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  1. My doctor just called and would like me to do the 11 days I have left nothing but liquids. Any ideas or tips?
  2. cassiem93

    Gaining Weight

    I have the same problem...been watching what I eat and exercising but I keep dropping 4 lbs than I gain it right back I go for a fill a fill tomorrow and I hope it will help me a little.
  3. cassiem93

    Tmi But I Really Need To Know

    I was able to wear a tampon thank goodness!
  4. cassiem93

    August Roll Call

    We all did it can't believe August is over
  5. My surgery was August 21st so I am 5 days post-op. I am so hungry I can get all my liquids in but i'm still so hungry I want real food! HELP! Is it normal to be this hungry?
  6. cassiem93

    I'm So Hungry

    Plus talked a out a fill since i'm so hungry but tried everybody ideas and was able to get through it!
  7. cassiem93

    I'm So Hungry

    You guys are awesome. Off pain meds and graduated to mushy and try some solid food!
  8. cassiem93

    I'm So Hungry

    One more question.. When you eat do you get the hiccups. Ever time i eat or even drink sometimes i get the hiccups really bad. i have also noticed i havent lost any weight since surgery but i havent been using the bathroom much either? i havent gained any either so should i be happy?
  9. cassiem93

    I'm So Hungry

    Thats wonderful ideas!!! I love tomato soup and for some reason never thought about eating it as well as i love cream of wheat and those are both wonderful ideas. i guess in the back of my mind i only thought i could have water, broth, and popcicles and im sorry but im tired of them. Ive been eating back potatos, kinda like mash potatos but i mush them up as much as i can and add a little sour cream and i only eat about half and im full!
  10. cassiem93

    I'm So Hungry

    ok that makes sense now. thank you!
  11. cassiem93

    August Roll Call

    utcanuser congrats!! thats so exciting to hear that you are losing weight expecially from your doctor! I go see mine for my post-op on thursday which will officially be 9 days post-op and i hope to hear some kind of news! but hey better to stay the same that to gain right Our August month is almost up but excited to see all of us starting our new lives!! Good Luck on everybody going in on the 30th and 31st...
  12. cassiem93

    I'm So Hungry

    I know this will sounds weird but what you do you mean?
  13. cassiem93

    Finding The Lap Band Green Zone

    Just banded and I understand what the green zone is just ready to feel it out!
  14. cassiem93

    August Roll Call

    Congrats beachbound! Only a 3 days left! I've found this site wonderful everyone has been so nice and right there to help me through everything. Good luck on your surgery!
  15. cassiem93

    I Give Up...

    I have only had the lap band for 6 days so I know I can't answer most of your questions but I would recommend to start over! Tomorrow is a new day and make it a new day! Keep your head up and don't give up! Losing weight is a challenge but would you be able to keep it off with out the band? I wish you luck and i'm sorry your going through such hard time
  16. cassiem93

    The Milestones Keep Coming!

    Congrats!! Hearing wonderful milestones makes me feel happy about my decision! keep up the good work
  17. cassiem93

    I'm So Hungry

    I do Protein Shakes and it's just not enough. I even tried chicken broth and everything that I had pre-op that would make me full but for some reason i'm starving. I called my doctor and he told me to eat some yogurt and if I had to I could have some pureed food but not to over do it. But now i'm scared to even have pureed food because of me stretching my stomach this early on Now clam cowder doesn't it have chunks, because that's my favorite Soup and I could live on that!! o and good job on your guys weight lose!!!! makes me know I did the right decision!
  18. cassiem93

    My Stomach Talks To Me

    Mine sure the same thing it's weird to sit there and have other people hear it!
  19. cassiem93

    8Th Day Post Op Aargh

    I am on day 6 and I feel wonderful. I am a little sore if I pump the site or what not. I have off 4 weeks but I had a hernia repaired and I have a job with heavy lifting and pulling. I hope you feel better!
  20. I am glad you are feeling better I was scared when I first read this because I was thinking the same thing blood clot
  21. cassiem93

    August Roll Call

    Good luck everybody!!!
  22. cassiem93

    August Roll Call

    5 days post-up and i feel wonderful! my husband and i went out today and walked the flea market and than we even went out and got tattoos afterwards. (our 1 yr is on September 3) I still am a little sore but not that much at all. I find my self still gassy i feel like a man with my burps and farts. Thatsn not usually like me to just let it all out but i cant help it. I slept in bed last night and it felt wonderful still using the heat pad but ive been awake for almost 11 hours and thats really good considering ive been doing nothing but sleeping! Also havent been taking an rx pain pills, been sticking to nothing but aleve. I even cleaned the house today.. with help from my husband and son. I just hope the days get better and better and i dont go down hill anymore. I hope everyone is doing good and if you are still having troubles remember there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!!
  23. cassiem93

    August Roll Call

    I have been drinking only half of my protein shakes since that's all i've been able to get down but I drink the Atkins protein shakes and I don't get gas from them. What kind are you drinking?
  24. cassiem93

    August Roll Call

    Something weird just happened I haven't been eating it even drinking very much because I wasn't hungry and I just woke up 4 o'clock in the morning starving. I sat here for an hour eating a SF jello and it tasted so good. but i'm full just from the jello cup but dang I never thought I would be that hungry. Only 4 days post op
  25. cassiem93

    August Roll Call

    That makes me feel better. Today was my first day with no pain meds and im only 3 days post op.. I am feeling pretty good. I would say about 30% back to normal. No getting in all the protein shakes i need nor all liquids i need period. I feel like when i do im going to throw them right back up. I know this is all normal but i guess you never realize how much pain you will go through until you do it! But im glad its over and now im on my way to a better life!!

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