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  1. Starting my liquid diet tomorrow so my mom is cooking my favorite meal. Beef and noodles with mashed potatoes. [: Yum! I'm not even sad about it, just EXCITED to know that this is actually happening.
  2. The time will pass before you know it.
  3. It took me a week to get approved. But the the doctors were moving their offices that week so it took 2 weeks to get a date.
  4. I'm only 18 and I'm very interested in getting the VSG. I was interested in the Lap Band for the longest time but after reading about both and hearing about them at the seminar, I have no interest in getting the band over the sleeve. I know this is a life changing decision, so how do you feel over someone so young getting the sleeve? I have an appointment next week with Dr. Hoehn in Kansas City. They will then submit my information to insurance. Thanks for any feedback. [:
  5. Amber

    iphone vs blackberry (which one?)

    I have a BlackBerry Torch. Unless you're a business type person I wouldn't get it. Which I'm not. I love it but next time I'll be getting an iPhone or Android.
  6. Amber

    Ready to start a new life

    I hope everything goes smoothly and quickly! I went to a seminar at the end of February and now my surgery is in two weeks. I have BCBS Anthem and was approved. I'm 18. Good luck!
  7. Amber

    Got my Surgery Date...

    That's awesome! Congrats on your date! I know what you mean about the patience, I have two weeks left and can hardly stand it. I'm about to go insane. ^,^
  8. Just two more weeks till surgery.

  9. To keep everyone updated, I went through the process and got approved from insurance. My surgery is May 24th. Thanks again for all the responses, it was nice to reread them again after being approved for the surgery.
  10. Amber

    young and sleeveless....

    Hey [: I'm 18 and will be having the surgery in about two weeks. I also asked the same question and got a lot of great responses. Here's the link. http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/14864-getting-sleeved-young/page__p__126112__hl__%2Bgetting+%2Bsleeved+%2Byoung__fromsearch__1#entry126112
  11. I have BCBS Anthem. I'm not sure what state. My BMI was 40.1 and they approved me after a week.
  12. Amber

    how long?

    I have BCBS Anthem and they approved me after a week. I then had to wait another week because the hospital where I am having my surgery was closed that week. But I got my date today. [:
  13. First of all, I got my date!! May 24th. I'm very excited. It felt awesome to make my ticker. Second, My mom is waiting till after my 2 week check up before we move to Colorado. That's a ten hour drive. Does anyone know what I should have with me, as in will there still be discomfort? What type of food should I bring with me? Though I really do not like eating fast food, if I have to go to one what would you recommend? If nothing I'll just eat a bunch of yogurt or something lol. Advice is appreciated, thanks!
  14. Amber


    That's awesome! Way to go!
  15. The psychologist I had to get cleared by gave me a list of books he thinks are very good. These he highly recommended: Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies - - By Marina S, Kurian, Barbara Thompson, and Brian K. Davidson The Emotional First + Aid Kit: A Practical Guide to Life After Bariatric Surgery, Second Editon - - By Cynthina L. Alexander Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery: Over 140 Delicious Low-Fat High Protein recipes to Enjoy in the Weeks, Months, and Years After Surgery - - By Patt Levine Mindless Eating : Why We Eat more Than We Think - - By Brian Wansink Others he listed were: Before & After, Revised Edition: Living and Eating Well After Weight-Loss Surgery - - By Susan Maria Leach Exodus from Obesity: The Guide to Long- Term Success After Weight Loss Surgery - - By Paula F. Peck Life Is Hard, food Is Easy: The 5-Step Plan to Overcome Emotional Eating and Lose Weight on Any Diet - - By Linda Spangle Hope that helps!
  16. Whoops, I didn't see this before I responded.
  17. I'm sorry that you're having a rough time. My mom, who had gastric bypass, sort of went through the same thing you did. They ended up stretching her stomach out a little. The doctor went in through the throat with a cylinder type object and just expanded her stomach. I'm sorry I don't know what the name of the procedure is. She got better soon after. Before then she was throwing up basically every meal.
  18. hair loss doesn't always have to do with the Protein and Vitamins. Having adequate amounts of those could help but drastic weight loss with any diet can cause weight loss. It takes a bit for your body to reset itself with your new weight. Hormone changes is probably the big one for major weight loss. Here is a link of what can cause hair loss. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/hair-loss/DS00278/DSECTION=causes Also, Most people on this forum say their hair loss started at around 3 months after surgery then started to grow back 3 months after that. So that goes with what the article says. But I've also seen some say it took anywhere from 6 months to a year to start growing back. It depends on the person. It will grow back so don't let that idea be a major part of your decision.
  19. Way to go! You look amazing.
  20. Amber

    Height and Weight Photos

    Here's one kind of like that. http://www.mybodygallery.com/index.html
  21. That's awesome! Way to go! I'm pretty sure you'll be able to lose more than 60%. I think they just say that just in case. What type of exercising have you been doing? I'll add you, just keep the sleeve private. [:

  22. And post some pictures!

  23. I'm approved. [: I should get a date Monday. What's your weight loss like? I've wondered how different it is for us younger people.

  24. Hey, not much! What about you? [: This waiting sucks! Lol I should get a date this week, so I'm really excited. I can't wait to just be relieved and like you said feel like this is actually happening.

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