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  1. Where are the 50's??? -- all I see is a topic about wrinkles! How has the surgery changed your life?
  2. I'm wondering what the VSG world thinks of the HCG diet? The principle of it is a 500 calorie specific diet that feeds off your fat so one is not hungry. About a year after one friend's sleeve surgery, she did the HCG to "reset" her weight and dropped 20lbs. In the future, I am considering doing it myself as my metabolism is so screwed up. I've also had several friends that lost 40+lbs and have kept it off. SO WHAT DO YA ALL THINK????
  3. Luanne

    NSV shout outs

    One of my friends gushed, "You look like a Barbie Doll!"
  4. Luanne

    Where are the 50s ???

    Hi Cathy -- Well first of all, you're doing awesome! About a year ago, I bought a Proform Activator (Google "vibrating plate" to see the principle to it + U-Tube even) that stimulates the muscles & helps metabolism so it changed my shape. One of my friends even gushed, "You look like a Barbie doll!" There's all kinds of machines out there, I found this one at Sears/Kmart for $400. My doctor's office has one & certain gyms also. Here's to "jiggling" away!
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    Where are the 50s ???

    Well I haven't been on here in awhile so thought I'd do some updating...Over 2 1/2 yrs since my VSG and it has been the perfect tool for me, a reminder not to overeat plus choose healthier eating. I've kept my weight to 160 but have dropped 2 sizes. I was perfectly happy with wearing 12s but all of a sudden 10s & some 8s fit great. I'm 58 and looking forward to my 40th class reunion this summer 'cuz I look 'n feel great!
  6. Paying It Forward: I had my VSG Dec 2010 & now bringing a friend (Jan 7 2013) for the procedure. Any suggestions on how to kill thwe downtime? Where did "the bringers" eat or shop? Is it safer than what it was?
  7. I've pretty consistently taken B shots from the get-go plus my liquid Life Vitamin are my tickets to being 'n feeling healthy!
  8. The Oprah's OWN channel has a new tv show called "ADDICTED TO FOOD" that seems to be based on the 12 steps. I watched the second one today and it is quite an eyeopener as it has impulsive, overeaters, & bulimics sharing their journey together. Make sure to catch it!
  9. Luanne

    Acid/ Heartburn

    I've taken a PPI since way before my VSG 12-9-10 and decided to wing it (w/o taking my PPI) a few days ago = HEARTBURN CITY! *Sooooo, how long would YOU test the waters and not take one to see if the acid/heartburn would subside on its own ????
  10. ONE YEAR AGO/12-9-10: I DO KNOW that I am VERY GRATEFUL to have had the VSG as a tool to help cope with my lifetime and continuing food addiction! My weightloss has been practically nothing for months & plateaued (1 year= 60 lbs) BUT my body has been changing & I have lost a size this month. It seems I'm still looking for the easier softer way (!!!) and have been using the SONIC VIBRATION that seems to be the reason for losing that size. My doctor purchased one & I know they're at gyms -- GOOGLE it and see if it may benefit you. It helps metabolism, bone density, and I believe it has started to help firm my jiggley areas. [she also has oxygen therapy for the 10 minutes you're doing it.] Just like many of us, YEARS of my Yo-Yo weight loss & gain certainly puts me back to the decision of having the VSG. I had started a doctor-supervised plan for the purpose of jumping thru the hoops for insurance paid weightloss surgery and lost 90 pounds "the right way." My biggest mistake/regret was not to have the surgery as a tool THEN (or when I was in that loss process) because we all know how to lose it but keeping it off is another thing! Because BAM ~ I was okay with 20 sneaking back on, grieving the loss of my Dad. But then another death (suicide of a very close friend) put me in The Binge From Hell and another 45 pounds in less than 2 months. So here 65 of the 90 was back on: I'd hit "my top" once again and headed to Arizona where my friend took me to Mexico. One year ago today, I gave myself a gift to help with my health and well-being. Thank You VSG!
  11. I'll be a year Dec 9, 2011: I have not lost anything for months but I started to "rearrange" my figure & tighten my skin by using the SONIC VIBRATION Therapy System. Google it as it has many different benefits...a few being metabolism helper, exercise/aerobic benefit, bone strengthening, ect. My doctor has one in her office with oxygen therapy but gyms have it also. GOOGLE IT, find one, and TRY IT = I am a believer!
  12. I'm a recovering alcoholic of 10 years and have cross-addicted to many things in my life! Whatever I do, I do "alcoholicly" and that is that I know no end until I "Let Go, Let God" and work through the 12 Steps to find a solution.
  13. I thought I read that someone just had moved to Spring Creek, Nevada but now I can not find her. If anyone is...please contact me!
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    Thank you--you made me feel better = tomorrow will be my first "dose" then!
  15. My doctor prescribed BONIVA as I had several ankle fractures and have been on a PPI for many years. In a recent column of DR. GOTT's: "In May 2010 the FDA determined that Nexium, Prilosec, Prvacid, Protonix, Aciphex, ect. might include a warning on their labels regarding the possibility of fracture risk, stating PPIs may interfere withe the ability of our digestive tracts to absorb Calcium." "...Long term use of PPIs has been associated with low magnesium levels, often in conjunction with low calcium levels." >>>I am afraid to take the BONIVA as to my smal stomach (VSG) and the warning about esophogus problems. Is anyone else taking BONIVA & any side affects ???
  16. I'm 9 months out & still taking a PPI, which I have for years...should I taper off & quit or continue taking them daily? What are the disadvantages & advantage of them? Depending on what I am eating, I still gurgle on occasion. Would they hinder weightloss? I only have a GP for a doctor so I'M CONFUSED: SO what are your opinions ?!!
  17. Luanne


    DR. GOTT answered some of my questions about PPI's (proton pump inhibitors such as Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid, Protonix): Dr. Gott "suggests they might include a warning on their labels regarding the possibility of FRACTURE RISK, stating that PPIs may interfere with the ability to absorb calcium." Bingo! ~ my ankle fractured twice in June and my doc wants me to BONIVA but I'm scared as my stomach (of course) is small & the medication has alot of scary warnings to the esopohogus. *Anyone else taking it???
  18. My dinner companions definitely can hear my gurgling & see the expression on my face also! = I just laugh! Plus I'm still on a PPI...WHEN/IFare we supposed to stop taking them?
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    now i know

    Mina --- HOW ARE YOU DOING???
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    I have 3 grandkids that are extremely PROUD of their grandma! My granddaughters (19 & 15) each got into a leg of my 46" waist jeans to take pics! I love to do "The Biggest Loser Thang" with the jeans and also the 26/28W shirt. I will have them forever to know where I came from and where I am today. One memory that comes back to haunt me is when we were at an amusement park on a ride & the bar would not close so we were made to get OFF ~ I was devastated and embarrased.
  21. In 2008, I did it "the right way" with doctor-supervised exercise, food diary, & Phentermine (as per my insurance wanted towards WLS) = I lost about 90 lbs in a year & a half. In 2010, through helping my 94 yr old Dad pass & grief, I slowly gained 20 back. Then a young friend committed suicide that put me in a tailspin & plummeted on 45 lbs in a matter of 2 months. That's when I said enough was enough and I needed surgery to help "control" my binging. Yes "bigsexy" I was very proud & pleased to have the lost the weight on my own ~ as over many years, many pounds lost & gained! My regret was that I did not pursue the VSG surgery after my 90lb weightloss. The VSG "FREEDOM" just reinforces my eating habits and helps me make better choices. My weightloss has been slow but that's ok as there are extenuating circumstances. Hopefully your husband will see that surgery is just a tool to help you be a healthier & happier person. Mine said, "Oh great...now you'll never cook!" Good luck.
  22. WOW ~ You're journey really mirrors mine: I had my sleeve with Dr. Aceves on Dec 9 2010, am 56, and started out at 245. My journey has been slow 'n steady but I'm ok with that. I had lost 90 lbs (2008-2009), gained 20 back then 45 came back on with a vengeance (grief) and that's when I decided enough was enough! Thankfully I had 2 friends that had lapbands done by Dr. Aceves so one took me down. I've lost 55lbs but best of all feel great & all my clothes fit great. The Sleeve has and will be a Godsend! Congrats to us!
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    Hi Jennifer, every one's program is their own & I feel that even though we have the WLS, I know for myself that I still have those behaviours & addictive personality. Take what you want & leave the rest in OA recovery. No matter, YOU'll be bringing something to "the table" thru your 20 years of sobriety! Working the steps are working the steps. Good luck on all.
  24. Luanne

    What do I do???

    Put "5 day pouch test" in the VST search engine. What kind of excercise do you do? Have you tried AquaticsWater Aerobics? My ankle was/is fractured so doing anything was out so this has been perfect (+ I LOVE the water!) for me...it would benefit your with RA = a win win! Good luck.