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  1. How has it been each your 2 year mark? I had my surgery 08/2013 and I've been going too much snacking on the wrong things...like sugary drinks and eating chips.
  2. MSLITA77

    Woman question!

    In 2 years I've gone from a 40D to a 36-38B.
  3. MSLITA77

    Indiana Sleevers

    I'm currently 2 years out and I'm doing well. I have gained 5 pounds
  4. MSLITA77

    Indiana Sleevers

    We need to have a Indy get together
  5. MSLITA77

    Indiana Sleevers

    how's it going
  6. MSLITA77

    Drinking with a straw

    I can only drink from a straw, it gives me control. When I drink with out the straw.. I find myself gulping.
  7. MSLITA77

    IU Bariatric Center

    My preop testing was like being admitted to the hospital. They went over medications, weight. They took about 10 tubes of blood, took a pulmonary test to test my lungs and they put you on heart leads to check your heart. I didn't need a post op leak test.
  8. Yay it will be one year next month Aug. 14th. It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions mixed with trial and errors. My SW 276 at 5'4. CW is 175...the photo grid was when I lost 86lbs. [ATTACH]46364[/ATTACH]
  9. MSLITA77

    Indiana Sleevers

    I'm in Indianapolis. I was sleeved 8/2013
  10. MSLITA77


    I was sleeved August 14th. I haven't been cleared for any serious exercise however, I'm ready to go to the gym. I know I won't be getting on anything but the treadmill. I have a membership at Planet Fitness. Anyone takers in Indianapolis????? Sent from my KFOT using VST
  11. MSLITA77

    newly sleeved 8/15 lots of questions

    No Sugar Added Carnation Instant Breakfast (in the blue box or package). When I can locate them, I buy a lot.
  12. MSLITA77


    Thank y'all so much....thanks for helping a sista out...lol
  13. Ok, I was sleeved August 14th, surgery went well. I went back to work on August 26th and I've been starving. Or could it be I'm thirsty. Which ever...my stomach is growling. Anyone dealing with this so early on?
  14. MSLITA77


    I jumped three times trying to figure out the sleeve. I'm on pureed foods and I think I'm not getting in enough protein.
  15. MSLITA77

    newly sleeved 8/15 lots of questions

    I was sleeved 8/14, but wasn't released until 8/16 because I wasn't consuming enough liquids. I guess due to me be very mobile at the hospital, I was released. I still have problems with getting liquids in. But I'm sure it'll get better. I'm up to 24 ounces of plain liquids not including my thick Protein shakes (thank God for Carnation Instant Breakfast) and creamed Soups. Sent from my KFOT using VST
  16. MSLITA77

    Sleevers by profession.

    I'm a state worker here in Indiana. I'm married with three boys (12,13,16). I'll be sleeved on 8/14. Sent from my KFOT using VST
  17. You're post was awesome. My surgery is 8/14 Sent from my KFOT using VST
  18. Anyone in the Indiana area
  19. MSLITA77

    Early August Surgery Buddy?

    My liquid diet starts on the 12th and 13th next week. Thank God bcuz, if I had to do it longer I would've shot myself ...lol
  20. MSLITA77

    surgery is Aug..14

    I'm having surgery at IU NORTH.
  21. MSLITA77

    Early August Surgery Buddy?

    Hi Tjohnson322...my surgery will be August 14. I'll message you email address