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  1. BillieG

    Banders Exercise

    Hip hop abs!!!!!
  2. BillieG

    Banders Exercise

    Ok i been nervous about exercising but i am ready now!!! I got hip hop abs!! Soon as its warm ill be back on the bike trail
  3. BillieG

    I'm hungry

    Yea its hard to get all the Protein in those first few weeks, you probably need to drink Protein shakes. I use chocolate or vanilla whey protein supplement it gives you like 30g protein. Plus I put it in skim milk. That will help with your hunger. Also, recommended that you drink tons of Water to fill you up too. I find that most of the time my hunger is out of habit, like I SHOULD be hungry or eating. As the doc says, ya gotta think like a skinny person! Good luck!
  4. BillieG

    This can't be true...

    Okay listen up... the same exact thing happened to me! For my initial follow up, the guy told me don't focus on weight loss but worry about healing. So I didn't... and I ultimately went back up like 4 lbs. So when I went for my first fill I met with the physician who will be seeing me from now on and she is tough! She said that is a bunch of bull because we (bandsters) are supposed to lose AT LEAST 1 - 2 lbs per week! So she went through the entire diet plan and found that I was drinking my calories! I have to use myfitnesspal on the computer and print out my food report EVERY DAY to show her on my next visit. If I don't lose in a week I have to figure out why. This has helped A LOT recording every little thing I eat and drink. My first week I am now down 5.6 lbs and I will way in ONLY one day a week. This is just with monitoring diet as I have not returned to working out yet. Oh! Another tip is to eat at least 20g of Protein for each major meal to keep you full longer. Good luck!
  5. I got 2 cc... I asked and she told me. I can understand them not wanting u to obsess but i think u have a right ?
  6. How do u know u r ready to exercise? I am at 6 weeks post op and i still have pain from time to time just from walking? Now my doc did say she thinks my port is hitting my rib causing the discomfort. If it doesnt stop they will have to go in and move it. other than walking, what exercises can i do that arent strenuous? Doc said i can do zumba but my body doesnt feel like i can lol
  7. Im dealing with return appetite too. I need to have restraint bcuz what happens is im real hungry and about ten minutes after i eat i feel extremely bloated and miserable. If i can have the will power to eat a small portion THEN c how i feel i will do better. I dnt want my band to slip from eating too much but without the fill its difficult
  8. Thats great! Ive had ppl tell me that too and its the best feeling. My coworkers know i had it bcuz i was too damned excited to keep it to myself lol
  9. Thats what i keep thinking that everyone is different. On my follow up they told me i may very well need the full 6 weeks bcuz i have a physically demanding job. I just know i cant run those.halls for 8 hrs let alone do all the other job functions. Im real sore just from running errands. as far as trying foods, im doing great. I expect the real challenge to come after.the fill!
  10. Ablond, my NP said close to 6 weeks after surgery. Mine was the 9th of jan and my first fill will be feb 17
  11. Wow i hope nothing is wrong with me i c several of u going to work and active in the gym. I still have a significant amount of pain if i walk too much or do light housework? Wth :-(
  12. What??? Ur going to work already as a cna?? That is the same thing i.do, i was banded on the 9th and if i do a lot like go store and walk over 15-20 minutes, i am in sooo much pain! I know everyone is different, but MAKE SURE with our job functions u r ready. My doctor said 4-6 weeks because the job is so physical.
  13. I have 5 incisions, thot that was standard for everyone...
  14. Got mine on 9th and i was having that burning pain too. Doc said there r stitches there where the port is so it will b a little sore. Try not to bend in that area and allow healing. But u shuld ck with u doc just in case bcuz of the stitches.there, culd b a problem
  15. I will be eating baked fish and eggs everyday thank u very much!! one of the few things that doesnt need pureed! And high in protein
  16. BillieG

    2 week mark

    Thank u for that. Everyone has these expectations that u should drop right away. The dr dis tell me right after surgery ur stomach is swollen, masking hunger. As u heal and swelling goes down u get hungry again. But yes i have no restriction until i get a fill so im trying not to expect too much
  17. BillieG

    2 week mark

    Im at 2 weeks today i start the puree phase. I still get real "achy" if i walk a lot, like at grocery store...? Also, only went doen 1/2 lb this week. I know this healing process is tough. I have follow up with dr today so im taking a list of questions regarding pain, calories, etc. staying positive and excited!!!
  18. Wow ur lucky i had a whole week of clear liquids then a week of full liquids. Just starting mashies today! Cant wait to scramble an egg!! Soon as kids r on this bus...
  19. I am with u my gas pain started in belly end of first week. Tomorrow makes week 2 and im still suffering on and off with the gas. i also take gas x and try to walk around a bit. tho when i walk a lot like at the store, i get REALLY achy. I see dr tmrw and will ask about this bcuz it seems i shuld be able to walk distances by now. Guess everyone is different
  20. C all dr are different. I could only drink 30cc per 1/2 hour. Made it hard to get my fluids in
  21. I got that my right side i think its where you got your port. I think I'll be off at least for weeks but i have a physical job
  22. Its a good thing you r thirsty bcuz i felt so bloated i was struggling to get all the fluids in.
  23. I have been keeping a notebook to record everything i eat and drink. This is the only way i keep track of calories, protein, and fluid ounces. I think after doing this for a period of time i will get used to what i am supposed to have.
  24. Mine is one the right of my belly button. I also have 5 incisions i would ask.about that because so many are needed to peform the procedure?
  25. Ooh yea thats lucky becuase those steri strips help with healing. Im lucky i havent scratched em off itching!

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