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  1. I picked this up at my band surgeon's office yesterday. Thought I'd share: Plastic Surgery - Surgery performed by a Plastic Surgeon to modify and change the appearance of an individual. The emphasis is on the change of one's appearance and no actual plastic is used for most of the operations. Brachioplasty - This operation is performed to improve the appearance of one's upper arms. Excess arm skin is removed after weight loss. This operation is usually performed after all the weight loss has been obtained and is done under general anesthesia on an out-patient basis. This procedure is considered cosmetic in nature and is not covered by insurance plans. Mastopexy - This operation is performed to improve the appearance of the breasts. This is an operation that lifts the breasts, changes the size and location of the nipple and aureola, and gives a firmer and more youthful breast. This operation is performed after weight loss has been obtained and is done under general anesthesia on an out-patient basis. This procedure is considered cosmetic in nature and is not covered by insurance plans. Breast Reduction - This operation is performed to reduce the size and weight of one's breasts and to improve the shape of the breasts as well. In this operation there is a reduction both of breast tissue and skin of the breasts. This operation is performed under general anesthesia on an out-patient basis. This procedure is covered by many insurance plans but does have a minimum amount of breast tissue that must be removed. For this reason, one may have this operation performed before all of the weight loss to assure qualification for insurance coverage. Consult a plastic surgeon about this operation if needed soon after weight loss surgery. Abdominoplasty - This operation, also referred to as a tummy tuck, is performed to remove excess skin and fat from one's abdomen. This operation is performed under general anesthesia on an out-patient basis. This operation is considered cosmetic in nature and is not covered by insurance companies. This operation would be considered after your weight loss is complete. Panniculectomy - This operation is performed to remove the excess skin one has on their abdomen that hangs over one's pubis after significant weight loss. This is a medically indicated operation to improve the health of the skin on the abdomen that is frequently infected under the skin. This operation is performed under general anesthesia on an out-patient basis in most circumstances. This is a medically indicated operation and is covered by most insurance plans. This operation would be considered after your weight loss is complete.
  2. Pam, your surgery is just a week away! Sept. 21 is just around the corner. Sending you best wishes and (((hugs))) for a safe trip, uneventful surgery, and quick recovery.
  3. New Hope

    I'm having a Hysterectomy

    Vera, I'm just now seeing this. Best of luck to you on your surgery. I had the same problems and it took 6 years to find someone to do a hysterectomy. That was 10 years ago...abdominal incision (at the bikini line), really minimal recovery. They left my ovaries and I take a very low dialy dose of Estrogen. (It's also great for your complexion!) I've had my ovaries ultra sounded and no problems. I had gottem to the point that I was passing clots as big as the palm of my hand for several days, irregular cycles, and extreme cramping. 3 dncs didn't do anything and after he got into the surgery, he said this was the only way to stop all of my problems. Well the surgery is really minimal pain. Just get up and walk around as soon as you can. You won't believe how much better you feel immediately! It's one of the best things that I ever did for myself (besides my band.) I've never looked back! (((Hugs))) for an easy surgery and quick recovery! I think you've more than served your time in the o.r. this year!
  4. hair transplants, electrolysis, teeth whitening, liposuction. ~If surgery removes a breast as treatment of cancer, breast reconstruction is covered.
  5. Pertaining to Gastric Reflux...from the gastrologist's directions sheet (used with permission): MODIFICATION OF LIFE STYLE RECOMMENDATIONS: *WATCH DIET --Avoid provoking foods (see list below) --No eating for 2 - 3 hours before going to bed --Eat smaller meals *EXERCISE --Avoid vigorous activity for 1 - 2 hours after meals --Bend at knees and not waist *ELEVATE HEAD OF BED 4 INCHES -- BY USING 4x4 BOARD OR 4" BRICK UNDER LEGS OF BED *AVOID WEARING TIGHT FITTING CLOTHING *STOP SMOKING AND DRINKING ALCOHOLIC beverages *REDUCE WEIGHT GERD: PROVOKING FACTORS: *FOODS --Mints --Tea --Chocolates --coffee --Tomato --Fatty or Fried Foods --Black Pepper *ALCOHOL, CIGARETTES, COFFEE (INCLUDING DECAFFEINATED) *LYING DOWN WITHIN 3 - HOURS AFTER A MEAL *DRUGS --Nitrates --Calcium-channel blockers --Anticholinergics --Theophylline --Oral B2-agonists --NSAIDs --Antispasmodics --Phenothiazines --Tricyclics --Neuroleptics --Narcotics
  6. New Hope

    Introducing myself.....

    Ruthie, congratulations on getting a new "lease on life"! You are in for a wonderful journey....one that you and your husband can share together. So many great changes lying ahead for you! And if pregnancy isn't in the cards, how about adoption? I did, twice. The only difference is, they were born in my heart, not in my womb. You sound so happy and excited! Best of luck to you!
  7. New Hope

    Question for the older bandsters

    I've lost 58 pounds. I have saggy skin in my stomach and my upper underarms. Until I get to a stopping point, I'm really not worrying about the skin. I'm too busy enjoying the newfound energy, less medical problems, less medicines. My DH hasn't complained yet.
  8. New Hope

    Excited and Full of ?s

    Amy, congratulations for taking the steps necessary to regain your health! How much weight would you like to lose? We look forward to getting to know you here on LBT.
  9. New Hope


    I love this one! We all need to slow down and really enjoy life. Life events can change in the blink of an eye. I now use the "good" dishes "just because"...no special reason. Why let them sit there and gather dust just to be used once or twice a year. Play that card game of "Crazy Eights" with the kids and DH, instead of watching a summer rerun in total silence.
  10. New Hope

    new to forum

    What a terrible experience! I hope that you can just concentrate on recovering from a surgery right now. Possibly you can get some additonal information about a different/larger band and talk with a qualified band surgeon. Best of luck to you! But you are definitely NOT a failure! You did get your band but it didn't "agree" with you. This was not your fault. Best of luck to you and your DH!
  11. New Hope

    who sponsors this site?

    Alex B. is a very smart young man who had the wonderful idea to creat a support board for banded patients and people researching banding. I think of it as his "outreach program" to people all over the world. Thank you, Mr. Alex!!
  12. New Hope

    Dog with an ATTITUDE!

    Teresa, I know how much you love your puppies! I hope that there is a medication that can help him. Besides the water gun, have you tried a shaker (basically a sealed can w/pennies in it). The sudden, loud noise scares them and makes them stop what they were doing. Do you think possibly that it's a jealousy issue? He's jealous of having to share you with your DH or the other puppy, maybe? They can be little stinkers and when they've come from an abused situation, you have no way of knowing what hurts - physically and mentally - that they've been through. I know if anyone can give this guy a fair shot, it will be Teresa! (((Hugs))) sweet girl!
  13. New Hope

    I have yet another question!

    Becky, are you saying that you are in the "soft food stage" and have just recently been banded? If so, please be careful and follow your dr's eating instructions. It's important not to eat foods that require a lot of digestion before your band has had time to anchor. This is to avoid problems later on down the road.
  14. New Hope

    Bra Shopping

    Do you have a store where someone can properly measure you? I think you need to try them on and see, rather than order off a website (sight unseen). Different brands fit differently. Once you find out the right size, check out stores like Ross. You can find some beautiful ones for $6 or $7 dollars. I've seen the same ones in department stores for $35 or $40.
  15. New Hope

    What my relatives said...

    Alex, we'll look forward to seeing a side by side. I can't think of a greater tribute to your Mother.
  16. It seems pretty common for obese people to have a "fatty" liver. My dr. had me go on a low-glycemic diet. (Just basically eating from a large variety of healthy foods.) I followed his directions, didn't want any chances of surgical problems!
  17. New Hope

    lap band vs bypass

    It's much safer, appears to be better long-term, easier recovery, no dumping syndrome, don't have intestines rerouted. If you're unsure, please do a lot of research so you can be positive which one that you want before you do anything. Best of luck on whatever decision, you make.
  18. New Hope

    Just starting the research....

    Kell, best of luck to you! Please research as much as you can about the procedure, the banding surgeon, and your aftercare. I had 4 surgeries done when I got my band ---gallbladder removal, previous surgical adhesions, a benign tumor on the esophagus, and got my band. They were all done laproscopically though. Sure beats going through each one separately! Would your band be placed open-method or laproscopically?
  19. New Hope

    Stop The Presses!!!

    Christina, Congratulations! While I was in the pre-op area, I saw an OR nurse that I knew had RNY 3 years ago and had lost a lot of weight. But she had gained half of it back. That really reassured me that I'd made the right decision as they wheeled me into the OR.
  20. New Hope

    Woot!!!! I'm a bandster!!!

    Congratulations! Hope you continue to have an uneventful recovery. And I know those people are glad to get their paychecks!
  21. New Hope

    whoa that was a big needle!

    That is pretty shocking the first time, isn't it? My dr. was telling me that Inamed sends one needle with each new band. Then it costs him $10.50 for each one afterwards. He now uses a different noncoring needle from another co. that isn't that long because he says most patients don't have enough belly fat to need a needle that long. The Inamed needle is about 7" long and the other one is about 4 inches long.
  22. Krystal, I'm a lot older than you and wish that I could have gotten my band a long time ago. But maybe you and I weren't ready for our bands any earlier. You have a beautiful daughter that will help you get the exercise that you need. Have you ever tried a recumbent exercise bike? That might be a good place to start...takes the stress off of your joints. Best of luck to you!
  23. New Hope

    Interesting (and funny) Comment

    Great NSV! And you're "I don't think so" answer probably really has her wondering what's going on. LOL
  24. New Hope

    numbness & stinging

    Judy, they do a lot of probing around in there. I had weird little aches and pains for some time. One area would stop, then another would bug me. But they eventually all went away. Good luck!
  25. New Hope

    One Week of Being Banded - Report

    That's wonderful! Can't wait to hear what your dr. has to say.

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