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    Going kind of crazy...

    Hi Newmommy05, MB20mom is right! Right now you should be resting and trying to stay hydrated. I tried to at least get as much protien in the form of liquid as possible. But right now you are still swollen. Don't worry about the weightloss....it will come automatically. The sleeve is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck.
  2. How are you doing?

  3. My journey is great. I love this sleeve!!! How have you been?

  4. Hey Peggy! I have been doing great. I haven't weighed this week so I will let you know this weekend how much I have lost. I can really tell with my clothes. I don't want to get obsessed with the scale so I promised myself once a week. I eat yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding, oatmeal, or beans. I don't mind the mushie stage. I think regular food would hurt right now anyway. How was returning to work? I know my first week returning to work was exhausting!! I was so exhausted the first week. Now I feel much better. Thanks for checking on me. How are you feeling about your decision? I hope you feel better now.

  5. I agree!! Tuna needs the bread!!! LOL I am doing great. I haven't weighed this week, but it feels like more is gone. I promised myself I would weigh once a week. I don't want to get obsessed with the scale. I have been doing great. Mushies are okay. I actually like cottage cheese without crackers...LOL. Thanks for checking on me. How have you been? Have you lost much?

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    Bye bye stall

  7. Just checking on you. How are you feeling? I hope better.

  8. Congratulations!!! Are you having your surgery in the States? I don't know what you should bring if you are going out of the country? I brought slippers, a robe, chapstick, large panties (you are so swollen afterwards), a bra that did not have underwire, and a comfortable outfit to wear home. I am pretty sure others will give you some other suggestions just in case I forgot something. You will do fine tomorrow. They kept telling me but I didn't hear them because I was so scared...but being on the other side...the sleeved side is wonderful!!!!!
  9. Glad to hear you are still doing great. I know you said I would eventually love this sleeve....but I didn't think you would be right so soon. I love it. Talk to you soon. I go back to work tomorrow. Wish me luck.

  10. I am doing great also. I have to got to Costco and get those shakes. I have been trying the Atkins Advantage. Good luck tomorrow. Isn't this sleeve great!!

  11. I think I mixed up the message between you and Brenda. LOL. I am glad the clot is not bothering you anymore. I am still praying for you.

  12. I am doing great. I go back to work tomorrow also. I have been drinking the Atkins Advantage. I will have to go to Costco and get those shakes. It is an adjustment this whole thing, but really worth it.

  13. How are you doing? I am loving this sleeve! You were so right. Thank you for the encouragement.

  14. I hope you feel better. The nausea must be pretty bad. I also regretted the surgery the first few days I got home, ofcourse mine wasn't as bad as yours, but now I love this damn sleeve! You will too when you get over this hurdle. Did Dr. Zane give you some nausea meds? I am so sorry this is not going well. Believe me...it will get better. I was so depressed I wanted to go to Kaiser and find my stomach in the trash, but now I love it. I will be praying for you. Keep me posted.

  15. I am now 9 days post surgery. I, too, was regreting the surgery when I first got home. I was crying that I had made a bad decision. Around the fifth day, I started to love my decision. The pain started to subside, I could get more down without being in pain, and started to see the pounds drop. Give it time. I was just there last week. Listen to what the Veteran Sleevers are telling you. It will get better.
  16. I had sleeve surgery on Jan. 19th and I know this is too much information, but I haven't had a bowel movement since before surgery. It is now the 27th of Jan. !!!!! My question to you all is: 1. Can I drink Prune juice one week out from surgery? 2. Can I take a stool softener? 3. Do you think I need more Water intake? I am having difficulty meeting my minimum daily intake of fluids. Help. Thank you all in advance.
  17. Ready2BHealthy

    Too Much Info.....but I need Help!

    Thank you Laura and Schatzie. I will ofcourse drink more water. I have an appointment with the doctor in two hours. I will check with him. Thank you.
  18. Ready2BHealthy

    Too Much Info.....but I need Help!

    Thanks Tiffany. I see the doctor tomorrow so I will see what he says. Yes, I did a liquid diet prior to surgery. I am grateful that I am not in any discomfort. I will keep you posted. Thanks again Tiffany.
  19. Hi Laura,

    How are you doing? I am doing much better this week then the first week. The first week was full of pain and regrets. This week I really feel good. I am happy with my decision. How are you doing??/

  20. Ready2BHealthy

    Scheduled for 6am VSG surgery

    Best wishes to you both!
  21. Ready2BHealthy

    New Member

    Welcome!! Our stories and weight are almost identical. I had my surgery the day before you. Let's keep in touch to give each other encouragement.
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    Yay I have DATE and, DRAMA = [.

    Tiffany, Wow! I would POed also. Like everyone else said, "Don't let this one event change how you feel". Everyone has an opinion. You continue to do your research and if you feel comfortable...then go for it. This is you trying to be happy for become healthier. I would really talk to my parents. I think that was unfair for them to share your business with the rest of the family. Betrayl!!! Good luck to you. Word for thought.....If we did what others wanted us to do all the time....we would just be boring puppets.