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  1. ladiebird

    4 yrs banded

    Hi all been a while since i last posted on here but im 4 years banded and wondered who else from the uk has a long standing band? i know long standing sounds strange but couldn't think of another way of putting it.. im in essex by the way if there are any other locals out there ???
  2. ladiebird

    MRI and the band

    as anyone here had an MRI since being banded? Had mine cancelled as appt person didnt now if it was safe as its done with magnets. cheers tracey
  3. Heres another one. He is the leader of bariatric surgery something or other at the moment in france just google his name dr jerome dargent lyon He is superb and very easy to contact for after care and advice etc Dr jerome Dargent polyclinique rillieux lyon email. jerome.dargent@polyclinique-rillieux.fr
  4. ladiebird

    MRI and the band

    I have metal in my port so i must have a different badn to you. thanks for ya reply though
  5. ladiebird

    urgent advice

    Ive just had an MRI appoinment cancelled at the last moment as they didnt know how it would affect my band. just wondered if anyone on here has had an MRI since being banded Many thanks Tracey
  6. ladiebird

    urgent advice

    thank you everyone for your help tracey v
  7. ladiebird

    uk members

    hiya all. Im tracey and im in essex. clacton on sea to be exact.
  8. ladiebird

    UK Fills

    hi as ya can see from my signature i had surgery abroad. it cost me 4000 euro so depending on the exchange rate it works out loads cheaper than the uk. Also there are no nasty superbugs lurking whcih is the main reason i chose not to have it in the uk. the surgeon i chose is also very experienced and lectures all over the world and also teaches bariatric surgeons banding techniques. If ya want any info just pm me . im not on commission just had a very good experience with a superb surgeon Tracey xx
  9. ladiebird

    Dr. unable to fill...help?!

    I have a flipped port and have my fills under flouro with no problems. my surgeon Just uses a metal thing to turn the port by manipulation and he always gets it first time. Ive now lost about 90lbs and had no problems . So even if it has flipped dont worry too much Tracey x
  10. ladiebird

    Uk Fills

    hi all can anyone tell me the cost of the fills in uk with flouro please
  11. Hi all Finally bandsters from the uk!!! I was banded in dec 04 in france and have had a good experience of the whole process. Its good to see other uk people on here.. If i can be of help to anyone just give me a shout. Tracey xx
  12. Hi all havent been on here for ages but have just booked to have another fill ( my 3rd) on jan 24th. my weight has stayed the same for last 8 months and i think i got a bit complacent about what i was eating too even though i have some restriction still i felt it was time for a top up.. I just wondered if anyone else on here has gone nearly 2 yrs since their last fill to go on and have another one? Tracey v
  13. Hi All I had quite a long break from LBT not for any particular reason. But i have to say that since coming back in to read up on peoples progress etc it has made me realise how invaluable the support and advice on this site is. The moral support is the biggest gain for me as when it comes to medical questions we can all fall back on our doctors and surgeons. What we dont get from them is the support from fellow bandsters when the going gets a bit tough on our individual journeys from unhappy obesity into our new lives of becoming a "normal" weight.. So thank you to all of you !!!!! Tracey v xxx
  14. Hi All I am writing this with a very RED face. I went out on Frday evening with a group of girlfriends and drank far too much wine. Im in the uk , so in true uk fashion we all headed to the late night takeaway for the mandatory kebabs etc. Being very worse for the wine i ordered a chicken shish kebab along with my friends and we decided to eat them walking to the taxi rank. I proceeded to tuck into mine with vigour .. big bite chewed about 4 times and swallowed.. another big bite another quick chew and swallow.. within about 30 seconds, as you can imagine, the pain started and i suddenly remembered i was banded 2 yrs ago!!!. I had the worse PB imaginable right there in the middle of the street. As relieved as i was to get the food back up again i was excrutiatingly embarrassed. Have now vowed never to drink wine like that again!! just wondered if anyone else had ever "forgot" and not just like me because they drank too much? Tracey v
  15. ladiebird

    Picture Page

    Hi All Someone mentioned that i smile alot more now ive lost weight.. so i thought i would share it with you all .. has anyone else had this comment made to them? tracey v
  16. ladiebird

    Taser! For the public!

    In the UK they are sooooo illegal. my firends son has just been fined a huge amount just for having one.. I dont see the harm in them as they are a defensive deterrent rather than a weapon. A dinner fork in the wrong hand could kill etc.. I know the USA have very different laws compared to us though so im not sure of the legalities .. but i can imagine the litigation issues would be huge in the states. Tracey v
  17. ladiebird

    Calling All Swedish Bandsters

    Hi All i have the sagb and am at 7.2cc and off for another fill in a weeks time. ive had 7.2 cc since feb of 2005 so im well overdue a top up .. weight has stayed the same for 8 months now so at least i never put any back on.. will keep ya posted as to what i am given in the next fill. I think its a 11cc band that holds about 9.5 cc comfortably.. not 100% sure though.. will make a point of asking my surgeon when i see him.. Tracey v
  18. ladiebird

    Can't take any more

    hi ted Im in the uk too.. im in essex. what area are you in? May i ask who your surgeon was ? I have never suffered with depression so have no concept of what you are going through. but from reading your posts you seem to have endured more than most. Are you in touch with amy other banders in the Uk? i would have put this i s a PM but it wouldnt let me. warmest wishes Tracey x
  19. ladiebird

    Band in 10 years

    i was banded in europe ( france) i have swedish adjustable gastric band sagb. its a 11 cc band if thats any help babygotback
  20. ladiebird

    Port is twisted

    I have a twisted port. I have had 2 fills without any problem. Mine are done under flouro and the doctor uses an implement shaped like a flat lollypop made of metal.. ( its like a magnifying glass with the glass bit missing in shape) he just presses it against the area on my stomache where my port is located and manipulates the port into the right position and then does the fill. (The port sits inside the cut out part) Its painless and he has never had to take multiple stabs with the needle either.. When i asked about having it re positioned he said there was no need and that i shouldnt worry. 2 fills and 2 years later he was right as i have had no problems..
  21. ladiebird

    Secret? Yes or No.

    hiya all not many people know i am banded other than a few friends and two family members. When i met my partner 18 months ago i didnt say anything for a while but had to come clean as he likes to dine out alot. Was very sceptical about his reaction but he was amazing. Told me how brave i was to have made such a decision and that i should be proud of myself that i admitted defeat at dieting and did something about it and took back control of my life. ive been lcuky not to have had negative comments from anyone ive told , but hey , if i did then they wouldnt be friends would they!! When they ask if ive ever regretted it i tell them the only regret i have is that i didnt have it done sooner. The thing i have to add is, that i havent told one of my sisters as she can be a bit bitchy at times and i know she would try and belittle me about it. I'm not embarrassed about having it done and would recommend it to anyone who has a wiehgt problem. But i dont want to be the sublect of someones idle chit chat or uninformed opinion. My mum paid for my surgery So i feel like she has now given me life twice.. Once the day i was born and the second the day i had my surgery. I cannot express how my life has changed since surgery and the new inner strength and new found me that has evolved. Tracey v
  22. ladiebird

    Finally in Onederland!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi angela well done you !!! im nearly there myself and cant wait.. see ya in onederland soon !!!
  23. ladiebird

    fill after 2 yrs banded??

    Hey natural think the reason i never done it sooner is because i go to my surgeon in france for my fills so its a lot of travel arrangements etc.. Have to say though that i have my fills with flouro and they only cost 50 euros which i think is amazing.. what do you pay for yours? Thankyou julie .. cant believe i stayed away so long. hopefully this fill will get the scale going again.. roll on the 24th!!! Tracey v Tracey v
  24. ladiebird

    fill after 2 yrs banded??

    yoour so right right Taninoz its not the actual quantity its the food type and new figure means more confidence in going out and hence too much wine!!! dosnt help than newish partner has just bought a pub.. 6 yrs banded !! have ya hit ya target ? maintained etc? Tracey v
  25. ladiebird

    fill after 2 yrs banded??

    Hi jack.. thats a challenge to keep me motivated..!!! another 10 lbs gone will take me under 200 lbs and thats a lovely thought.. will let ya know when i get there .. keep me posted .. Tracey v

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