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    Me 3

    Thank you!
  2. New York Beauty

    Me 3

  3. New York Beauty

    christmas party.jpg

    pretty girl rock! looking lovely
  4. New York Beauty


    1 week before surgery at the gym!
  5. New York Beauty


    2 weeks post op
  6. New York Beauty

    New York Beauty

  7. New York Beauty

    Survived The Surgery...

    Congrats! Yes you will wake up one morning with all these energy and be like okay this is weird. Don't do to much to quick take it slow and wishing a quick and healthy recovery...
  8. New York Beauty

    Excess Skin Pics

    Just do some toning girl it will bounce back Hope these websites help: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/workout/thighs/ http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/workout/arms/
  9. Congrats God Bless you with a quick and safe recovery!
  10. New York Beauty

    Advice Needed: Weight Loss Breakup

    I think he is scared to lose you after the weight loss. Men dont communicate the right way they say the stupid-est things sometimes. All men are scared to lose their women escpecially if she is going through a major change. He may think "once she lose weight she will no longer be interested me and develop this big ego" I am only 11 days post op and lost 19 lbs already and my husband will say things out of no where.. Like dont change who you are I loved you for 13years and dont want you to become hollywood on me or yesterday when we went out he got a little jealous because guys look at me. (little does he know they look w/ him there or not) LOL If you want the relationship to work and you really love him sit down and pour out your feelings then let him pour his out and then determine if you want that relationship or if you want to discover who you are becoming and start a new relationship once you are ready.... Good Luck Honey!
  11. New York Beauty

    Omg - Dumping Sucks Big Time

    I know exactly what you mean. I never knew with the sleeve dumping occured. I am so glad I experienced it because I was a sweet eater and now I can't sugar or sugar products... Good luck and try sugar free products and water down any flavored drinks you are going to have it helps a lot....
  12. New York Beauty

    Food Ideas Please Help Going Back To Work Soon

    This website is excellent I tried the Protein drinks and they are so good. I am not on the food stage yet but if your try any of the recipes please inform me on how they came out...Good luck http://dashingdish.com/recipes/
  13. New York Beauty

    Height, Weight, And Size Poll

    My highest weight was 226lbs and I was wearing a size 18-20 pants/skirts and XL shirts. I dont wanna lose weight to quick (scared of hanging skin). I am 10 day post op so I am a newbie to this sleeve life but so far I love the choice!
  14. New York Beauty

    Post-Op Visit!

    Thank You takroom!
  15. New York Beauty

    Post-Op Visit!

    Today I seen my surgeon today! The first thing he said is omg look how skinny you are getting...(all smiles) He then ask me if I can be a spokes person during his seminars and he also asked me to take pics today so I can be the first african american in his demo video. I am so excited...He said my incisions are barely visable and that is so cool, he never seen anything like that. Today built my self esteem so much... I am thankful for all the love and support I am receiving! And I thank God for all his blessings.....
  16. New York Beauty

    Post-Op Visit!

    I love this! And I love your signature "kathy one hot grammy" I will never forget the people who show me unconditionally love and going through what I go through. :wub:
  17. New York Beauty

    Post-Op Visit!

    Thank you IsB!
  18. New York Beauty

    Otc Pain Meds? Pills?

    If you had gallbladder surgery it is the same exact thing. I had my removed in 2003 and it felt the same exact way and my surgeon used the same incisions. There you go now you know what to expect..you already experience a surgery that was similar. Good luck and wish you well to a quick recovery!
  19. New York Beauty

    Otc Pain Meds? Pills?

    I had surgery Nov 6, 2012. If you had foot surgery and did not need pills you wont need any for this surgery. If you walk and get up and down keep stretching those ab muscles you will be fine. On the 4th day after surgery I was walking my son to the bus stop and cleaning my house...
  20. New York Beauty

    Who's Eating Pureed Foods Already?

    I tried it today. I could not wait to try food but it is all not cracked up to what it used to be.... Applesauce made me throw up and mash potatoes felt like it was stuck in chest. I had to lay down and actually fell asleep and woke up feeling better... Take your time and don't be surpised that after 1 spoonful you may be full....
  21. New York Beauty

    Otc Pain Meds? Pills?

    I took nothing I had no pain at all...Put buy liquid tylenol that helped me when I had a fever and was so much better than crushed pills (yuk)
  22. New York Beauty

    Patch For Nausea?

    I had the patch and all the medications. From my experience nothing helped. I vomitted the first 2 days. I asked them to take me off the pain meds and that helped out alot. The nurses kept pressing the pain pump button and I was not in pain. They said it put me to sleep and out of the discomfort of throwing up... Everyone is different you may not having any epsiodes at all!
  23. New York Beauty

    Me 3

    Thank you so much

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