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  1. I had my Sleeve in August 2012. I post on my anniversary each year. In 2012, I was 52 years old and weighed 275. I am now 60 and weigh 185. The surgery saved and changed my life.  
  2. It has been 7 years since I had the Sleeve. I was 275 prior to the surgery. My goal was 200. My lowest was about 194. I am 200 today. First pic is pre-surgery. Second Pic was last week in my kilt. I Wass 52 when I had my surgery. I am 59 now.
  3. I am Scottish. I wear a kilt every day
  4. I was 52 in 2012 when I had the sleeve. I was 275 pounds. I lost 90....and have since gained back 5. Yep. After 4 years, I am still 190. My initial goal was 200. Four years later, I am still 190. I have hovered right at 185-190. The Sleeve changed my life. I get up at 4am daily and walk 5 miles before work. I still Protein load and carb avoid. I drink a LOT of Water daily. For me, the Sleeve has worked.....and continues to work. I was pre-diabetic before. Now, my doc says I have the health of a 30-year-old.
  5. stevedallas

    After 4 years.....

    well, I gave my strategy. Also this: when you feel full, stop eating. You do not want to stretch your stomach back out. After 4 years, I still cannot eat a whole hamburger or steak. I still get full very fast.
  6. stevedallas

    After 4 years.....

    That is how it has worked for me. Protein Shakes for breakfast and snacks.....meat for lunch and dinner. Protein bars for the occasional snack. Our office has donuts or bagels every Wednesday. I am proud to report I have never ever partaken.
  7. stevedallas

    After 4 years.....

    Heavens no. I want to stay between 185 and 192. I am not sure I could lose more than that.
  8. I was at 275. I wanted to get down to 200. At 52, it was not easy. I got down to 185-190. I have maintained that loss. I am still hovering around 188. I still take in a ton of Protein, a ton of Water and next to zero carbs. And I walk 5 miles every day. It CAN be done.......I am 54 and my medical lab work has me as healthy as I was at 30.
  9. Yes...my skin looks fine. It has been great. I will absolutely be around for anyone here
  10. I am very glad about my decision. I recommend it highly.
  11. I feel amazing. More energy, more alive. I seemed, before, to always feel poorly...now I have not been "sick" in 2.5 years. I am told I look 20 years younger
  12. stevedallas


    On August 13, 2014, I celebrated the 2-year anniversary of my sleeve. I started at 275. My goal in August 2012 was to get down to 200. I got down to around 190. As of today, I am still hovering between 188 and 192. Two years later. The surgery changed my life.
  13. stevedallas


    Biggest challenge now? None really. I just refuse to over do it. When I start feeling full, I stop. I still drink Protein drinks- 75-100 grams a day. I still stay away from carbs. I do not eat fast food. Most of what I eat is grilled. And I walk 5 miles a day. I am 54.....and my doc says I have the health of a 30-year-old. Like I said....the surgery changed my life. The young attorneys cannot keep up with me. Best thing I ever did.
  14. ok....I am about 5 months post sleeve. I am down to about 195. What should my Protein intake be per day? I am mostly sedentary, but I try to work out about 3 times per week. I take daily Vitamins. I still do not eat much, but I drink Protein shakes. 3-4 per day, 25 grams of protein each. But, here is my question: should I drink 3 or 4? 75 or 100 grams per day? I am 52 years old.
  15. stevedallas

    Regarding Protein 5 months post-sleeve

    All day. I prolly drink 60-80 ounces of Water a day. I think my routine is ok...but wanted to know if 100 ounces was too much and I should stick with 75 ounces a day of protien
  16. stevedallas

    Regarding Protein 5 months post-sleeve

    oh...and each shake is only about 120 calories. 6 carbs. and lots of Water in between. I have lost about 70 pounds in my 5 months.
  17. stevedallas

    Regarding Protein 5 months post-sleeve

    They are not Meal Replacement shakes. Just Protein shakes. I drink one first thing in the morning. About 8, I eat oatmeal. About 10, another shake. I eat lunch...usually meat and veggies. About 3, another shake. I eat dinner which is, again, meat and veggies. I sometimes have another shake about 8pm and a cup of hot cocoa at bed time. The cocoa is a mixture I created with dark chocolate powder and brown sugar. I have intentionally kept my food take small over the 5 months as I have a friend who sleeved a year ago and has out most of the weight back on because of how he eats.
  18. I have lost about 75 pounds. I feel great. Went on a cruise over Christmas and even won the hairy chest contest! I would never have even entered 5 months ago.... this is me 4 months before surgery. I was about 5-10 pounds heavier at surgery......(265-270) this is me on the cruise just 2 weeks ago..... I am very pleased.....
  19. stevedallas

    5 months after surgery......

    thank all of you! It has been amazing losing all the weight. It is the little things like not having to hold my breath when I tie my shoes or sitting on a Southwest Airlines plane and my sides do not touch both armrests......being able to sleep on my stomach....... the surgery changed my life

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