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  1. Hi I am 36 and almost done with my appointments. I was worried about the physc eval but some kind ladies made me feel better about it.lol I started the process the beginning of this year but had to put appointments on hold due to financial reasons, but now im back in the game. I have my physc appt on the 28th of this month and the 26th is my weight loss support group. then I meet with surgeon and set up date I guess and then wait to hear from insurance. I do not have any comorbidities, I am 5'6 and 250lbs. today I had high blood pressure for the first time ever! weird. my insurance requires me to have a 5yr weight history instead of a med supervised 6mo diet...not sure what I would prefer...but gotta deal with the cards dealt to me. I love this site because all my worries get answered and ive met some awesome people on here!
  2. hey all, I am so thrilled to have ALL my pre-op appointments over! I have been at this since February and now Im done. The psych eval was not as bad I thought at all! I am going with Dr. Eagon in St.Louis, Mo so every appointment I went to was there and I live in Illinois, so I drove an hour to get to them. ugh, last one should be to meet with Dr, Eagon and set up a date ( I hope) and just wait for approval!! I am sooooooooooooooooo excited! Anyone else in my shoes on here?? whats your story?
  3. Mommie4

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    I understand, I am having mine done Dec 13th, I feel the same, at least I get Thanksgiving..lol But I feel I don't need food to make me or the Holidays better! I will be better and happier thin, and I can still help cook and make my family a great meal, I just wont be able to enjoy it with them, but that doesn't take away from the Holiday. Its about Family and love! Good luck and hope she doesn't stay mad too long!
  4. Mommie4

    United healthcare choice plus.

    I have UHC PPO option also 90/10. I was approved Oct 3. and I also had to do a 5yr weight history and nut and physical and psyc eval. TO ANYONE HAVING TO DO A 5YR WEIGHT HISTORY, IF YOUR WEIGHT WAS UNDER THE BMI REQUIRED FOR THE 5YRS...HAVE YOUR SURGEON NOTE ON THERE THAT YOU WERE DOING WEIGHT LOSS PLANS AT THE TIME AND HAD LOST SOME WEIGHT!!!! very important to get approval! the insurance will not deny you if they know WHY your weight was low at some points!! My insurance actually told me that! just passing it on. I was so worried because my weight was under for 2yrs of the 5yr history. But after my surgeon noted on there that I was trying to lose at those times, I was actually approved!! Good luck
  5. Mommie4

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    everyone has different views on the shakes. I was told to get samples of different ones so you know what you will like, but then again you taste buds change dramatically after surgery so what you like now could change. but you could get samples and just save them for after surgery. I think im gonna try to get protein another way since we can puree stuff. get a magic bullet, I was told that comes in handy ALOT your first couple weeks after surgery!! good luck and see you on the losers bench ( that's a complement by the way) lol
  6. Mommie4

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    I have final clearance. My surgeon submitted my paperwork to insurance on the 25th of last month and I found out the 3rdof this month. I kept calling and bugging my insurance every couple days. lol I found out before my surgeons office did..lol. I don't have any left to do, just see the nurse practitioner once more to discuss hospital things and then my last set of blood work for the anesthesiologist. Going for surgery on Dec 13...so happy! Starting a new year is gonna be wonderfull this time
  7. I am having mine in Dec as well, come join the thread: December sleevers 2013. There isn't many people there yet but we can all discuss our dec stuff there and support each other!
  8. Mommie4

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    wow, we need more peeps!! There has got to be more getting sleeved in Dec...come on people..lol I am 36 and have not always been heavy. I was thin my whole child hood through my mid 20's. I gained weight slowly thanks to depression and bad relationships. I slowly began to hate myself and the way I looked and felt helpless. I tried every diet imaginable and succeeded at some but always gained the weight back. I would gain more back at times too, becoming even heavier than I was before I dieted! Now that I am older it is harder to even lose 20lbs, and when I do lose I don't even drop a pant size which is upsetting and makes it hard to stick to a diet. I discovered weight loss surgery and prayed that I would qualify and after jumping through many hoops in the circus of doc appts and insurance I was finally approved and my surgery date is December 13!!! I simply can not wait! I am trying to stock up on things I will need before I go in so that when I get home life will be a little easier! Thanks and good luck to you all and I hope we get more Dec sleevers!! wowwowowiowo Wowowonnnslkwowo
  9. Hi all!! I was just approved for surgery and was wondering from all the pro's what I should get NOW. Should I be taking anything before? There are so many to chose from! I don't do good with too many choices..lol. Also, What should I start doing as far shopping for things I will need after surgery and packing for the hospital? If you could give me any advice what would it be??? I am so ready for this mentally but I have NOTHING as far as vitamins and shakes yet and don't even know where to begin. Should get other things like sugar free pudding or anything else similar? ANY advice or things you learned along the way that might make my journey easier would be much appreciated! ANYTHING AT ALL!!!! Thanks in advance and congrats to everyone hope you are all doing great!!
  10. Thank you so much for the info! And congrats on your weight loss!! when did you have surgery?
  11. Thank you! I will google that for sure! Ya, I figured the surgeons office will let me know but I don't go see them till mid November and I wanted to start buying things now while I have time and money. lol just getting ideas to make my first week or so at home more easy.
  12. WOW, thank you for taking the time to post all that! it is very helpful!! I will def check out the websites.
  13. That's how I found out too. But I kept bugging my insurance and finally they said I was approved. I had to call my surgeons office and tell them. lol
  14. Suergery date is finally set!!

  15. They didn't send mine off right away either. but it finally got to the insurance on the 25th and didn't find out I was approved for almost a week or so. I was getting worried. Im sure it will fall into place for you. It seems like everything takes an eternity when your just sitting and waiting..I know! Hang in there!
  16. It will all happen. I have to go see the nurse practitioner on Nov 27 and then my last set of blood work and paper work for hospital the same day. then I am all set for surgery! Good luck!
  17. Yes I am Thank you!!! I don't have words for the excitement now! lol Getting a date just made it more real I guess!
  18. YAY!!! I bet your excited! Good luck and keep us informed!
  19. Be persistent, I was calling and bugging my surgeons office at least twice a week and when I called today they had one more date open for surgery before Jan and I got it!! I know they are busy but like you said, they rush us and then they take their sweet ass time setting us up with a date. Good luck..call tomorrow! lol
  20. GOT MY SURGERY DATE TODAY!!! Dec 13TH yay, I don't have to switch surgeons I can get in before my deductible sets in again! Thank you all for your advice on what I should get before surgery, if you think of anything else feel free to post! I have never had major surgery before, had my gallbladder removed but I was only down for less than a day, I recovered quickly. I know I will be seeing the NUT again and I will be able to ask them questions but hearing advice from people who actually went through it and who know the ups and downs on what they got or should have got is more comforting to me! So again, thanks a lot!!!
  21. I will def get a magic bullet, I didn't even think of that! lol thank you!
  22. I just found out mine will be done on Dec 13!! yay Im sure they will get you in soon!
  23. Im sure you wont have to wait till January, I do because I happen to pick the busiest surgeon around ( not knowing) and therefore, I am begging to be squeezed in! Good luck and hope you get in soon and enjoy your vacation in January too!!! And youre right, they rush you and give you deadlines to finish everything and then once you are done they procrastinate. Its frustrating actually!!