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  2. Can't wait to be on the loser bench thanks soooo much to everyone on this site for your help and advice I will keep you updated wish me the best of luck thanks again everyone you have been a great help.
  3. Well I will give you some info about me. I weigh 360lb and I would like to lose 120lb. I have a bad back I have been living with for years (over 15). I have a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease and the cartilage is very thin to gone between a couple disc. My doctor suggested to go until I can't stand the pain any longer then look into surgery. I know even with weight loss im going to have pain but my nsaids really help me. My weight loss doctor is wanting me to get RNY to lose more weight faster. He suggested for the back pain take tylenol and water therapy. I know tylenol and water therapy won't help me so im considering the sleeve. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? I'm trying to decide between the two surgeries and its only two weeks away from surgery time.
  4. I have a 2 week liquid diet and one day before surgery its full liquid.
  5. Yes im also on the 17th one more week of pre-op diet to go
  6. Im now completly bald ..... oh wait I was before sorry
  7. v_dub1968

    Dec 20 Sleevers!

    Im on a 2 week liquid diet and im on day 4 and the diarrhea hit me the second day. After that I seem to be ok. first 3 days was rough. But everything I have has to go thru a strainer lol.
  8. v_dub1968

    Dec 20 Sleevers!

    2 nights for me also
  9. v_dub1968

    Last Meal Before Pre-Op Diet

    I had the biggest steak at the Texas Road House. Now im on my 2 week liquid diet and im pretty sure that steak is not going to hold me over for 2 weeks lol. Im really excited to start my new life and not have my life revolve around food. I love watching that scale go down
  10. v_dub1968

    Middle Age Vsg

    Im 44 and getting surgery on the 17th woot woot
  11. v_dub1968

    Dec 20 Sleevers!

    Im schd for Deceber 17th, I had up to a year to do it after my approval but I figure "Get r done" I would like to lose some weight before camping time lol.
  12. Congrads I hope to feel good after 5 days myself.
  13. I started my 2 week liquid diet today and I must say its not going to be fun but after a couple trips to the store I have found alot of stuff I can have so far so good but its only day 1 lol. Best of luck I really think it will go quick after a few days.
  14. v_dub1968

    Back Pain And The Sleeve

    I would prefer to have the sleeve myself because I know in the future I will be needing back surgery so im kinda leaning towards the sleeve as of now. I have tried water therapy and tylenol and it didn't help any at all. My thought is if I get the sleeve I could still take nsaids and be able to exercise alot more than without nsaids on the rny.

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