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  1. Hi. Has anyone else used Dr Amit Trivedi with Advanced Laproscopic, Hackensack University Medical Center, NJ? His office staff leaves a little to be desired, but he himself was wonderful. Sleeved August 31st
  2. susan228

    New Jersey

    Wallington here! Advanced Lap. Dr Trivedi, HUMC, sleeved August 31,2012
  3. susan228

    Dr Amit Trivedi

    No drain or catheter when I woke up. Just my IV.
  4. susan228

    Dr Amit Trivedi

  5. susan228

    Dr Amit Trivedi

    Jump away! I LOVED HUMC! No complaints about them whatsoever. My room was a double, but I was alone in it most of the time. I think it's actually a gastro flooor, but most of the other patients I encountered were there for weight loss surgery. As far as what I brought, "Lil Miss Diva" has a great little checklist posted that you can print, was really helpful. Chapstick, my phone & charger was all I really used though. The gown was decent, I didn't need a robe. The slipper socks were nice, didn't need to bring out my slippers either. I brought a heating pad for pain, but I forgot all about it. Their pillow was kind of flat, I might have brought one from home had I known. That was it, reallly. Your not there long enough to really need much, especially if you have someone there with you, they can always grab anything you might need. I didn't ask to shower, although there was one in the bathroom. Good luck, you're gonna do great! I would def do it again.
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    Dr Amit Trivedi

    Yes, that doesn't surprise me! Just stay on top of her, who cares if she gets annoyed, she needs to do her job! I kept ringing her extension all day until she picked up. I don't think she ever once actually called me back when I left her a voicemail. I feel pretty good, thanks for asking! No nausea, no vomiting at all since the surgery. I started phase 2 this past Friday. Haven't been hungry at all. My biggest problem was getting used to not swallowing air when I eat & drink. The air kind of gurgles around & is uncomfortable. That is much better now though. already down 25 lbs as of Friday.
  7. susan228

    Disgusted By Others Eating

    The reason I feel disgusted over this is because people don't get help for what is such an obvious problem for some. If you're unhappy, and most fat people are, take steps to change it! Whether it's a diet change, or WLS, you have to do SOMETHING to make changes for the better. I have little sympathy for those who won't take steps to help themselves. Life is too short.
  8. 265 the day of surgery Aug 31st. Today 244, down 21 pounds in 2 weeks! Yay me!
  9. Hi, everyone! Does anyone know any tricks that will help me stop swallowing air when I sip? I'm 11 days out, still on Clear liquids, not using a straw, taking it slow and trying to be mindful. I can drink fine, but I know that this gurgling discomfort is because of the air I'm swallowing. Thoughts?
  10. susan228

    Serious Question?

    I'm on day 12 and nothing but liquid so far. Also, NEVER trust a fart.
  11. So far, so good! Seems to be going a little better. Thanks!
  12. Best of luck on your journey! It only gets better from here!
  13. susan228

    Cant Stop Crying! Help!

    I'm nine days out too, and sometimes feel like I'm going to lose it. I just screamed at my dog. I want to get out of my skin. I can't get away from me. You are not alone.
  14. Thank you. I'm quickly getting to the end of my rope. Day 9, 5 more days of clear liquids.
  15. susan228

    Dr Amit Trivedi

    Oh, yeah. My surgery was Friday and I was home Saturday night. They do the swallow test to check for leaks. If all is well then they start you with the Clear Liquids. Their requirements to send you home are 1) make sure you are urinating properly (anesthesia makes your bladder "sleep") I personally had no problem with this. 2) make sure pain is managed. They give you a prescription for percocet to go home with 3) make sure you are tolerating liquids. I could have stayed another night if I felt I needed it, but since I met the requirements I was able to go home. I got home around 9 pm Saturday
  16. I'm on day five post op, clear liquids and awoke feeling very weak today. This is normal, right? I would think it would be expected after so little nourishment, but I've been pretty good up to this point. Everything else is going swimmingly. Any one else experience this? Please reassure me.