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    Gas, Stretch Marks, Support Device

    Every day is better! I was walking around from day 1 trying to clear the gas, and I felt miserable for the first week. You're on Day 7, so I hope you feel better soon! I was lucky enough to have a single-incision surgery, though, so it's definitely possible there will be more healing time needed for you. I'm amazed at the people who do it essentially outpatient. Crazy people! Good luck! You WILL love it!
  2. Kat Crowder

    Had A Bad Week... Can't Stop Eating... :(

    From what I have seen in my "May 2012 Sleevers" Facebook group, month 4 has a lot of us getting into the "experiment and eat too much" zone. We're pretty much healed up, and the things you absolutely couldn't eat post-surgery are now able-to-eat foods. One woman's saying to herself has been "Just because I can, doesn't mean I should." My biggest problem is carbs. Eating sugar begets the "need" to eat more sugar, and I go into a downward spiral. I definitely recommend getting back on the clean Protein like someone else recommended, because many of us are sensitive to carbs in our system (lots of people who tend to overeat and need surgery are), and they just stoke the hunger fires. The good thing is, because of your small stomach, you generally aren't able to do a lot of damage to your weight too quickly. 1500-2000 calories is a dessert at many restaurant chains, and if you're getting exercise, that's not necessarily a lot of calories. A very general rule of thumb has been 10 calories per goal weight to maintain. It's also a lot easier for me to get the sugar-hunger out of my system when I can't binge like I used to. On monday I had a cupcake and a brownie, and I felt horrible like it was the end of the world, but I easily got back on track. The carbs also do a number on my mood, which may be why you're feeling so down about things now. Just do better now, and don't stress about stretching your sleeve. They cut the stretchier part away. We keep having more room because of healing, and I believe some of the swelling can last for up to 6 months. We've learned the right eating and exercise habits and we've done so well so far! Remember that the sleeve's a tool to help you do the right things to lose weight, it doesn't make things happen.
  3. Kat Crowder

    sleevers in Chicago southland

    Do we want to try something this Sunday?
  4. Kat Crowder

    sleevers in Chicago southland

    I'm glad your consult went well! I just got home from work about half an hour ago, after staying at work 'til 1:30 this morning to make sure I had my project done today; I was going to let you know that I thought it was torso-length that made the difference in the single-incision, but apparently I'm too late to do so! I really like the psychologist who does the evals at Hoffman Estates - Dr. Crane. He also does the education classes and moderates the support groups. My one negative about the whole experience was I do not trust their insurance coordinator Maria. I think she's very overworked, but she doesn't pay attention and she's sure she's always right. I had several delays because she insisted on doing things her way. She also refused to call me on the phone number I asked her to call me at 6 different times, delaying things further. Just keep an eye on your insurance processing, and always call the insurance company to follow up after she says she's done something. Keep in touch!
  5. Kat Crowder

    sleevers in Chicago southland

    I went to Alexian Bros. and everyone was very nice. It's just a little closer for me, I didn't really have a particular preference. Yeah, I'm a bit on the shrimpy side so I was a good candidate for the single site. I do believe the recovery is easier with just one incision, but that's just based on general logic. After a few weeks everyone's at about the same level.
  6. That's probably the best plan. Some doctors aren't as restrictive about the alcohol, but anything bubbly is bad. It's also generally pretty high in calories, and it can affect you pretty quickly because you can't really have a lot of food in your stomach to absorb it. One bite of cake would probably be fine except for the sugar rush, but if you have any sort of carb sensitivity (which a lot of people who need this surgery have), it's just going to make you want more more more and it's best to avoid it. Have a happy birthday, and enjoy all the non-food-and-drink things that are great about life!
  7. If things are set up for you at all like they were for me, you shouldn't have to worry about pain. I was on morphine for the first day and a quarter, and basically told me to push the button whenever I needed to. I don't remember much of the first day! I had to stay in the hospital longer than I'd hoped, because they wouldn't release me until I'd passed gas - have to make sure all the pipes are working! I was on narcotic pain meds for the rest of the first week, then only to sleep for most of the second week, tylenol for about another week, and no pain meds since. The sleeve is wonderful! I wish you the best of luck!
  8. Kat Crowder

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Katcrowder - please add! I'll try to get a bunch of you in tonight, as well.
  9. Hi, Kristal! OTR's suggestions are great! I would also suggest trying to move your diet to a protein-based diet, and minimize your carbohydrate intake. You don't necessarily need to eat as little as you'll eat when you're sleeved, but moving yourself to the type of diet you'll want to eat after surgery (at least, after you're healed from surgery) will be helpful. I'm much better at sticking to a low carb diet now that I'm sleeved, but there was a several year period about 12 years ago where I was able to stick with it religiously and was slim and strong and healthy. Now I've got the sleeve as a tool to keep me in check. *hugs* to you, and keep us all posted about how you're doing!
  10. Kat Crowder

    May Sleeve!

    Oh, Buffy, I'm so sorry things haven't gone well for you! I'm so impressed and humbled by your attitude that it will pass and you'll be able to share your success story with us soon! Keep up the positive thinking!
  11. Kat Crowder

    May Sleeve!

    I'm doing great since my surgery 5/21 - was back to work on Monday after 2 weeks off, and other than being tired, it's not bad at all. No pain, I have to remind myself not to do too much in the way of lifting/abs stuff. I'm having a hard time finding time to work out along with working, though! I'm absolutely NOT a morning person and am so far not willing to get up any earlier than the absolute last moment before I need to get to work. It takes me a lot longer to eat (well, drink) my breakfast than it would before, so I still need to get up somewhat earlier. I also LOVE Sharon's FB group for us May sleevers. The only bad thing about it is that it's so much easier to work with than this forum, that I tend to only interface there, and I'm not spending time with the wider VST group very much, if at all. It's valuable to have a group that's narrowly focused to us folks at the same approximate time interval in the surgery, but there's such a wealth of information from all the longer timers on here, and we can also help encourage those who haven't yet had surgery. I need to make a point of getting on here every once in a while!
  12. Kat Crowder

    Surgery Tomorrow!

    carriecat, I don't think it's ever the best thing to do to keep your mouth shut when it comes to telling health/condition stuff with your surgeon or anesthesiologist. Are you able to function today, or are you completely laid up with the pain? Try icing it? And/or do some gentle stretches?
  13. Kat Crowder

    sleevers in Chicago southland

    The Alexian Brothers support groups actually meet at the Kane Center in Hoffman Estates, and cost $10 each. Here's the info: http://www.suburbansurgicalcare.com/seminars/support-groups/
  14. For the life of me, I can't seem to pass it, and they won't discharge me until they're sure that my bowels are working. Except for this, I've been ready to go since Tuesday (op was 8:30 a.m. on Monday). I know the drill - walk, walk, walk, sip, sip, sip. I've never wanted to fart so much before in my life! Every doctor and nurse who comes to check on me has to marvel at my single site, though. I feel really lucky to have been able to get one of those. Incision through the belly button, one puncture higher up for the liver retractor, and the rest pretty smooth tummy skin. Ah, vanity.
  15. Kat Crowder

    Hot Damn! Its Time To Go

    I'm with you, FatGirlSlim!
  16. Kat Crowder

    3 Pre-Surgical Cheats - No More!

    I have been a bad girl on my liquid pre-surgical diet. I'm forgiving myself for all 3 of my cheats and moving on, I'm going to do these last 6 days right! I had an excuse for the first one. After starting on Monday, I had my pre-op testing on Tuesday a.m. and an ultrasound on Tuesday p.m., so fasting with no liquids from 7:30 until 10am, then downing a quick shake and nothing more until after my ultrasound at 4:30. I was soooo hungry, and I got sushi. No biggie, one cheat at the beginning, get right back on that horse. Saturday I went to the amusement park, and I brought protein powder with me, but left it in the locker while we went on rides, so I went 6 hours without anything to eat, after getting up late and only having had one shake that day. I was grouchy and hungry and went to Red Lobster. It was really tasty. Yesterday I had no excuse whatsoever. I just wanted to have nacho cheese fries from KFC/Taco Bell. I made sure I had a shake so I wasn't hungry, I made sure I didn't have time to get any before exercise class, I had a great exercise class and was feeling good about myself - but I _still_ went and got the cheese fries. This is a mindset problem that I really have to kick. In the past, I've routinely eaten out in combination with other errands, and it's rare that I wouldn't get something if I'm out. "I have an appointment here, then I can eat at this place," or "I have an appointment there, then I can eat at that place." That can't be my reward or my treat anymore. I'm blogging this because I've been afraid and ashamed to admit my cheats "out loud". But it happened, it's over, and I'm going to do better in the future.
  17. Kat Crowder

    One Hour To Sleeve Time!

    Good luck, Delta! Looking forward to hearing from you post-op!
  18. Kat Crowder

    3 Pre-Surgical Cheats - No More!

    I'm afraid of that, too - I don't know how much of a difference your starting weight matters, either. Am I less likely to have a problem because I'm a low BMI to start with? Or no matter how heavy you are to start with, 2 weeks on the same diet gets most of the fat out of everyone's liver? I've been reading a little more tonight, and I super super super want my liver to shrink because my doctor's planning to do a single-site through the belly-button area, and I don't want him to have to convert to a multi-site. I think when I see him Thursday I'm going to fess up and see if we should reschedule. That would suck a lot because I've done a lot of planning around it with a friend flying in to be with me for the first week, and making sure it was the absolutely best time to take vacation. Rats.
  19. Kat Crowder

    Bcbsil Approved!

    Afyna, it never hurts to call the insurance company and check. A lot of people, including me, have had a response come quickly after calling to follow up. Whether that's coincidence or not, I don't know. Good luck!
  20. Kat Crowder


    *hugs* There is a lot of information, and there are a lot of options. I've heard a lot of positives about Dr. Garcia, though I don't know what group he works with. Information is power, though. Gather, gather, gather so you can make an informed decision, and go through the Mexico forum on here to see what others think. It can drive you crazy, but it's not like you're going to get your hair done.
  21. Kat Crowder

    Massage Parlors

    I love my Massage Envy membership!
  22. Kat Crowder

    Tap Tap Tap... Is This Thing On?

    I'm not sure I really want to maintain a blog here. I kind of like the freeflowing comments within the forums, but I also like the idea of having somewhere a little more permanent where I can keep track of what's going on with me personally. We shall see. Now it's bedtime.

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