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  1. Wow. Dr. Kellys office just sent my diet info. Pre- not so bad. 3 days liquid..a fine puree once a day. (Lower bmi) Post- whew whee..I can see the challenge here. 1 week clears and juice. 2 more weeks of liquids Not even any protein shake or yogurt for 10 days?? Then..purees til week 5. Ok there. But 10 days with no protein. Wow...I'll suck it up. Lol (no pun intended) but I think I'm gonna be HUNGRY with nothing to provide a full feeling. (Groan)
  2. Surgery 3/28. 11.5 wks out. [ATTACH]14125[/ATTACH] starting wt 206, cw 163. I am very active now most days, and feel wonderful! Approx 51 more # to goal.
  3. rdoactv

    Progress pics

    Thank you everyone. Lovin my sleeve!
  4. You look wonderful, healthy and happy. Congrats!
  5. rdoactv

    Is 2-3 ounces my normal

    Im still at 1oz of dense proteins. Liquids, yogurts are fine, but meats only 1oz. Im 10wks out. I just eat frequently and average 7-800 cals a day. I think everyone is different.
  6. I saw Dr. Kelly March 28. Great experience. I would definitely make the same choice again. I saw him in the hospital multiple times, and he came by the hotel several times as well. No complaints. Good luck.
  7. Well, I'm 6 wks out today and 31# down. 3 to share. 1. My son and I went hiking last weekend. I made it 3 miles on a difficult trail. A quarter of the way through at the top of a hill, my son stopped me and said " remember this spot? Its where you were out of breath and your ankles hurt so bad, I saw tears in your eyes. Now your keeping up with me." We finished at a very brisk pace this time. 2. He said he was proud of me 3. A patient asked why I'd had an MRI. As I was encouraging him through his PET scan. I told him I'd had a ministroke at age 37 due to being overweight and high BP. He looked me up and down and was surprised because he thought I looked "healthy".. I still have 65# to lose, but its a start.
  8. rdoactv

    My NSVs..

    Yes You Will!!
  9. Congrats! And great post. We have to remain focused on ourselves. I know I reached my highest weights because I thought I wasn't worthy of that focus. But today, I make time for myself and my health. Everyone else in my life will benefit by proxy. : )
  10. rdoactv

    My NSVs..

    Thanks everyone. Best decision I've ever made for myself.
  11. rdoactv

    7months of changes w/pics

    Beautiful transformation! Congratz!
  12. rdoactv

    5weeks po with pics!

    Way to go!!! You look awesome. I met u at the hospital, I see a big difference. Congrats on your progress. Surgery same day, Im down 30.
  13. rdoactv

    Hanging skin

    True, but building muscle beneath the skin CAN help fill some of the void left by the weight loss and decrease the looseness. Many here have been successful with this. It depends on many factors of course, and it won't fix it completely, merely decrease the problem.
  14. rdoactv

    Do smells bother anyone after surgery?

    Im just over 5 wks out. I hope to keep the cigarette aversion.
  15. I have become addicted to sf popsicles since surgery. I have 1/2 almost every night. But occasionally, I want cold AND creamy. Here's another cool treat for this upcoming summer.. "Fit Freeze guilt free ice cream" w/ 15 grams of protein, 150 cals, 8 fiber, and 5 sugars for 1/2 cup. It sells on Amazon. I get mine from my moms surgeon. I've only tried chocolate, but its good.
  16. rdoactv

    Do smells bother anyone after surgery?

    Yep. My sense of smell is very sensitive. Since surgery, I've never gone back to smoking or coffee because of it, and I have to rush my son to the shower when he comes in from fishing. It turns my stomach.
  17. Im a nuclear med tech, went back day 10 postop.
  18. Amazing transformation! Thanks for sharing your success.
  19. rdoactv

    TMI: is throwing up different on the sleeve?

    It has been different for me. I've thrown up a few times. Several the day of surgery due to anesthesia, but it wasn't painful. It was quick and then I was up walking again. Twice since surgery..once because I ate too fast, once because I ate a bite too much. It feels like a full feeling at the bottom of my esophogus, a little cough and it was over. No pain, no retching. Felt better and fine afterwards.
  20. The standard "3 wk stall". No worries. It can last a few days or even a couple of weeks, but you will get past it. Im 4 wks out and have been teetering with the same pound for a week now. Uping my protein and cals a bit today. However, despite the scales determination not to move, I've lost up to 2 inches on most areas of my body. Good luck.