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  1. latina1974

    Would you do it again?

    Yes I would but maybe would have done bypass. I heard u lose more
  2. latina1974

    Sleeve weight loss times?

    I went from 220 to 160. Haven't lost since October
  3. latina1974

    Sleeve weight loss times?

    Everyone looses different. I am extremely slow loser. I have only lost 60 pounds in 11 months an hungry all the time. This has been hard for me
  4. latina1974

    Mexico or not

    I went to Mexico an had a great experience. I had Dr. Garcia. I am going bk for breast an tummy tuck
  5. wow u look great. I need the same work done too but scared.Highly reconsidering
  6. I had Dr. Garcia great team. and hospital. I would do it again.
  7. I lost 36 pds at 3 months, I started at 220. I am a real slow loser. An it gets worse, I have only lost 2pds in the last month ughl
  8. latina1974

    peanut butter

    I am 4 months out an,i used it ever since 2 wks po. I help take the edge off
  9. latina1974

    What am i doing wrong?

    Idk, I am doing the same thing. I am 18wks po, I am crawling at losing weight. How many wks po are u?
  10. So I was thinking since alot of yous still.have hunger issues being a yr out or so, are we aloud to use diet pills or anything of the sorts ?I heard of skinny fiber to help u fill full.
  11. latina1974

    Worried about weight gain...

    I am the same way, I had mine done april 15, I still get hungry, mostly head hunger. I have to work hard to lose, weight. I have lost 25 in 7 wks but its been hard for me. Its not as easy as alot of people make it out to be lol. I eat about 1000 to 1200 a day. an exercise an hr 4 to 5 times a week. Good luck
  12. latina1974

    4lbs away from ONEDERLAND...!

    me too I have 4 lbs too cant wait
  13. I am 5 days post op.I got sleeved april 15 in tijuana Mexico with Dr. Garcia at florence hospital. My first 3 Days were Horrible. I had servere nauesa an vomitting and felt like a elephant sittting on my chest. I had trouble getting my fluids in but by the 4 Day it got easier. but today I can get all my required fluids in and then some alittle concerned i dont want to stretch out my sleeve. Most of the staff was great at the hospital. Dr. Garcia and his team was very friendly. Melissa the onsite cooridator was great, answered all my questions. I felt safe at the hospital with my personal belongings being out. The night before discharge a dr from Dr. Garcia team came and answered all my questions and was very nice an hot that was a plus. I felt very safe being in tijuana. The hotel where u stay (marriott) is beautiful. The staff was very friendly and spoke english well. I highly recommened going to mexico to get sleeved. My experience was great. I have no regrets being sleeved.I pray my journe keeps going good. And I meet some great girls being sleeved the same day as me with Dr. Garcia.
  14. I am 3 wks post op and I an hungry all the time. I consume 1000 to 1200 a day, I thought I would I wouldn't be hungry I was hoping with this surgery that I wouldn't be. I start regular food this wk.
  15. I'm eating good stuff, I eat cheese, baby fruit cups, yogurt, , scrambled eggs with cheese,
  16. latina1974

    I feel quilty not listening to NUT

    I did the same thing I am 10 days post op, it is so hard just drink protein drinks and soups, do you feel your restrictions at yr stomach? I don't not yet.
  17. I am having a lil doubt too, I had mine done april 15 and I started the protein drink today and drank 8 oz no problem but I feel hungry still. I thought I would be less hungry and wanting food. I am scared I will never leave the 200's.
  18. I started my protein drinks today, I am 7 days post op, thought I would be more fuller then I was. Here it is 2 hrs later an hungry. An I drank 8 oz no problem Ugh!!7
  19. latina1974

    5days post op

    Liz what do u mean?
  20. latina1974

    5days post op

    ok just wondering lol, I guess I am just nervous
  21. latina1974

    5days post op

    SO I am able to eat my broth of 8 oz in one sitting is that normal? or okay to do?
  22. I leave for Mexico tomorrow surgery is Monday, What should I take? Is there any certain kind of food or drink I should take? Anything that will help me, Please help?

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