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  1. Hey my friends, I have not been on site in a while because I have had a lot going on. I lost my sister in November it was so unexpected. My birthday was two weeks later. Just could not Celebrate knowing my rock was gone. I was also moving in a month giving me more stress. finally went back to the doctor I needed a fill which was ok. In Feb I did not think I need another fill but I did it anyway. I am now down another 8.5 lbs in a month so I guess I did. I am feeling better. Please keep me in your prayers I am still now there yet.
  2. MzEboni912

    Two size 18 & 1 size 16

    I am interested in the size 16
  3. MzEboni912

    Out with the Old in with the New!

    Looking for your closet but it says page not found.
  4. MzEboni912


    Mine were out before I knew. I had bandage for a day or two. But it was ok
  5. MzEboni912

    Second Time Around!

    Welcome to the family. I have been banded since January 27. I have much success. I am 40 lbs down I can wear size 16 or 18 depending on how its made. I have not been in this size since my senior year of high school 1979. I have more to go but as it was to gain it's a process to lose it. Please keep me posted on how you're doing and again welcome to the family.
  6. MzEboni912

    IL - Chicago Southwest Suburbs

    Mercy Hospital has a great program and Dr. Lufuti is great.
  7. MzEboni912

    Hi all, 59 years and starting a new life!

    Welcome to the best club in the world. I was banded in January. I am 7 lbs away from me 1st goal. I weighed 249 this time last year.Now I am at 207. I am so happy. I have not weighed this since my son was a baby ( 2 months old) he is now 22.
  8. I have been away for awhile now that I back I need to get back on track. I was doing fairly well until I switched insurance. I went to see my surgeon to find out that only my PCP accepted this insurance. Happily I was able to switch back now all is well.The last time I was a the lapband doctorI was done 6 lbs. During the time I was trying to fix my problem in that month and a half Iose three more due to no fault of my own. When I went for my appointment last Friday I have gained 4lbs I was uhappy but I knew I needed a fill. Now that is done I will be moving forward.
  9. MzEboni912


    I was bruised for about a month. But it will pass.
  10. MzEboni912

    Chicagoland Area?

    I am in.
  11. MzEboni912

    Chicagoland Area?

    Welcome you can learn so much. I am in Chicago.
  12. MzEboni912

    Chicagoland Area?

    I want in on this. I live in Chicago.
  13. MzEboni912

    Just want to VENT!

    When do you eat in the morning?
  14. I am looking for dresses, tops and pants in size 18-20.
  15. MzEboni912

    Looking for 22/24 18/20 clothes

    Did you move them off of Ebay. Check and nothing was there. Email at vickico129@gmail.com if anything is available.
  16. Do you have any clothes in sizes 18 for pants/jeans and 2x for tops left?
  17. MzEboni912

    Looking for 22/24 18/20 clothes

    Here is my email vickico129@gmail.com
  18. MzEboni912

    Looking for 22/24 18/20 clothes

    What is your ebay name?
  19. MzEboni912

    Looking for 22/24 18/20 clothes

    What size clothes do you have
  20. What sizes do you have in the men and women's clothes
  21. What sizes do you have in the men and women's clothes
  22. MzEboni912

    Here I go!

    Welcome to the family. I pray you have a speedy recovery. I was banded on January 27. I have lost 33 toal so far. Just waiting for warmer weather so I can walk more.
  23. MzEboni912

    I Walked a Mile Today!

    I finally completed a mile Tuesday walked outside the weather was good. I live in Chicago

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