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  1. OakCliffMom

    Any Arlington Texas Sleever?

    I still have nectar and vitamins. Message me individually if you want them.
  2. OakCliffMom

    Any Arlington Texas Sleever?

    If I can figure out how to!
  3. OakCliffMom

    Any Arlington Texas Sleever?

    Yes. Sitting in my entry hall. Want it???
  4. If you live in the Dallas Ft Worth area and are willing to pick this stuff up in North Oak Cliff, I have a bag full of goodies that I couldn't use. It includes 2 Tubs of nectar Protein (one has 1 serving missing), 2 bottles of the Bariatric Advantage Vitamin crystals (I might have used 2 servings out of one bottle); some Bariatric Advantage chocolate Protein Bars, A few single serving Bariatric Advantage shakes, a chewable multi vitamin, and a few other odds and ends that I was supposed to use post op, but couldn't. I hate to just throw the stuff out, so I am hoping someone can use it! Message me.
  5. OakCliffMom

    Dfw Area - Products To Give

    Sure. Send me your address. I'm dying to get it off my kitchen counter! My advice, try it before hand. Most people love the nectar, but I could not stand it!
  6. OakCliffMom

    Products To Give

    I have 2 tubs of Nectar (1 open with 1 serving gone), some bariatric advantage vitamin crystals, some bariatric advantage chocolate protein bars and a few other random items to give if someone is willing to come and pick them up in North Oak Cliff. Nectar was supposed to be the basis of my first 3 weeks post op, but as it turns out, it was not for me Same with the BA vitamin crystals. Anybody interested?
  7. OakCliffMom

    Any Arlington Texas Sleever?

    Anyone need Nectar and/or bariatric advantage vitamins crystals or know someone in DFW who does? I have 2 tubs of nectar and 3 tubs of zbA vitamins to give if Someone will come and get them . I am right off of i30 in Oak Cliff.
  8. OakCliffMom

    Heart Rate Monitor?

    Anybody using a heart rate monitor that they're really impressed with? I had a Polar 15 years ago (the last tine I seriously exercized) that was pretty good but I'm guessing things may have changed since then.
  9. I just hit 4 weeks yesterday, and today is the first day I'd say that I feel like my old self again - energy wise . The weakness and general sick feeling at first really did make me wonder if I'd lostmy mind doing this. I mean being thin will be great and all (if I don't turn out to be the only person in the history of the world who does this and does not lose weight) but, contrary to some opinions, I do not believe it is the end all be all of the world. Ill be honest. . . If we're talking forever, Id take fat and feeling human over thin and the way I felt the first month after this surgery. But, like I said, I suddenly woke up this morning feeling human again. Now, if I could just lose some weight!
  10. OakCliffMom

    Am I The Only One Losing Slow

    If you're slow, maybe I should give up. I had mine on the 7th and I've only lost 14 lbs since then. Been stalled for more than 2 weeks. Trying to stay positive
  11. OakCliffMom

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    Don't worry. I was the same way. . . only I was taking phenagren and zofran and even turning on the TV made me throw up. The spirometer. . . forget about it! I could not speak, move or think, much less drink without vomiting. . . well actually, dry heaving, because I was beyond empty. My doctor told me that 2-5% of people react that way and that it is mostly due to the anesthesia. I spent 2 nights in the hospital (my surgery was on a Tuesday too) and finally went home late Thursday afternoon. Even then, it took me a couple more days for the nausea to subside. Subside, however, it did. Yours will too. Hang in there.
  12. OakCliffMom

    5 Weeks Post-Op: The Stall Is Over

    Would you mind posting a couple of days worth of your food diary? I am 3 weeks out, just started soft foods today, and already stuck in a stall. Seeing something specific to work towards would be a help.
  13. I'll be honest. . . I hate driving past Sonic and knowing I can never again order my Large Diet Dr. Pepper with extra ice and a straw. It was my drug of choice for years, and on a stressful day like today, I sure wish I had one!
  14. OakCliffMom

    So Sloooow...argh!

    I am in the same boat. I'm three weeks out tomorrow. I lost 15 pounds pre-op, another 10 in the first week and a half, and I've been gaining and losing the next 3 ever since. I haven't even moved on from strained liquids yet- not til tomorrow, so I know it's not over eating. I struggle with the Protein (mixed without ice or anything - too thick per Dr. - I can barely tolerated any I've tried). I'm about to think I'm going to be that 1% who never loses more than 20-25 lbs no matter what they do!
  15. OakCliffMom

    Anxiety Disorder Post Surgery

    I have lived with a generalized anxiety disorder my whole life. I treat it with a low dose of Zoloft. Of course, one of my primary triggers has always been medical issues. It was a clear indication to me and my family how serious I was about weight loss that I was willing to even consider surgery. Ill be honest. Pre-op my anxiety was pretty bad. Same while I was in the hospital. But since I've been home (I'm 2 weeks out today) I really have not had any issues.
  16. I've only been drinking 1 carnation instant breakfast per day. I am not coming anywhere near meeting my Protein goals. Maybe with the premier protien (if I can find it. . . the first one was a sample from a nutritionist) I can at least get closer. My surgeon has one of the stricter post op plans I've seen. Nothing but strained liquids for the first three weeks. It didn't sound too bad until I discovered that I can't tolerate those super thin nectar and Isopure Proteins. Nevertheless, Dr. Nick was adamant that the majority of complications he has encountered resulted from people eating things that were too thick to fast. I chose him because I trust him, so I will tow the line. I know not getting enough protein may stall my weight loss for a bit, but right now healing my sleeve comes first. Plus, as of today only one more week to go!
  17. Have had a devil of a time stomaching thin protein drinks. I have another whole week of stainable liquids which is daunting because I've just felt so weak since my surgery (Aug. 7). But today i managed a 30gr premixed Premier Protein drink. Tasted gross, but i got it all down. I am hoping this will be the trick to getting me back to feeling like my semi-normal self.
  18. Mostly water, a little chicken broth, skim milk with sugar free carnation instant breakfast, and strained tomato soup watered down with skim milk.
  19. I got a stomach virus the day before my surgery. Throwing up and everything. I was so afraid I should not have the surgery. Ironically, the pre-surgery anti-nausea patch made me feel much better. I let my surgeon know, and he said it shouldn't be a problem. Surgery went fine, but I have wondered if all the nausea I had after had something to do with the virus.
  20. OakCliffMom

    7 Days Post Op

    I've had tomato soup too since coming home. No problem with acidity, but I do have to thin it with a little milk to get it through the strainer.
  21. OakCliffMom

    7 Days Post Op

    Can't see why it wouldn't be as long as you strained out all of the chunks. Campbell's chicken noodle (minus the chicken and the noodles) has been my staple since coming home from the hospital. Maybe I should venture into other versions. I'm afraid my cat is getting a little to used to enjoying the lions' share of my lunch.
  22. I had to remind myself that this was not just surgery, but elective surgery followed by a long term commitment for following up with a surgeon and his staff. I wanted to be extra sure I was comfortable with the whole process. I am 9 days out and feeling OK. I had a bad nausea reaction to the anesthesia which made my hospital stay a bit more challenging that the average you read about on here, but I am home now and chugging along. The biggest shock to me has been my lack of energy post op. Its hard to feel perky when you are living on Water and chicken broth, but I am well on my way being past this stage, and confident that this was the right choice for me. Good Luck in making your decision!
  23. I think you are smart to interview multiple surgeons. I met with two: Dr. Frenzel and Dr. Nick both of whom operate at Forrest Park Medical Center. Loved Dr. Nick and his staff instantly. He performed my surgery on Aug. 7th, and I have been very pleased with my decision to use him.
  24. The patch is great. I actually contracted a stomach virus and was throwing up the day BEFORE surgery. But when I put the patch on that night, I felt so much better!
  25. OakCliffMom

    One Week Out Diet

    Jealous! Strainable liquids only for 3 weeks. No jello. No yogurt. Nothing but broths and drinks. One week down. Two to go.

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