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  1. DanaInNewOrleans

    Atkins Shakes

    From VST I've learned that there is quality Protein and so so protein -- I had no idea before coming here! I've tried a number of Protein shakes and a few protein powders (Syntrax Nector and Prescriptfit) and the only one that I can really stomach are the Atkins shakes. Does anyone know if they contain a quality protein or a low grade? I ordered a bunch of samples from unjury but I have a feeling I'm not going to fare much better with those based on what I've read here. Thanks! Dana
  2. I've had a very smooth post-op. No pain, no nausea, no throwing up (except once when I made myself throw up) and could tolerate all liquids and puree or mushy food that I tried. In the last two weeks I started with a deep gnawing empty feeling, almost like hunger but not quite. It was almost constant. I also had an almost constant feeling of slight nausea, especially when drinking Water or flavored water (not my Protein shakes). When I would have my Protein shake I would get some relief from both the nausea and gnawing feeling. I'm guessing ulcer and I remembered the beginning of it coincided with my taking Advil (3 is my normal dose) 2 days in a row on an empty stomach ( I just wasn't thinking). The gnawing empty feeling has pretty much disappeared but the nausea is a little worse. I'm avoiding drinking because drinking makes it worse. I did call the doc's office and they gave me Zofran, which I don't see helping very much. I'm just wondering if anybody on here has developed nausea weeks after surgery (I'm 5 weeks out) and if so, did it resolve on it's own? I'm not getting in my liquids and I also don't feel like eating... I'm on Prevacid 2x daily. Thanks for any insight... ~Dana
  3. 3 Weeks post-op and I have lost a grand total of 11 pounds. Whoopee Doo.... Yes, I know, some are slow losers, don't compare yourself to others, are you getting enough Protein, are you drinking enough Water, up your calories, reduce your calories, reduce carbs/up carbs then reduce them again to trick your body, exercising enough? , throw the scale away, have the moon and stars aligned correctly??? I have not lost a pound since Day 10. So yes, it looks like I may be the only gastric sleeve failure....wonderful. So now what... just keep plugging along eating freaking mush, drinking Protein shakes and hope and pray.... One positive thing.. I had a psychotic scale...step on and it just goes up and down -- never getting a definitive number. I bought a scale called EatSmart Precision. It locks on immediately -- it's awesome. I just don't like what it is telling me. http://www.amazon.com/Eatsmart-Precision-Bathroom-Technology-440-Pounds/dp/B0032TNPOE/ref=cm_sw_em_r_dp_TLl8qb1QQP8A9_tt Please excuse my rant. I have been trying to stay optimistic but I really can't fake it anymore. Is there anyone who started out this slow and ended up succeeding? If so, can you share your story...I need it desperately. ~Dana
  4. DanaInNewOrleans

    All of my December sleevers...

    Hang in there....I've been the same weight for about 10 days .. wait, let me rephrase that...I haven't lost anything in 10 days, in fact the scale says I've gained 2 lbs.... crazy and frustrating...
  5. DanaInNewOrleans

    Quest Protein Bars?

    Never mind! I just went to the Quest website and found the cookie dough flavor -- it's new. AND I found that you can order individual bars -- not as cheap as ordering the box of 12 of one flavor but worth it to me to get what I know I like.
  6. DanaInNewOrleans

    Quest Protein Bars?

    This morning I had half the Cinnamon Roll..... yep, just like everyone says, it was very good...I think that is my favorite so far. I wish the company would allow you to choose the flavors that you want for the variety box. That way you'd never get tired of one flavor. I didn't see a Quest cookie dough flavor...where to you find it?
  7. DanaInNewOrleans

    Quest Protein Bars?

    I had the Peanut Butter and Jelly for lunch today.... VERY good. It really did taste a lot like peanut butter and jelly!
  8. There was no question in my mind which was a better choice for me. The lap band just was something I was not comfortable with...I did not like the idea of relying on a foreign object that needed adjustments, tweaking, removal, replacement, etc. When I read about the gastric sleeve I immediately started seriously considering weight loss surgery. It is straightforward and it is for life....no ambiguous adjustments or band failure.... I wish you the best with whatever decision you make!
  9. DanaInNewOrleans

    All of my December sleevers...

    56 lbs is great! Are you on prescription Vit D? I've been on it on and off for a few years I can never keep mine up to a normal level.
  10. DanaInNewOrleans

    I Definitely Regret Surgery.... So Far!

    Good luck! You went through so much -- I'm so happy you are now at such a good place!! Can't wait to see your post plastic surgery pictures! ~Dana
  11. DanaInNewOrleans

    All of my December sleevers...

    WAIT WAIT WAIT....are you telling us you LOST 100 POUNDS in 11 weeks??? I'm speechless...I did not realize that was even POSSIBLE! Please please please fill us in your what you are doing???? (I'm still speechless AND jealous!) Give up the secret!! I'm getting desperate.... Congratulations!!
  12. DanaInNewOrleans

    When did u stip crushing ur meds?

    Maybe I should have! I think I skipped all my meds for a few days after surgery and then just went straight into taking them.... for the first month or so I spaced them out during the day and evening. My doc never said one way or the other..
  13. DanaInNewOrleans

    Ladies - Your Thoughts?

    Ok, I have noticed more and more that I'm attracted to bald men. I'm talking about the guys who are going bald and say the hell with it and shave it all. The head shape has a lot to do with it I think. And another thing, the bald men who act like they KNOW they look good ( or at least are not self conscious about it) are even more sexy. And yes, I actually had already decided that you looked great before you even asked! ~Dana
  14. DanaInNewOrleans

    When did u stip crushing ur meds?

    I never crushed my meds -- and I take a ton!
  15. DanaInNewOrleans

    How many oz are you eating?

    If I'm in a rush I can drink my 12oz Protein shake in a matter of 10-15 minutes. My guidelines specified that liquids /protein shakes will NOT stretch sleeves but I've often wondered if he left mine a little too big.... Solid protein is different....If I push it I can probably eat 3-4oz but that would make me uncomfortable... I'm usually at my limit with dense protein at about 2 - 3oz... Ground beef and fish are the easiest for me. chicken a little harder and I find pork uncomfortable with just a few bites..
  16. DanaInNewOrleans

    All of my December sleevers...

    Surgery 12/21 Day of Surgery: 271 Current Weight: 239 -32 lbs Trying not to be disappointed and frustrated because I am behind most people in stats. But hey, 32 lbs is 32 lbs right? As long as I keep losing I feel ok. My fear is that I will STOP losing...
  17. DanaInNewOrleans

    Quest Protein Bars?

    I just received my variety box a few days ago... So far my favorite is the coconut cashew.
  18. DanaInNewOrleans

    All of my December sleevers...

    I LOVE prunes...I loved the flavored ones-- lemon essence and orange essence are so good!
  19. DanaInNewOrleans

    Count net carbs or actual carbs?

    I had the apple pie today! It was good. I keep them in the fridge because I like the texture better when they're cold....( not just the Quest --- I keep all my Protein bars in the fridge for that reason). I've never heard of Health Wise Chips.... I'll have to look them up...
  20. DanaInNewOrleans

    Biggest loser conspiracy!

    That Jillian scares the hell out of me......LOL....They'd have to have the paramedics standing 5 feet away from me at all times ...
  21. DanaInNewOrleans

    All of my December sleevers...

    Yep, I've been in heaven since my surgery ....being cold sure beats hot flashes! Hope it lasts... Being cold is definitely a symptom hypothyroidism......it was one of the first symptoms I noticed before I was diagnosed. I developed thyroid cancer (not related to hypothyroidism) and I'm on full hormone replacement (had a total thyroidectomy).
  22. DanaInNewOrleans

    Sleeved Tomorrow....cant sleep

    I was completely calm. I actually didn't go to sleep -- I had to be at the hospital for 6 ( it's a 45 minute drive) so I ended up cleaning house all night - I wanted to make sure everything was clean when I got home... I had no doubts about my decision so I was at peace. On the way to the hospital my husband made the comment that he couldn't believe how calm and unconcerned I was.... Good luck....be excited....this is the beginning of a new life! ~Dana
  23. DanaInNewOrleans

    Best brownies ever

    Thanks so much ..... sorry if it seemed like a dumb question but all the instructions noted that the sugar aerates the butter and other baking terms that I cannot remember ....I thought I needed something else in place of it...
  24. DanaInNewOrleans

    Best brownies ever

    Help! The only brownies I've ever made have been from a box and I have no idea how to cream butter...I searched but the only info on creaming butter includes sugar.... so how do you cream butter without sugar? Anybody who knows please chime in! Thanks! ~Dana

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