happy and i will stay on this diet even if they postpone so hopefully will still be losing so im good either way. Thanks for the positive spin on it. I feel much better!
  7. Lesmarie

    Any Chicago sleevers

    So glad your feeling good
  8. Lesmarie

    warning:TMI - constipation

    Thanks i am going to look for Aloelax.. can you buy it anywhere? Also that Activia sells greek yogurt now. I wonder if that will help. That brand is supp to help w digestive issues. My neice said it makes her go.
  9. That is my hope to crave veggies and fruit after surgery
  10. Lesmarie

    Any Chicago sleevers

    How are you feeling? Hope all is well!
  11. Lesmarie

    African American Sleevers

    Your welcome. I went back just to double check it and it says it does cover it so give it a try!
  12. Lesmarie

    African American Sleevers

    This is a great forum... i tried, lord knows i did, to read all the comments since it started but i couldnt.....it would be great to hear from some of the ladies from the beginning to see how they are doing. Im right outside of chicago and hope to get my date soon, just waiting to hear back from the insurance.
  13. Lesmarie


    Too funny. I found this thread searching for bacon lol
  14. It might be better to order a boiled egg.. if they sell them that way..and maybe some fruit or oatmeal...
  15. Lesmarie

    Anyone have PCOS?

    These comments are so encouaging... i went in wanting the sleeve and my surgeon thought i should get the DS since i have PCOS... i dont want to do that cuz im afraid of the rerouting so he said i can do the surgery in 2 parts... the sleeve first and if i have suffucient weight loss i dont have to do the 2nd part of rerouting.... i am praying i lose enough on the sleeve... i see people that are heavier than me have great success w sleeve.. im 335 right now. i guess the pcos is the monkey wrench lol...

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