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  1. SleeveDreamer

    Phase 3 diet

    If you are only four days out, you are still bloated. Give it at least another week.
  2. SleeveDreamer

    Air fryer!!!

    I bought the Pro XL i think it's called from BB&B. I bought the smallest one just for two people but still too big! I love it!
  3. SleeveDreamer


    With the sleeve you still have your stomach just smaller and narrower. When he did he revision he cut acrosss the top of the stomach to make the pouch. Then reroutes the intestine. The stomach is not removed. I don’t know about charges since I did not have either fir wright loss but for other issues that were medically necessary.
  4. I am starting my twelfth week out. Keeping regular foods down good! Since we need to stay away from fried foods, I bought an air fryer a couple weeks ago. It is awesome! Everything so far has turned out nice and crisp and good! The best investment I have made for a long time! I got the smallest size and it is perfe ct for two people. The others are way too big!
  5. SleeveDreamer

    5 days PO, question about drain

    I would bot be concerned. As long as the color hasn't changed that would indicate any type of infection, I wouldn't worry about it. I had ine for RNY as well as sleeve. I had more fluid drain with my sleev than my RNY.
  6. SleeveDreamer


    I was sleeved about 5 1/2 years ago but continued with terrible reflux. I could not stand it anymore and too much esophagus damage, so my surgeon said an RNY would cure it. Had bypass in June, took Protonix for about 6 weeks then stopped. NO more acidat all! And the rcovery for RNY is no different than the sleeve IMO. No regrets!
  7. SleeveDreamer

    Hair loss

    I am about 14 weeeks out and started hair loss at 12 weeks. I was sleeved almost six years ago and that's exactly when it started then too but only lasted about a month then stopped.
  8. In the sleeve, part of your stomach is cut off and removed.
  9. SleeveDreamer

    Air Fryer Goodbye Fried Foods

    I did some smaller corn tortillas for tostadas for a couple minutes and they turned out so good! Better than in oven! Just like deep frued with no oil!
  10. SleeveDreamer

    not feeling full?

    Right now focus on your protein and liquid intake. You will feel fuller as you move on to different phases, such as regular foods and solids. I never felt full either when I was in these stages. Actually for me, "full" is not the feeling I get even now. I just know somehow it is time to stop. My surgery was in June so I am starting my 14th week out. Hang in there.
  11. SleeveDreamer

    Air Fryer Goodbye Fried Foods

    I myself, do not agree with this article. I have had my air fryer for about three weeks now and the results do not compare to my oven or convection oven at all. You have to get used to the settings and watch your food at first to see what time is right for your liking then once you know you are set. The auto settings are set to time a full basket. I made frozen fast food fries the other night. The auto setting was for 18 minutes. I watched them and checked them every few minutes. At six minutes they looked great and I tasted one and they were perfect. I shook them twice after two minutes. In my oven these same fries do not even come out crisp. I did the same with frozen breaded cod fillets. The auto setting was too long. You just have to watch at first and come up with your own settings. They were so crispy and good after 8 minutes. They never get that crispy in my oven. If you just rely on the auto time settings and don't fill the basket, then yes, your fries will look like they do in the article. Costco frozen coconut shrimp was the best and crispiest my husband ever tasted. The same with frozen onion rings. You just have to watch the first time and come up with your own time. My husband has been raving about the stuff I have made in it. I got the smallest one since there are only two of us and also because of the counter space. So obviously I would not be loading the basket with the amount of food it would actually hold, so the timing will be different. But it is up to you to watch and observe and find out what times are best for you and the amount you are making. You can set your own time and not use auto setting. I have written the times down as I try different foods and everything is good. In fact I have not made anything in my oven or convection oven since I have had this. So kitchen does not get as hot, and saves on ac. Even with my convection, the kitchen heats up cuz of the hot air. As far as the price, my 2.4 capacity was online for 99.00 but I used a 20% off coupon plus another 5.00 off coupon with free shipping. The best investment I have ever made on a kitchen appliance.
  12. I eat occasional piece of uncured Petersons bacon. But a lot of it or daily would be too much fat IMO. Too much fat causes distress on your pouch, but you still need good fats for balance like buts, olive oil, and avocado is q great healthy fat. You need to introduce healthy protein into your diet while you get back on track. I eat a lot of cheese and turkey deli meat with avocado. I eat a lot of cottage cheese from Trader Joe's (it is the creamiest I have found and I live it). It won't take you long to get back on track. Just do it! You will get used to the healthy foods quickly. GOod luck!
  13. SleeveDreamer

    Must-haves post surgery?

    I bought a new Ninja blender and made smoothies from protein drinks. I was never a powder protein person, but the ready to drink ones are great in a blender with some sugar free flavored syrup and ice. Also when you start on solid foods, the air fryer is great investment. i am 12 weeks out and bought one a couple weeks ago. It is awesome!
  14. SleeveDreamer

    How was recovery?

    Never had any pain, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea.o
  15. SleeveDreamer

    How was recovery?

    I had a really thin area on my esophagus that was on the verge of rupturing but it did not show up in a endoscopy and was not noticed until he went in to do my bypass.
  16. SleeveDreamer

    Air Fryer Goodbye Fried Foods

    I ordered mine online from Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon. I wanted the smallest one and they only carried the bigger ones at the store. The smallest one is plenty big for two people.
  17. SleeveDreamer

    not feeling full?

    You will feel full when you get to more solud foods. I never felt full on jello. It is considered a liquid. Don't worry about that not, just make sure you get your protein and luquids in.
  18. SleeveDreamer

    How was recovery?

    I had absolutely no pain or nausea. I was up walking the next morning four times a day. I had a repair to my esophagus done at the same tine so I had to stay in hospital for four nights cuz of the repair, had to have a couple swallow tests. Otherwise I was fine when I went home. Never had to take a pain pill. I am retired so didn't have to worry about going back to work. I had a VSG 5 1/2 years ago and to me there is no difference in the recovery.
  19. I had VSG 5 1/2 years ago for some upper GI issues, not really for weight loss. I had severe acid reflux also. The sleeve did not do anything to help my reflux, and recently my acid was out of control. My doctor said the only way to cure it and avoid more acid damage to my esophagus was RNY. So I had revision to bypass in June. He said I would experience acid for about 60 days maybe, but no more than that. I was on my two pills a day. I had reflux about twice a week very early morning. At about 7 weeks, my acid stopped. When I went to my post op, he told me to cut down to one pill a day, and then after a week if I still had no acid, to stop them completely. so I did stop them completely, and have had NO acid at all! Finally! So this is just my suggestion, but if you have severe acid and are opting for the sleeve, you may want to talk with your doctor to see if bypass may be a better option for you so this issue can be resolved instead of maybe a revision down the road. IMO since I have had both, I can say that the recovery from RNY is no different than the sleeve. Of course there is greater restriction because you are dealing with a small pouch now instead of a banana sized stomach, but I am now starting 12 weeks, and everything is coming along nicely and every week is better as far as eating goes, and for once I can say I do not have acid reflux!
  20. SleeveDreamer

    FINALLY No More Acid!

    I didn't have it for reflux. I had a nissen fundiplication for reflux in 1999 and it completely out did itself. 2/3 of my stomach was up through my diaphragm between my lungs headed for my heart and had to be taken back through my diaphragm. In order to prevent severe damage to my diaphragm, he had to cut off 2/3 of my stomach, thus a sleeve! He didn't even mention RNY at that time, he was more concerned with damage to my diaprahgm and me having a heart attack with my stomach headed for my heart. My acid was not that bad for about 4 1/2 years after VSG. I always took a ppi, but in the past year it got very severe and took me over about 24 hours a day! I developed a very thin spot on my esophagus from acid damage (which was repaired during my bypass) could have ruptured by now had I not had the RNY. No regrets and feeling so good!
  21. I just had a revision from sleeve to bypass in June. My acid was terrible and literally had control! The sleeve did not do anything for my bad acid in 5 1/2 years. This was the only resolve for it was to have RNY. He said I would still experience a little acid for about 60 days. So I was still on my Pepcid twice a day. I still had reflux very early morning a couple times a week. I stopped having it about the end of seven weeks. He said to stop taking the second one for a week, and if I still had none, stop taking the second one too. I did, and have not had any acid! Finally! So my suggestion is that if you have severe acid and are opting for a sleeve, talk to your doctor to see if an RNY would be better for you in the long run. The recovery for RNY is no different than VSG. Had I known then what I know now, I would have had the RNY then!
  22. SleeveDreamer

    Junk food

    You need to be careful of these types of foods. They are referred to as slider foods. Simply because they are chewed up so much and they slide down instead of swallowing! That's what I was told! You can eat so many of them because there is hardly anything to swallow, but you do not want to get in the habit of eating junk. Not good for your pouch. Try air frying some potatoes or something but stay away from fried snacks, try the Pop Chips since they are not fried. You don't need these and neither does your pouch.
  23. SleeveDreamer

    Soft foods

    No they are not considered soft foods just because they may be soft when you eat them! Too much roughage for your new pouch! They were listed on my regular solid food stage.

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