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  1. I have gotten down to 154 but, since the holidays are here, I'm up to 157- 160. So I'd say I'm in the 1-5 range. Not too bad but, enough to notice it...
  2. your just in a stall, it's typical. Try varying up exercise and take in more proteins
  3. Food commercials are bad enough for me to watch I don't know how anyone can torture themselves with the food channel.
  4. Food commercials are bad enough for me to watch I don't know how anyone can torture themselves with the food channel.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm starting day 5 post-op tomorrow. I want to know if anyone had complications with SOB or hyperventilating? I had to be admitted back in for those two and was also borderline dehydrated. And how long is this gas or pains in my abdomen going to go away? I also have bradycardia (slow heart rate) and heart palpitations. Anyone having or had this type of experience?
  6. It will pass, I'm 4 days post-op and gas has subsided about 70%. When it does occur its brief episodes. Your doing just fine. Keep plugging along and keep your eyes on the prize.
  7. And that always happens to me not because of the surgery.
  8. Yes I have pain when burping and hiccups. I feel everything too but fortunately the nausea has subsided.
  9. JourneyToLife

    Today I hit Onderland

    That's awesome and congratulations, there will be many more mile stones for you. My surgery is in 3 days and I'm so ready. It's on like Donkey Kong!!!!!
  10. You should be fine. My doctor has me on 2 shakes and 4 oz of lean protein and dark green veggies. Every doctor is different but I believe your way is better with all clear liquids.
  11. JourneyToLife

    2 months post op

    Welcome to onederland!!!
  12. I think if you bump up your intake to just a 1000 calories a day making sure your getting the right amount of protein and eating only what you should be eating and exercising as you are. You should start to see results. You will at times stall no matter how well you are doing. You will need to adjust your intake and out take multiple times throughout your weight loss journey. When your body is experiencing a reduction in calories and an increase in activity, it will go into starvation mode. It is a natural defense mechanism to hold onto fat and such to help keep the body nourished. It doesn't read your mind and it doesn't know how fat you think you are. All it knows is to defend. I know this because of the many articles I have read in the past and knowing to eat smaller meals throughout the day will ensure your body that it is getting the nutrients it needs and will then release stored fat. Hope this helps...
  13. JourneyToLife

    I feel great !

    You look beautiful! I see a new tattoo
  14. JourneyToLife

    so where do I start?

    Wow, just go with your gut instincts...
  15. 25th of September here. Doing my last pre-op testing today of endoscopy. Good luck to everyone getting sleeved today and a speedy recovery.
  16. Welcome to the forum, you will get a lot of information and support here. Good luck to you.
  17. JourneyToLife

    100 lbs.....GONE!

    Ha-ha admit it, you love the attention
  18. JourneyToLife

    100 lbs.....GONE!

    I like the mans room, love seeing all types of men turn into their own hotness!!!
  19. JourneyToLife

    September 5 sleever

    Keep a positive mindset and you will be home soon.
  20. JourneyToLife


    What happened to her/him?
  21. JourneyToLife

    Two Week Check Up

    Those are awesome numbers, keep up the good work and I know I will do just as great as you. Thank you for your update!!!

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